How to Fix Audio Recording Issues on Screen Grabber Pro

Screen Grabber Pro is a powerful screen recorder who offers seamless recording. However, there are still cases where the recording is not satisfactory as it should be. One case is when the recording does not have an audio. Below are some of the most common questions asked and some of the steps to fix the sound issue.

Troubleshoot for Windows

Check if the speakers are installed properly

Step1 Open the sound dialog

Launch the Sound dialog from the notification toolbar, right-click on the “Volume” icon and click “Sounds.”

Step2 See if the speakers are connected

Click the “Playback” tab, and check if the speakers are chosen as the default device.

check audio output device

Check the audio source of the screen recorder

Launch Screen Grabber Pro, and on the home screen, click “Audio input.” From the list of options that appeared, select the one that you want, “System Sound” records the sound on the computer, select “Microphone” to record using a mic, or select both. However, if “None” is selected, there will be no sound on the recording. Note that this is important, because when the recording process starts, you will not be able to change the audio source.

setting up the program sgp

Upgrade the Windows version

Note that Screen Grabber Pro works well with Windows, however, not for all. Due to advanced system requirements, the tool does not support older version of Windows, like Windows XP. Although most PCs are running on Windows 7 and up, there are still few who choose to use Windows XP. In order to be able to use the tool, it is recommended to upgrade the Windows version.

Tips to capture WebEx windows with sound

Step1 Open Screen Grabber Pro

Open the screen recorder and set the Audio input to “System sound and Microphone” to record both sound.

set audio input

Step2 Start WebEx

Open WebEx and click the “More” button and click “Change settings.”

change audio settings

Step3 Change the speaker

On the drop down button for the “Speaker” select the “Apowesoft_AudioDevice.”

change system speaker

Mac Audio Troubleshooting

Set the Audio Settings of Mac Screen Grabber Pro

Step1 Get the latest version of the tool

Sometimes the cause is simple that people overlook them, like when the tool is just outdated and just needs to be updated to the latest version. To get the latest version of the tool, click the buttons below.

Try It Free

Step2 Set the audio source

Launch the tool and select the audio source. Just click the “Audio Input” tab and select from the list of options.

select audio preference

Step3 Adjust the recording volume

Before starting the recording process, ensure that the volume is maxed out.

max the volume level

Step4 Submit a log file

If ever the steps above did not work at all, then you can send us a feedback by sending a log file. Just click the “Help” button and select Feedback, fill out the information and click submit.

send a feedback

Tips for recording Skype on Mac with audio

Step1 Launch Skype on Mac

On the Mac device, open Skype, and click the “Preference” option.

select the preference option

Step2 Check the audio settings

Click the “Audio/Video” tab, and check “Microphone,””Ringing” and “Speakers” if they are set to “Same as System.” If not, change them to the said settings. Once everything is set, start the recording process using Screen Grabber Pro.

configure the audio

Tips to Record Google Hangouts with audio

Step1 Select the settings

On Google Hangouts, select the “Settings” icon from the toolbar.

settings icon

Step2 Change the audio input and output

On the settings window, change the audio source to the built-in microphone and the output to “Apowersoft_AudioDevice.”

change the speaker output

Step3 Start the recording process

Launch Screen Grabber Pro on the device and check the audio with the “Play test sound” button and start recording.

start the recording process

Steps to record Facetime with sound

Step1 Launch Facetime

Start by launching Facetime and click the “Video” tab from the menu.

facetime video tab

Step2 Toggle audio settings

From the list of options, under the Microphone tab, select any of the available options except “Apowersoft_AudioDevice,” do the same for the “Output” tab.

select different audio settings

Send a log file for better assistance

Step1 Click the help tab

The “Help” tab is located on the upper part of the tool interface. Navigate, and click the tab. From the set of options that will appear, click “Support”, and select “Feedback.”

help window

Step2 Send the log file

Fill out the information needed on the text box and tick the checkbox for “Send log file” and click “Submit.”

submit the feedback

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