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camtasia vs screenflowWhen looking for a tool to screencast, there’s not a lot better on the market than Screenflow and Camtasia. A lot of people in the digital media industry much prefer to use a Mac over a system with Windows on but unfortunately a lot of screencast software only comes with Windows support. So, when looking for a great screencast software for the Mac, Camtasia VS ScreenFlow, which one is better? In this article I will give you the best points of both Screenflow and Camtasia and an overall evaluation of both products and recommend one to you.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Camtasia

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For people unaware of the Camtasia software, you must not have used a Mac for screencasting before. For years Camtasia has been the go-to software for any screencast needs on a Mac. But is it popular because of the big name or is it actually the best on the market?

Upon first use of the software one of the major benefits was how easy it was to navigate. No one wants to spend a lot of time figuring out screencast software and it’s something that should be straight forward and very easy to use, which this is.

Another great feature about the software is that it can capture a range of different things. Not only does it allow you to capture the full screen but it also allows for region capture along with your webcam. Not only does it do this, but it also captures the audio on the system and through a microphone. This is great for things such as video tutorials and recording any meeting or conference you may have through Skype.

One of the benefits of Camtasia is that it comes with its own editing software. This means even the amateurs who have never used the software before have access to a simple piece of editing software which is very easy to use. This is great for real time editing and annotating. Because of this, it also means that people wanting simplicity will love the tool as it means you don’t have to download extra editing software.

Although so far it sounds like the perfect software, it also has some drawbacks. Other software on the market allows the users to automatically screen record within the system. This is something that Camtasia does not offer. Although there are ways around it, it’s a very technical process as the option is not built into the interface.

There is also a lack of support for any mobile or tablet you wish to screencast with. Although TechSmith offer an alternative piece of software that does sync with Camtasia which allows the recording of your phone and tablet.

• showcases a large variety of capturing and editing features that are more powerful than in other software
• gives the possibility to publish and share the creation to external websites with just one mouse click
• relatively low cost compared to other solutions
• very easy importing and exporting feature
• universal support of major video formats such as the AVI format
• it provides good customer support

• automatic recording is very difficult to be scheduled without having deep knowledge on modifying the system related files
the course creation templates that can be found in alternative competitor solutions cannot be found in the offering of this software
• no possibility to embed into websites
• relatively high system requirements, so you need stronger PC to operate this tool
• generally available templates are majorly in business style, and you need to pay for alternatives

Advantages and Shortcuts of Screenflow

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Screenflow is, once again, another very easy piece of software to use but it has one major flaw which would make people gravitate more towards other screencast software.

Region capture is a vital part of screencast as some people do not want to show the full screen. Unfortunately screenflow offers an all or nothing piece of software in which you either record the full screen or none at all.

In editing it does allow you to zoom into certain sections on the screen and cut them but that’s something that shouldn’t need to be done in post-production and should be able to be done when the recording is taking place.

One advantage this has over Camtasia that it does allow for the use of iPhones and iPad. This will save a lot of time for any user who wants to only use these to screencast but once again this has to be using the full screen of these devices and not sections of them. This also allows for sound to be recorded on the iOS device. This is a major advantage to anyone wanting to do tutorials on the iOS devices.

The editing software built into the program is very basic. This gives it another big disadvantage over Camtasia as they allow for a simple and smooth editing process. Although it does have something available for editing the recording it’s not as advanced as what other competitors can offer.

• easier handling of the tool than for Camtasia, with more user friendly interface
• comprehensive software which satisfies generally all user needs
• powerful editorial feature is built into the tool next to the recording function
• the software is highly stable

• buying the premium version is quite expensive
• there is no opportunity to have free upgrading service for the software
• built-in templates are not available in this tool
• asset library system is missing in the software


Although they are both very good pieces of software and both have their benefits, Camtasia is a much better piece of software for what it does. While Screenflow is good, it mostly benefits anyone wanting to use iOS devices. Camtasia offers a lot more if someone is wishing to screencast from their Mac and also offers a lot more in post-production.

Do I have to Use One of These Two?

The quick answer to this is, not at all. There are plenty of options available on the market including the Screen Recorder Pro by AceThinker. This is a piece of software that allows for screencasting on Windows and Mac. It also has a very easy to use editing software which allows for easy editing after. Along with this, it lets you record the full screen, a region, your webcam and full audio.

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