How to Easily Capture Video from Internet

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How to Easily Capture Video from Internet

capture video from internet

Want to capture your favorite videos from Internet so that you can watch them at leisure time even when there is no Internet access? Need to save a live streaming presentation to your hard drive so you can re-watch it later? Yeah, it’s quite common for people to capture video from Internet for offline enjoying. How to do it? That’s easy! Some video sharing websites offers a download option that lets you download the video directly with a video downloader. However, downloading from certain websites is not allowed. And for those live broadcasted videos, there is no way to download it. Luckily, still there are tools can help you capture all Internet video with no fuss. Here the ways to record Internet video and download online video are both introduced. Just have a look and get your favorite videos from online easily!

Record Video from Internet with Screen Grabber Pro

Screen Grabber Pro is an excellent screen recording program that allows you to record movies from Internet. With this Internet video recorder, you can effortlessly save any online video that cannot be downloaded directly by recording. Following the straightforward and easy to use interface, you can accomplish all the video recording jobs without having to learn. Moreover, the built-in editor has multiple options that allow you to edit the captured video before you can save it. And the screenshot option makes it possible to snap and share your favorite moment in the video. One great feature for capturing Internet video is that it offers a time scheduler, which means that you can set the recording time to start simultaneously with the video. Thankfully, now you can record Internet video even when you’re away from the computer. The scheduler task will be perfect if you want to record online live streaming videos.

The process of recording a video from the internet is pretty simple. You can first download the proper version according to your computer operating system and then follow the tips below to record video clips, music videos, TV shows and more from Hulu, Netflix, MetaCafe, Dailymotion, iTunes, Blockbuster, etc.

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Open the site with the video you want the software to capture. For instance, you can visit Hulu, search for and open the video. As soon as you open the video, go to the Screen Grabber Pro interface and click on the Down option on the right of Start. This will bring you five options to choose from before you can start recording.

Click on Region to adjust the size of the screen (length and width) you want to record. You can select the Full Screen option to record the whole screen. Around Mouse option will record the mouse as it moves on the screen. This option comes in handy when you want to explain certain points on the video as it is being captured. The Web Camera option allows you to capture yourself and the video simultaneously.

capture video from internet

Meanwhile, set the audio input source by clicking Audio Input and confirm some general settings like output video format, output folder, hotkeys, etc. under Settings. When all is OK, click Start to begin the recording and click Stop when you are done with the recording.

record video from internet

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Capture Internet Video Using Video Keeper

As some Internet videos can be captured by downloading, Video Keeper, an outstanding video downloader, is recommended to help you capture video from Internet. With it, you can download and save numerous videos from Dailymotion, Vevo, YouTube and many other sites. Online videos that use multimedia transferring protocols such as HTTP and RTMP can also be downloaded with this tool. Batch downloading is supported so you can download multiple videos simultaneously therefore saving time in the process.

Different ways to save online videos are offered: you can simply copy and paste the URL of the video you want to download for direct download, or use the internal detection option to let the program automatically detect and download any video you play. Moreover, it offers a converter and media player that almost supports any video and audio formats. Additional tools that come with this software include screen recorder to capture and record videos as you stream; audio and video editor; a library of your favorite sites, and an iTunes option.

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