10 Different Ways to Record Chrome Browser As Quality Video

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10 Different Ways to Record Chrome Browser As Quality Video

Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers where you can research almost everything. You can ask anything to this browser, and it will provide you the best possible answer. Sometimes you may need to record a Chrome screen, like to capture a live streaming video or to record a tutorial video. If that is the case, then you must have been looking for the best Chrome screen recorders, which can help you make the work done. Here we are going to show you some of the best Chrome video capture tools for different platforms. Check and find the one that most suits your needs!

Review of Apps

AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro

The first third-party to screencast Chrome for Windows and Mac we’re going to discuss is Screen Grabber Pro from AceThinker. This tool is a simple and yet best Chrome Screen Recorder. You only need to click the “Record” button, and the app will do the rest of the recording for you. So, capturing the screen of the Chrome browser as a video will not be a problem anymore. If you are interested to know more about this tool, the steps below are given to guide you on how to use this screen recorder for Chrome.

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Step1 Download and Install the App

You need to get the app downloaded and installed before you use it. To download, click the “Download” button showing above, then when the download is finished, open the installer and follow the installation to use the tool finally. Once installed, launch Screen Grabber Pro then go to its “Menu” button. From here, you can configure the “Output format”, “Keyboard shortcuts”, and more.

set up sgp

Step2 Start the Recording

You can set the audio source of your recording just by clicking the drop-down button beside the “Audio input” tab. And then, select the recording mode from Region, Full-screen, Around mouse, etc. according to your needs. Once set up, click “OK” to start the recording.

video mode selection

Step3 Annotate and Save the Recording

While recording, a floating toolbar will appear. With this, you can Pause, Stop, and adjust the volume. From this toolbar, you will see the “Pen” icon from the rightmost part. You can do edit in real-time with this feature and choose a set of tools for editing your video. Then, when you are done recording, click the “Stop” button to save the video on your PC.

save the chrome video

Free Screen Recorder Online to Record Chrome Browser

Free Online Screen Recorder is a web-based app that you can use in the Chrome browser and easily screencast Chrome. You don’t have to pay or download an app to record your PC’s display screen, click the button provided within the tool’s browser. Then, you can start recording the screen of Google Chrome. You can first click the “Start Recording” button below to activate it and then follow the steps below to use this smart app to record the Chrome screen as quality videos.

Step1 Choose the area to record

Visit the official website of this free online screen recorder. Then, click the “Start Recording” button, a toolbar will appear, showing all the tools that you can use for recording. Let’s start by customizing the size of the recording area. As you can see below, there are lots of options you can choose. You can select the size from full-screen mode to any aspect ratio you like. Also, you can drag the corner of the resizing box to adjust the size of your recording manually. Meanwhile, select the audio source from “System sound”, “Microphone,” or both. To know how to use this fantastic screen video recorder, Chrome, please see the steps below.

Video Aspect Ratio

Step2 Record Chrome screen and annotate in real time

Click the red “REC” button, and it will start to record. Moving forward, we are now on the recording interface. This means the tool is recording. From there, it will show you the floating toolbar of the app. You can use this toolbar to finish your screen capturing, and also real-time editing.


Step3 Finish and save the recording

Finally, when you think you are finish recording. Click the “Pause” button, and a “Check” icon and an “X” icon will appear. With those two icons, you can choose if you want to finish your recording or delete the recorded video and start over again. Once you decided to end the recording. The tool will automatically show you the recorded video. You can play and view the recording with this.

Chrome Screen Recorder

One extension that can record streaming video for Chrome is the Screen Recorder for Chrome. This extension is a lightweight and easy-to-use tool that can also record straight from the camera. Additionally, it can capture any part of the screen area, the desktop app window, or the Chrome tab itself. Moreover, this app is for free and will not require any sign up to enjoy all of its features. Aside from that, all recorded outputs will feature no watermark, so all of them are clear. It also supports up to 5 languages for its other users internationally. Finally, users can record unlimited videos, which are a rare feat for free apps.

