Reviews of the Top 4 Chrome Screen Recorders

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Reviews of the Top 4 Chrome Screen Recorders

Google Chrome is a search engine web browser where you can do research about almost everything. You can ask anything to this browser, and it will provide you the best possible answer. Meanwhile, some people asks how to record screen on Chrome Browser. So if you are reading this article, we will provide you the best way to screen record the said search browser. There are lots of ways to record Chrome Browser’s screen, and this article contains simple ways on how to record it. Furthermore, we will show you the steps on how to use the tools that can screen record Chrome Browser.

Screen Grabber Pro

First, we are going to discuss Screen Grabber Pro. This tool is simple and has an easy-to-use interface where you can simply click the “Record” button, and the app will do the rest of the recording for you. So, capturing the screen of a web browser will not be a problem anymore. Keep on reading to see the steps on using this tool.

Step1 How to Download and Install the App

You need to download and install the app before you use it. To download, click the “Download” button showing below, then after downloading, run the app and follow the installation guide and wait for the app to install.

Try it for Free

Free Download

win xp win7810

Secure Download

Free Download

OS X 10.10

Secure Download

Step2 How to Choose Audio Source

After installing the tool, you can run and start exploring the tool’s interface. From there, you can set the audio source of your recording just by clicking the drop-down button beside the “Audio input” tab. If you want to record with background music from your PC, you can choose the “System sound” mode. But, if you want to narrate while screen capturing, you can choose “Microphone” if you are using an external mic. Lastly, you can choose “System sound and microphone” if you want to record both system sound and microphone.

sgp step 2

Step3 How to Select Video Output

Another good thing about this app, you can choose a different type of video output. It can record a part of the screen by selecting the “Region” mode. For recording in full-screen view, just pick the “Full-screen mode,” or if you want to record your screen from where your cursor is pointing, just use the “Around mouse” mode. Also, you can record using a webcam with “Web camera” mode, and you can record with audio only by choosing “Only audio.”

sgp step 3

Step4 How to Use the Floating Toolbar

Once you decided what audio source and video type that you are going to use, it will start to record. While recording, a floating toolbar will appear. With this, you can Pause, Stop, and adjust the volume.

SGP Floating toolbar

Step5 How to Real-Time Edit

From this toolbar, you will see the “Pen” icon from the rightmost part. You can do edit in real-time with this feature, and choose a set of tools for editing your video.

Real-Time Editing

Step6 How to Finish Recording

Then, when you are done recording, just click the “Stop” button to save the video on your PC.

Finishing Recording

Step7 How to Locate and Watch your Recorded Video

For you to watch the recorder screen of the Chrome Browser, just click the file with “.mp4” in its name, then press “Play.” You can also locate your recorded video in the “Open folder” menu.

sgp step 7

Free Screen Recorder

Now that we showed you how to record using Screen Grabber Pro, there is also another way to screen record the Chrome Browser, and that is Free Screen Recorder. This tool is a screen recorder online where you can use with only a web browser. You don’t have to pay or download an app to record your PC’s display screen, just click the button provided within the tool’s browser. Then, you can start recording the screen of Google Chrome. On the other hand, keep on scrolling to see the steps of using Free Screen Grabber.

Step1 How to Launch the tool

To use the tool, simply click the “Start Recording” button below.

Start Recording

Step2 How to Choose Video Resolution

When you click the “Start Recording” button, a toolbar will appear, showing all the tools that you can use for recording. Let’s start with customizing the size of the recording area. As you can see below, there are lots of options you can choose. You can select the size from full-screen mode to any aspect ratio you like. Also, you can just drag the corner of the resizing box to adjust the size of your recording manually.

Video Aspect Ratio

Step3 How to Select Audio Source

Another great feature about this tool is you can also select the audio source of your record. You can choose “System sound” if you to record the sound coming from your PC, you can also select “Microphone” if you are using a microphone, and “System sound and microphone” if you want to record both your voice via external microphone and your PC’s sound.

Audio Source

Step4 How to Select Screen Display

(Optional) Also, you can choose if you are going to record your computer’s “Screen” display, or do recording using a webcam.

Video Mode

Step5 How to Customize your Settings

Now that you customize all the settings to your liking, you can now start recording. Simply click the red “REC” button, and it will start to record.

Start Recording

Step6 Free Sceen Recorder's Toolbar

Moving forward, we are now on the recording interface. This means the tool is recording. From there, it will show you the floating toolbar of the app. You can use this toolbar to finish your screen capturing, and also real-time editing.


