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Reviews of the Top 6 Chrome Screen Recorders

Last updated on January 14, 2019 by Cindy Smith

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Reviews of the Top 6 Chrome Screen Recorders

chrome screen recorderDeveloped by Google, Chrome is a well-known internet browser that has competed with Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari down the years. Currently, it is one of the most popular web browsers and can be used on Windows, Mac and Linux. For Chrome users, there are many cases when recording the Chrome screen is necessary. For instance, you may want to record the gameplay in your Chrome, capture a video tutorial or even just create screenshots. In order to get the task done, a Chrome screen recorder is needed. Here we have compiled a list of the top 6 Chrome screen capture programs that you can use to record video within Chrome.

Free Online Screen Recorder

free screen recorder

As the name suggests, Free Screen Recorder Online is a web-based application which means that you don’t need to download or install it to use. It’s well compatible with Chrome as well as Firefox, IE, Safari, etc. That’s why it’s our first recommended Chrome screen recorder. This application allows you to record the entire screen or capture a specific area along with audio simultaneously. Furthermore, you can annotate the screen in real time during the recording process. After the screencast has been made, you can even upload and share your videos to YouTube, Vimeo, etc. Check the steps below about how to use Free Screen Recorder to record video in Chrome.

Step1 Activate the Online Chrome Screen Recorder

Visit the official site of this video recorder for Chrome, and then click on Start Recording. In case you are new and you plan to run it for the first time, you will have to download a launcher to properly activate. The moment you launched the tool, the interface will begin to pop up right before you, and they you can do some settings to audio and video as it pleases you.

launch free screen recorder

Step2 Start to Record in Chrome

Get the material you need to record instantly and set the area for recording and make it fit. After you have done all these, now click on the “REC” button to begin the recording procedure.

recording on computer screen

Step3 Save the Captured Video

Simply click on the pause button when you want to end the recording and you can also click on the start icon to begin again. Have a preview of the video you have recorded and then select save as video file. You will find about seven different optional formats. Video will then be saved in the area you choose without delay.

save recorded videos

Drawbacks? – Although this is a superb online tool, there is one main drawback and this is the fact that it isn’t stable. As it relies on an internet connection, it can sometimes falter but this can be countered by using it pro version called Screen Grabber Pro. By using the desktop recorder, you can do the recording even when there is no Internet and actually the desktop version offers more functions. You can now download it and check whether it can suit your needs.

Try Screen Grabber Pro for Free

MediaCore Capture

chrome screen recorder

As an extension for Chrome, MediaCore Capture can be attained from the Google Webstore. When using this app, you can record your desktop as well as any activity on your webcam. In terms of video settings, there are only two options for quality but one of these is HD in 720p. Furthermore, the microphone can be used during recordings.

Drawbacks? – With this extension, there have been problems with lagging and unresponsiveness which can lead to frustration. In addition to this, there are certain tools that are lacking such as annotations, pointers, and direct uploading to YouTube.


chrome screen recorder screencastify

Screencastify is a regular Chrome software for capturing a video screen. It provides you with the easiest recording approach, annotating, editing, sharing and storing video screen capture. You can utilize a specific tab or the whole desktop with simply a click of a button, and G-suite will be used to synced all your will experience. Also, you can try the beta version of the software which is available for free.

In the free version of this program, you are limited to just ten minutes recording time for all videos. There are watermarks in this program and with the use of this; you’ll be able to make as many as fifty videos monthly. Some features such as Mp4 export and editing tool are turned off. Again, Screencastify is accessible in a PRO version which allows unrestricted recording time, the absence of watermark, GIF and MP4 export capacity joined with a few other necessary editing or features like trimming that are not available in the free version. Also, with the pro version of this program, you would be receiving the priority/preference support.

Drawbacks? – Much like the previous option, this application has been known to freeze and stop responding at times. Perhaps a deal breaker, it also has a watermark which can affect the video for viewers. With a limitation of ten minutes on all recordings, there are better options unless you are happy to edit together ten minute chunks of video.


snagit recorder

Out of all the options we have here today, this is probably the most recognised and can now be found as an extension for Chrome. Of course, the main function is to record or capture the screen but it also has many other features such as sharing, annotating, different capture modes, and it boasts an easy to use interface.

Drawbacks? – Overall, many users have complained regarding the audio in that it doesn’t appear after finishing a recording. Also, there is only one available record mode and it can be a little complicated to use. Finally, the video and audio settings are minimal to non-existent.

MakeGIF Video Capture

chrome makegif screen recorder for chrome

Finally, we have another tool that can be used to record video in Chrome. Essentially, this app creates a video by saving it as a GIF file. When you open the app for the first time, you will have access to a whole host of recording settings including capture FPS, max frames, quality, and size. Furthermore, the end product can be shared on the MakeGIF site or saved on the local disk.

Drawbacks? – Sadly, there is no option to share directly online which means that a middle program needs to be used. Also, any uploaded videos will be deleted within one month. Because it records in GIF format, editing is required regardless.

Openvid Screen Recorder


This is the free Chrome extension, and it’s a service which you can utilize for video recording your browser tabs, desktop, application windows, webcam, and a joining of these, voluntarily with the narration via your microphone. Capturing process of is simple and easy. All you need is just to click the button for Openvid and then choose what you’re recording. The countdown is short, and you will be removed. You can adjourn and also continue capture as desired and then hit the button again the moment you finished.

Your video is then posted right on the Openvid website, and it’ll be available for distribution. Automatically, the link will be copied to the clipboard by the extension. Get this pasted on the message or email, and it will be available to be viewed. On the other hand, an embed code could be generated by the site to enable you to include the video on your site, and you’ll likewise be able to download in MP4 format.

Drawbacks? – Though, there are a few important problems connected to this program. Originally, all of the videos are limited to five minutes regarding length, and they’ll only be accessible for twenty-four hours when done with the recording. However, when can refer two other persons to registering, you’d be granted unlimited video access, and recording time.


There we have it, six options for recording with Chrome are provided for your reference. From the statement, you can clearly see that Free Screen Recorder offers the best choice since there are very few drawbacks compared to the other four. Not only does it have an annotating tool, sharing, and different recording modes, it also has a powerful desktop version which removes the instability. With the other options, they are simply extensions within the browser.

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