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Top 3 Firefox Screen Recorder and Add-on

Last updated on September 30, 2018 by Cindy Smith

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Top 3 Firefox Screen Recorder and Add-on

Firefox has been one of the most prevailing browsers and it lets you install various add-ons to finish your task within the browser. In case you want to record video in Firefox, here some Firefox screen recording add-ons and applications are reviewed for your reference. You can also get the more professional Screen Grabber Pro to capture any computer screen activity.

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firefox screen recorderFirefox has become one of the most widely used internet browsers. Even people who are madly obsessed with IE started shifting towards Firefox as it was quick and also provides an easy and safe web browsing. With the increase in the numbers of Firefox users, there is also an increasing need of Firefox screen recorder so that the users don’t need to download an additional application to record screen in Firefox. According to a recent survey, people have already started shifting from reading user guides and help manuals and started looking for video support for every product. Let’s see some of the top 3 screen recorder for Firefox plugins that will help you to record Firefox screen.

Capture Fox - Top Firefox Video Recorder

Capture Fox

If you are looking for an easy to use screen recorder which is a Firefox add on then look towards Capture Fox. This program doesn’t require any additional application but is still an effective tool when wanting to record your screen. You can download the Capture Fox extension for free from the Mozilla add-ons page and this extension works only for the Firefox browser as the name implies. Once you have installed the Capture Fox extension, you can see a small record icon being placed on your status bar on the far right side. If you have your status bar hidden, then you can simply hit CTRL+SHIFT+U to open Capture Fox or open it from the Tools menu.

The interface is pretty simple with two tabs Basic and Advanced Settings. You can configure your recording by specifying whether you need to capture the entire screen or only a portion of the screen. You will also need to set the video quality required and the frame rate before recording. You can also specify the output folder where your recorded video file need to be saved. Once this has all been set, you can start your screen recording easily by just a push of a button.

How to record Firefox screen with Capture Fox:

  • Download the Capturefox add-on from Mozilla Firefox Add-on page and then install and automatically integrate it into your browser.
  • After that, navigate to the page in Firefox where you want to capture or play the video clip that you want to record.
  • Click on the Capture Fox icon placed on the task bar and then make the necessary adjustments to the settings, and then click on Start Capturing.
  • Simply click on the Stop Capturing icon to end the recording and finally save the recording to your selected folder.

Free Online Screen Recorder - Record Firefox Within Browser

free screen recorder

Free Online Screen Recorder is another great Firefox video recorder tool that helps you to record your Firefox screen without needing to download any application or plugin. If you are using the Free online Screen Recorder for the first time, you just need to download a launcher to start your record screen Firefox process. All you need to do is visit the website of the Free Online Screen Recorder website and just hit the Start recording button on the website to start recording easily.

This screen recorder for Firefox also provides you with options to choose the appropriate video and audio settings. One other great feature of this Firefox screen recorder application is that it lets you to save your recorded file in both video file in all major formats or just save it as a GIF image. Below are the simple steps to capture Firefox screen with this free online screen recorder.

Step1 Configure the recording settings

Visit the main page of Free Screen Recorder in Firefox and click Start to activate the application. If it’s the first time you use it, you will be asked to install a small launcher. Next, drag & drop to select the recording area to ensure you get only what you need. You can also set the audio input source, output directory, video format, mouse style and many more.

launch recorder online

Step2 Start to record Firefox screen

When all the settings are done, click the red REC icon to start recording the activity happening in your Firefox browser. During the recording, you can pause the resume the recording freely to skip some unnecessary parts. The built-in editor allows you to add highlights, lines, circles, texts, etc. to annotate the screen in real time.

recording on computer screen

Step3 Stop and save the recording

When the recording is OK, you can click the pause button to stop the recording. After that, click the check button and the program will start to generate the video file and offer a previewing file for you to make sure the recording is satisfying. You can then save it as a video file, GIF file or upload it to YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox and so on immediately.

save recorded videos

If you are looking for a stable version of this FireFox video recorder, then you can download the desktop version of screen recorder for Firefox and record videos. The desktop recorder covers all of the feature available in the web version along with some additional features including a task scheduler. This is where you can schedule your Firefox recording process to a specific time and the tool will start recording your Firefox screen automatically.

MakeGIF Video Capture - Record Firefox to GIF

MakeGIF Video Capture

Another great screen video recorder Firefox plugin is the MakeGIF Video Capture extension. One unique feature with the MakeGIF Video Capture is that unlike other screen recorder for Firefox plugins where the output file is saved as a video file in any of the video formats like AVI, MPEG or any other format. With MakeGIF Video Capture tool the output file is stored as an animated GIF file. By saving as a GIF image, the file size is reduced to a great extent.

MakeGIF Video Capture also comes loaded with some basic features required for quality screen recording including setting the Frame rate Per Second (FPS) and also the max frames needed and also the size required etc. It also has some advanced options, where if you need to edit a portion of a video, then you can either speed up a portion of a video or just slow down a portion of the video as per requirements. The GIF images can also be saved to your local folder I your computer or also can be shared on the MakeGIF website for others to benefit from the recording as well.

How to record in Firefox with MakeGIF Video Capture:

  • You can install the MakeGIF Video Capture from the Mozilla add-ons webpage
  • Once you’ve installed the plugin, make sure to browse to the page that is required for capturing
  • Make sure to adjust the video and audio settings
  • Click the “Start” button at the right side of the status bar in your browser to start recording
  • Click “Done” when you need to stop the recording
  • Click the “Generate GIF” button to save the recorded file as a GIF image either in your computer or share it with the MakeGIF Capture website


All in all, the above 3 screen recorders can help you complete the Firefox recording task. Capture Fox allows users to adjust the recording settings to suit their needs. However, many times the newest Firefox versions are not supported by it. As for MakeGIF Video Capture, the output format is limited to only GIF. Among them, the free online screen recorder offers much more versatile functions and it’s recommended as the best choice for recording video in Firefox.

If you have any other Firefox screen recording tools that are not listed in this article, please leave your suggestion in the comment area. It will be highly appreciated if you can share your idea.

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