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Firefox has become one of the most widely used internet browsers. Even people who are madly obsessed with IE started shifting towards Firefox as it was quick and also provided a secure and safe web browsing. With the increase in the number of Firefox users, there is also an increasing need for the Firefox screen recorder so that the users don’t need to download an additional application to record screen in Firefox. According to a recent survey, people have already started shifting from reading user guides and help manuals and started looking for video support for every product. Let’s see some of the top 6 screen recorders for Firefox plugins that will help you to record the Firefox screen using either your desktop or mobile phones.

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AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro

small logo of screen grabber pro Also, you can use a professional tool to get the job done. Screen Grabber Pro is a third-party app that you can use to record any activity of your computer. This firefox screen recorder can record any critical conversation using your social media apps like Skype, WeChat, and Facebook, also, if you are watching videos on YouTube or from different movie sites. You can consider using it to get a copy of the video or movie. That way, you won’t have to download it. It is like killing two birds at one stone. You can watch the film or video as it plays and records it for offline viewing. Furthermore, the video quality produced by the tool is similar to the original. You can also set the video quality to the highest resolution if you want a better copy. In the meantime, here is a simple guide for a better user experience.

Step1 Get the installer of Screen Grabber Pro

Click the download buttons below to download the installer of Screen Grabber Pro. Then, after downloading, run the driver on the PC. Make sure to follow the setup wizard until the app is launch. You can also customize the settings by clicking the “Menu” button at the upper rightmost part of the tool.

Try It Free

set up sgp

Step2 Set-up then Start the Recording

Next, configure the settings of the tool. It is necessary to make sure the video quality and the audio on the highest resolution. You can do that by going to “Settings” and “Audio tab.” You can choose to record the audio and MIC alone or record both at the same time. To start the recording, click “Record”. Then select whether you want to record a specific part of the screen or do a full-screen mode.

firefox record step 2

Step3 Preview the recorded video

Finally, to end the recording, click the “Red Square” button to stop the recording. The video recorded is then saved straight right on your computer drive. Also, you can directly play the video from the main interface of the tool. Recorded videos are arranged from the latest to the oldest. Use your mouse to double click on the file name or right-click then choose play. If you like, you can even record screen with facecam.

firefox record step4

NOTE: Also, there is an additional feature that you might don’t know about. From the floating toolbar, click the “Pencil” icon to annotate. You can add shapes, lines, text, and arrows while recording if you want to emphasize some parts of the video being recorded.

Free Online Screen Recorder

free screen recorderFree Online Screen Recorder is another excellent Firefox video recorder tool that helps you to record your Firefox screen without needing to download any application or plugin. If you are using the Free online Screen Recorder for the first time, you need to download a launcher to start your record screen Firefox process. All you need to do is visit the website of the Free Online Screen Recorder website and just hit the Start recording button on the site to start recording quickly.

This screen recorder for Firefox also provides you with options to choose the appropriate video and audio settings. One other great feature of this Firefox screen recorder application is that it lets you save your recorded file in both video files in all major formats or save it as a GIF image. Below are the simple steps to capture the Firefox screen with this screen recorder no download.

Step1 Launch the app

To launch the app, you are supposed to go to its official website. Then, click the “Start Recording” button to begin the recording process.

Step2 Configure the recording settings

Visit the main page of Free Screen Recorder in Firefox and click Start to activate the application. Since you are on this page, you can use the shortcut button below to launch the app without visiting the official site.

set up app

Step3 Record Firefox screen

When all the settings are done, click the red “REC” icon to start recording the activity happening in your Firefox browser. To skip unwanted parts in the recording, you can click the “Pause” button, and resume again once the unwanted scene has passed. The built-in editor allows you to add real-time highlights, lines, circles, texts, and annotations. When the recording is OK, you can click the pause button to stop the recording. After that, click the check button, and the program will start to generate the video file. After it will offer previewing data for you to make sure the recording is satisfying. You can then save it as a video file, GIF file, or upload it to YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox and so on immediately.

save record

NOTE: If you are looking for a stable version of this software, then you can download the desktop version by clicking any of the “Download” buttons below. The desktop recorder covers all of the features available in the web version along with some additional features including a task scheduler. This is where you can schedule your recording process to a specific time, and the tool will start to record browser screen automatically.