Step7 How to Real-Time Edit

Putting annotation is also available with this tool. Just click the “Pen” icon, and editing tools will appear. Then, you can now start editing while recording.

Real Time Edit

Step8 How to Finish Recording

Finally, when you think you are finish recording. Simply click the “Pause” button, and a “Check” icon and a “X” icon will appear. With those two icons, you can choose if you want finish your recording, or delete the recorded video and start over again.

Finishing Recording

Step9 How to Save the Recorded Video

Once you decided to finish the recording. The tool will automatically show you the recorded video. You can play and view the recording with this. Also, you can download the video by click the “Save” button from the lower rightmost part of the window.

Saving Record


For the next tool that we are going to discuss, this tool can also record screen on Chrome Browser, and it’s called “Screencastify.” This tool is an “Extension” that you can install to your Google Chrome. With just a simple click from your web browser’s extension, you can start recording your screen. Whether you want to record your Chrome browser itself, or choose any tab or application running from your PC. Moreover, this tool can be used by Windows and Mac users. Now, let’s move forward and see the steps below on how to use this tool.

Step1 Visiting the Link

First, visit the link Screencastify and click “Add to Chrome” to download and install the extension to your web browser.

visit the link

Step2 How to use Screencastify

After installing the extension, you will see an “Arrow” icon at the upper leftmost part of your browser, click that icon, and it will show you the modes that you can use for recording, like “Browser Tab,” “Desktop,” or “Webcam only.” You can choose if you are going to use a Microphone, or Embed Webcam too. Also, from that menu, you can also click the “Record” button to start recording.

how to use the tool

Step3 How to Select Video Output

Then, when you click the “Record” button, a window will appear. It will show you the two modes that you can use for screen capturing. Select “Your Entire Screen” mode to record the entire screen, and click the “Share” button to start recording. Also, you can choose “Application Window” if you want to record one application that is running from your PC.

Browser's interface

Step4 How to Finish Recording

Now that you chose what mode you are going to use, a floating bar will appear to your window. In this bar, you can click the “Stop Sharing” button to finish your recording. You can also hide it by pressing the “Hide” button beside the “Stop sharing” button, if you don’t to include it in your recording.

Video Output

Step5 How to Play the Recorded Video

Once you finish the recording, a new window will pop-up, showing the screen that you capture. You can play the recorded video within that window.

Recorded Video

Step6 How Save, Share, Edit your Screen Captured

From there, you can also choose if you want to save your recordings to your PC, share it online, crop/trim, edit your video, or delete it.

Editing Video


Now, the last tool that we are going to feature in this article is called the Loom. This tool is also an extension that you can install with your web browser, especially with Google Chrome Browser. It will quickly capture your screen, record video via webcam, and you can also put narration in it. Moreover, you can share it with a simple link.

Step1 How to Download the App

Before you can start recording. You need to download the tool from Loom website and install it in your PC.

donwloading loom

Step2 How to Choose the Record Mode

Once you installed the app, run it, and it will show you its interface. From there, you will see the Record Settings of the tool. You can decide what to record in your screen, if it’s a “Screen & Cam” that can record your screen and camera, “Screen Only” which can record just your screen, and “Cam Only” that can record with your camera only.

Choosing record mode

Step3 How to Start Recording

To start recording using this app, just click the “Start Recording” button. After that, the tool will record your screen effortlessly.

start recording

Step4 How to Use the Toolbar

Now that you start recording, it will show you a toolbar from the leftmost part of your screen. That toolbar is used to “Stop” your recording when you are finished, “Pause” your video recording, “Delete” if you want to start over again, and put an annotation in your video.

How to use the toolbar

Step5 How to Locate, Download, and Share your Recordings

Lastly, when you are done recording your display screen. A new tab will appear in your Chrome Web Browser, showing your recorded videos. From there, you can view the video, download it to your PC, share it online, and you can also write a comment using your registered account in Loom.

how to locate recorded video


These tools are great when it comes to recording. Whether you record in full-screen view, or just a part of your screen along with audio, all the said tools can do the job effortlessly. Moreover, some of these tools can use it directly in your Chrome Browser, and some of these can be installed in your PC, either of those is good because you can use their interface easily. However, you need to register to some of the said tools, but rest assured that you can use all of these apps without paying anything.

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