record chrome

Nimbus Video Recorder

Another extension that can screencast Chrome is the Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder. This tool allows users to manage their Chrome screenshots and instantly upload them quickly. Additionally, in case users want to personalize their screenshot, Nimbus can let them add watermark into it. Moreover, it also provides customizable hotkeys for more comfortable access whenever they want to take snapshots. Aside from that, it can record or screenshot the entire web page to access everything you need. Nimbus also lets users convert all of your output into MP4 format and even GIF, which is popular today. Finally, users can trim and crop their screencasts according to their needs.

record chrome


We usually don’t advise people to install many Chrome extensions because they can become spyware easily, but Loom extension is handy and worth mentioning screen video recorder. When you download and install Loom to your Chrome, it adds itself to the toolbar, and you can turn on the recording window by clicking it. Loom has an option that allows you to record your microphone and webcam and also allows you to record your full desktop from Google Chrome. Select “Start Recording” to initiate the process, and when you are done with your recording, press the green button in the bottom left. Lastly, it will let you record without any limitation.

loom extension


Another great screen recorder Chrome Extension is Screencastify. With just a simple click from your web browser’s extension, you can start recording your screen. Whether you want to record your Chrome browser itself, or choose any tab or application running from your PC. This screen recorder Chrome extension can also take a shot of your webcam. Additionally, it features annotation to provide real-time editing and adds beauty to the image. Aside from that, it can also capture the microphone’s sound which is great for doing voice over or narration. Otherwise, it offers Premium services to get other functions like crop, trim, or create a GIF using your recordings.

Screencastify record chrome

OBS Studio

If you desire additional functions when recording, then you may want to consider learning how to use Open Broadcaster Software (OBS). OBS is a popular tool used for live streaming on websites like YouTube and Twitch, but it works better when recording to disk. OBS is cross-platform, and this software works on macOS, Windows, and Linux. This screen video recorder Chrome is solid and somehow complicated. It offers multiple “Scenes” with different settings; this is useful if you are switching between scenes when live to stream, but not useful when recording offline. However, this Chrome video recorder is not recommended for beginners since its interface is quite complicated.

start record


Vidyard is the next screen recorder for Chrome to be reviewed on this list. Like other tools mentioned here, it is also a Chrome extension that users can access anytime when they launch Google Chrome quickly. With the help of its straightforward interface, it can record a Chrome tab or window with a single tap. What is unique about this extension is if users shared the recorded video, it would give them an option to track who is watching it. Also, all uploaded or shared videos has no expiration. Additionally, all recorded chrome videos are expected to have the highest quality available. However, it will ask for users to register using their email address, which is unusual for a Chrome extension.

record chrome

Hippo Screen Recorder

Hippo Screen Recorder & Video Editor is another tool that can screencast Chrome. With the help of its amazing features, users can create and share professional-looking recorded Chrome videos without breaking a sweat. Additionally, this extension is an all-in-one software that allows users even to edit the videos to make them more stunning. Aside from that, it provides a free picture library wherein users can create awesome slideshows or remarkable stories. Moreover, its powerful online video editor features a Pro version that it even lets users blur or mask a part of the screen to block any confidential info. Regarding this, it can also put a password into your recorded video for additional security.

record chrome

Awesome Screenshot

The last screen recorder Chrome extension from this list is the Awesome Screenshot: Screen Video Recorder. One good thing about this extension is that it can even work offline once appropriately installed into your Google Chrome. Aside from taking full-page screenshots, it also features a screencast tool that can annotate to add comments in real-time. All captured snapshots or recorded chrome videos are automatically saved into its server. Regarding this, users can also save them into their local drive for personal storage. However, a drawback of this extension is that it only specializes in taking Chrome screenshots. Its recording function is limited compared to other tools mentioned here.

record chrome


These tools are great when it comes to record streaming video Chrome. Whether you record in a full-screen view, or just a part of your screen along with audio, all the said tools can do the job effortlessly. Moreover, some of these tools can use it directly in your Chrome Browser, and some of these can be installed in your PC, either of those is good because you can use their interface easily. However, you need to register for some of the said tools, but rest assured that you can use all of these apps without paying anything. Also, check this post to discover the best screen recorder no watermark tools.

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