Best 7 Chromebook Screen Recorder to Record Video on Chromebook

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Chromebook is probably one of the fastest personal notebooks for simple applications running and game playing. Nowadays, people are shifting from reading user manuals and guides and want to learn how to use an app or product by watching videos as videos provide a clearer picture and description. For this reason, you may want to get a screen recorder for Chromebook to create how-to videos and product demonstrations. However, recording on them is not as easy as on a Windows PC or Mac. That’s because Chromebook doesn’t support the Java plugin that is required by famous screen recording software like Jing. Fortunately, there are now some extensions that can help you record video on Chromebook, and here are the best 7 of them.

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AceThinker Free Screen Recorder Online

Acethinker Free Screen Recorder Online is a great screen recorder for Chrome because it does not require any installation. This means that it will not consume any disk space on the hard-drive and, above all, is absolutely free to use. This online free screen recorder is capable of capturing HD-quality videos from any Google Chrome screen, which is a great feature for a free tool. Also, users can adjust the screen area that the recording will cover, making this tool very efficient. Above all else, AceThinker Free Screen Recorder Online supports various video sharing and hosting sites like YouTube and Vimeo. This is the reason why uploading videos to such websites is a breeze because it has a dedicated upload option to these sites and more. Overall, AceThinker Free Screen Recorder Online s a wonderful tool to use for recording Google Chrome activities from any PC. To learn how to use this exceptional free screen recorder, follow the steps below.

Step1 Launch the free screen recorder

To launch the tool visit the official website of AceThinker Free Screen Recorder Online by clicking the link here. From the homepage, click the “Start Recording” button to launch the actual recorder. For first time users, they will be asked to download the launcher of the tool first, which will take a few seconds.

install the online launcher

Step2 Start recording the Google Chrome video

Once the tool is launched, drag the frame to cover the part of the screen that needs to be recorded. For Google Chrome videos, users can adjust the frame size depending on the size of the actual videos. Once all is set, hit the “Record” button from the recording toolbar to commence the recording process. While the recording is ongoing, users can add annotations to the video by clicking the “Pen” icon from the toolbar and add the necessary editing options from the editing panel that will appear.

add notes to the recording

Step3 End the recording and save the video

Once the recording is finished, hit the “Stop” button from the same recording toolbar. After that, the video playback of the recording will appear and save the video to the PC by clicking the save button from the said playback.

save as video file


When it comes to Chromebook OS screen recorder, the best option is Screencastify, a Chrome extension that allows you to record video with ease. It is a pretty much simple screen recorder that lets you record all kinds of activities on your screen. All you need to do is just hit the record button and recording process gets started. With the help of this screen capture program, you can easily create how-to guides, record presentations, or record your games to be shared with friends. Both the free version and the paid version are available. Let’s see how it works:

screen recorder for chromebook

Note: In the free version, you can record videos up to 10 minutes only, and it will have a small watermark of Screencastify embedded in the video. To record videos of any length and have the watermark removed, you can upgrade to the paid version and enjoy the full features of Screencastify.


Viewedit makes it possible for you to capture your display with the help of one mouse click. You are also given the possibility to check who is watching the video as well as utilizing it for free. This tool makes it possible to communicate in a more modern way via the opportunity of a video and therefore skip the old barriers of communicating. This tool, therefore, makes it highly simple to have communication with anybody as well as do screen recording with only one mouse click, together with the notification feature and the sharing option that is proposed.

viewedit recording app

Nimbus Screenshot – Screen Video Recorder

Nimbus is another Chromebook screen capture video extension that is only recently added to the Chrome web store, but it has gained a huge popularity among users. The reason it has been downloaded by many is because of its simplicity, ease of use, and flexibility. With the Nimbus screen recorder, you can capture screenshots, capture anything or everything on your screen, including videos and audio. You can either capture the whole screen or only a part of the screen and also edit and modify your captured screenshots or video using a very user-friendly interface. With the free version, you have a 100 MB limit on the Nimbus cloud storage. Let’s see how to capture video using Nimbus:

chromebook screen recorder

Loom – Video Recorder: Screen, Webcam and Mic

Loom is another alternative to record video on Chromebook easily and effectively. With just a one-click record and one-click stop recording option, recording with Loom is easy and fun. People nowadays want to watch how-to videos instead of reading manuals or how-to guides, and for these purposes, these screen recorder software plays a vital role in capturing anything or everything on your screen. You can either choose to record your whole desktop or just the current tab or record only your front-facing camera. Once the recording is done, the new video is hosted on the loom web servers, and you can share the link of the video to others or provide access to the video using a password for additional security. You can also change the title and also add a description to the video. You also have the option to see the number of views made on your video.

chromebook record video

Openvid Screen Recorder

Openvid Screen Recorder is another mentionable and important extension that can be integrated into Chrome for free, and afterwards making it possible to record videos from directly your browsing tabs which are open, as well as ongoing web camera, or the Chrome related application window, with the combination of your desktion and voice coverage over your mic. A big advantage is that the recording process is very easy and to-the-point, where all you need to do is press the Openvid button for choosing what you wish to record, which is immediately started after a countdown.


Awesome Screenshot for Chrome

awesome screenshot icon The last perfect tool that can screen record on Chromebook is the Awesome Screenshot. Like some tools mentioned here, this is also a browser extension that is perfect for capturing live videos straight from Google Chrome. However, its main function is to take a full-page screenshot of the web page. But still, this extension can record any part of your screen area and annotate it in real-time. Another is that it recently released an update that eliminates their in-app purchases making other premium features completely free. Additionally, the developer claims that it is one of the highest-rated screen capture tools with over 2 million users.

start recording


We all know that live stream videos are on trend today. However, most of us would be too busy to catch them in real-time. This is not an exception for most users. So we’ve come up with the best 7 screen recording apps. Regarding this, all of the tools reviewed above are capable of catching any video playing on their device or browser. However, we can claim that AceThinker Free Screen Recorder Online is the best screen recorder for Chromebook since it all possesses essential features to capture any of your screen activity for free!

free music recorder

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Best 7 Chromebook Screen Recorder to Record Video on Chromebook

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