free music recorder


app icon screencast o maticScreencastOmatic is also used for screencasting not only in Mozilla Firefox, but also any activities you do on your PC display. It is one of the most popular free screen recorders out there. You can use this tool effortlessly because you do not need to download separate software on your PC. What makes this tool stand out is because of its feature that gives you the option to edit the video you just recorded. It is free and does not need to sign up to use it. On the other hand, here are the steps on how to use the tool to screencast Firefox.

start recording

Steps on using Screencast-O-matic:

  • By clicking the link here, the official website will open on a different tab. Then follow the installation process afterward.
  • Then click on “Launch Free Recorder” from there, you must follow the launching process.
  • From the main interface of the tool, click the “Record” button to start the actual recording process.
  • If you want to stop the recording click on “pause” button as shown in the picture below. After pausing the recording ,you will see the word “Done” click it to proceed.
  • Finally, click it to see the “save video as” option and choose the file location. From the video will then be saved in no time.
Fonelab Screen Recorder

fonelab icon Fonelab Screen Recorder is another desktop recorder that is an effective way to record screen Firefox. Fonelab is an effective HD and 4K quality recorder that captures videos directly from the source, which ensures its high-resolution recording. Aside from that, it can also capture screen video and audio at the same time, which is instrumental in recording full movies and shows. There is also the option of saving recorded videos in various formats for different platforms. Another feature of the tool allows users to annotate while recording, which adds more spice to video recordings. To learn more about this exceptional tool, and how to use it, follow the steps below.

end the recording

Guidelines for Fonelab Screen Recorder

  • Get the installer of Fonelab Screen Recorder by visiting its official website at Fonelab Screen Recorder.
  • Once the tool is installed, launch it from the desktop and then click the “Video Recorder” option from the window that will appear.
  • Decide which part of the screen you want to record, drag your cursor to that part and highlight it. You will also be able to add the annotations to the video while recording it.
  • When you want to stop the recording, you can click on the “stop” option which you will find in the toolbar. The program will automatically save the video in the folder that it will sync with your system.
  • To watch the video, go to the folder where it was saved and then right-click on the video and then choose “Play”.
V Recorder for Android

V Recorder Next on the list of mobile Firefox screen recorders is V Recorder, which is available for Android smartphones. One of the best features of the app is that it leaves no watermark resulting in a smooth recording. Additionally, V Recorder produces high-quality shots and has no time limit. Moreover, this app is easy-to-use since it can “draw other apps”, that allow users to access the app by tapping the icon that shows at the right side of the screen. Here are the steps on how to record your mobile phone’s screen using V Recorder.

save recording

User Guide:

  • Using your Android phone, tap Google Play Store from the main menu to launch it. Then go to the “Search” icon and type V Recorder. Install it afterward.
  • Now, open your Firefox app from your phone. Search any website that you wish to record, set the screen wherein you want to start your recording.
  • Once set up, tap the V Recorder icon located at the right part of your screen. Select the “Square” button to begin
  • Once done, tap the V Recorder icon again. Next, tap the “Square” button to save your recording. Then, go to your local folder or gallery to check and play the Firefox video recording.
ApowerRec for Apple

ApowerRec for iOS ApowerRec is one of the best screen recorder apps for iPhone users. This app is for free, so anyone will enjoy recording their screen without any limits, even watermarks. Usually, users can utilize this app if they want to record any live stream playing in their Firefox browser. Regarding this, ApowerRec requires iOS 10.0 or above for iPhone users to enjoy its full services. Moreover, this app also allows users to save and share the recordings into your local folder, Dropbox, Photos, Email, and more. Below are the steps on how to use ApowerRec in your Apple to screencast Firefox.

start record

Here’s how you use ApowerRec for Apple:

  • From your iPhone, tap the App Store from the main app’s list to open it. Tap the “Search” icon then type in ApowerRec to tap “Get” and install the app.
  • This time, open your Firefox browser from your iPhone. Then, set up the screen area that you wish to record.
  • To begin with the recording of the screen, scroll down to the bottom portion of the screen, and search for the control panel.
  • Once done, swipe your finger up again from the bottom part of the screen then press the “Rec” button.


All in all, the above six screen recorders can help you complete the Firefox recording task. Capture Fox allows users to adjust the recording settings to suit their needs. However, many times the newest Firefox versions are not supported by it. As for MakeGIF Video Capture, the output format is limited to the only GIF. Among them, the free online screen recorder offers much more versatile functions, and it’s recommended as the best choice for recording video in Firefox. If you have any other Firefox screen recording tools that are not listed in this article, please leave your suggestion in the comment area. It will be highly appreciated if you can share your idea.

free music recorder

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