Camstudio Windows 10 Alternative to Record Screen

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Camstudio Windows 10 Alternative to Record Screen

CamStudio is a popular free open source screen recording program for Windows. However, it doesn’t compatible with the latest Windows 10 operating system. If you’re using Windows 10, you can use some similar screen recording software that well support Windows 10, like Screen Grabber Pro. Start your free trial now by clicking the button below!

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CamStudio is a popular screen recording software that allows you to record desktop activities with high quality. It is one of the most widely utilized open source record screen software for Windows that is equipped with a lot of unique features that can’t be seen in even commercial recording screen software’s. The interface of Camstudio software is easy to use with options to record your desktop right in front of you. Camstudio screen recording software also comes with a lot of features that help you to customize the settings including choosing the codecs required for the video recording, choosing the required frame rate and also setting the recording quality etc.

But one of the biggest problems faced by many users who have upgraded to Windows 10 says that they face a lot of problems with CamStudio for Windows 10. Sometimes it doesn’t even load the Camstudio screen recorder interface and sometimes it loads the interface but the recording process doesn’t work. So in order to overcome the CamStudio not recording Windows 10 issue and carry on with your screen recording process even in Windows 10, we’ve come up with some Camstudio alternatives that work in Windows 10 effectively.

Screen Grabber Pro - Best Camstudio Windows 10 Alternative

When it comes to screen recording in Windows or Mac, if there is one software that provides you with all the options and also allows you record high-quality videos, then it is AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro software. It is one of the most popular screen capture software that is widely used by most of the Windows and Mac users to record all their activities of their computer desktop easily. With it, you can easily record both audio and video with a lot of ease and in the highest quality. All your recordings can be saved into your computer in various formats including WMV, FLV, AVI, MP4 etc.

screen grabber pro for windows

Step1 Download and Install the Application

First, make sure to download the latest version of the AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro software onto your computer. Install the software as per the instructions displayed on the screen. Once the software is installed, open the software and just go through the screen to understand the software.

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Step2 Customize the Capture Frame and Start Recording

With this CamStudio alternative for Windows 10, you have many options in terms of recording your screen. The full-screen mode allows to record the entire screen of your desktop, and the region mode will allow you to record only a part of the region selected by you. When all the settings are done, click “Start” to start the capturing process.

customize region and start the recording

Step3 Annotate and Stop the Recording

During the recording, you can use the built-in editor to annotate your recording instantly. Click the red “Square” button to end and save the recording when you are done with the recording.

annonate and stop the recording

Icecream Screen Recorder

Icecream software is great screen recording software that helps you to capture the entire activities performed in your computer desktop effectively. You can just capture the screen as an image or record all the happenings on your screen. Whether it’s capturing an image or a video, Icecream software performs all the tasks with ease with just a click of a button. The software comes with a lot of unique features that allows you to make your recording of the best quality. You can trim the video to remove the unnecessary portion, change audio settings, save the videos to the clipboard and share the video with your friends and family.

icecream screen recorder

Step1 Download and Activate the Program

Before you can start using the application, you need to download the Ice cream Screen Recorder from its official website. Afterwards, wait until the program is launched on your computer screen.

Step2 Customize the Recording Area and Start the Recording

Once the tool is downloaded, customize the size of the capture area according to the size that you preferred. Then you can proceed to the recording process by clicking the “Rec” button.

customize region and start recording

Step3 Annotate While Recording and End the Recording

At this time, you can start to annotate your recording by using the “Draw” icon from the floating toolbar of the app. If you want to stop the recording, tap the “Stop” button.

annonate and stop recording

Step4 Preview the Recording

Later, a pop-up window will appear on your screen that shows the lists of your recording. Click the file that you want to preview.

save the recorded file


Jing is a free screen capture software that helps you to capture anything or everything on your screen. You can either capture an image or record a movie, whatever you wish for Jing does the job so effectively. There is also free space allotted up to a maximum of 2GB in their servers to upload and store your captured videos. It is specially designed to share your captured images and videos with other people easily and quickly. The user interface of Jing screen recording software is quite simple, as you have three option to record or capture the screen, review the history your screen captures and customize your video capture settings.


Step1 Visit the Website and Download the Application

To begin with the recording, visit the Jing website and download the app on your pc. Then the main interface of the app will be displayed on the right corner of your screen. The app interface can be distinguished with its sun-like shape.

Step2 Customize the Capture Area

After you downloaded and installed the application on your computer, choose the capture region that you want to record before the recording starts.

customize region

Step3 Initiate the Recording

When everything is already set, you can start with the recording by clicking the “Movie Reel” icon that you will see on the lower left corner of the screen. Then the recording will start automatically.

start the recording

Step3 Finish the Recording

In order to stop the recording, click the “Square” button beside the “Pause” button.

stop the recording

Step3 Preview and Save Recording

Finally, a preview window will be shown on your screen. In here, you can set the video file name before you save it on your computer. Once you set the file’s name, hit the “Save” button as shown in the picture below.

save the file


EzVid is another popular Camstudio alternative for Windows 10 that helps you to record videos and share those videos to popular social media channels like YouTube. EzVid provides an easy and effective way to record videos and also allows you to edit those videos. Hence you don’t need to download another software to edit your videos to add text, images or shapes, but with EzVid you can do it all. The software has a pretty neat interface that is very much easy to use and all the option to record your computer desktop is present right in front of you.

ezid free recorder

Step1 Download and Install the Software

Ezvid is another tool that is used for screen recording so if you want to have it, you need to download the program from its website. And wait for a few seconds until the installation finish.

Step2 Prepare the Recording

If the installation is already done, click on the “Capture Screen” button that you can see on the app main interface. This will serve as the first step of screen recording.

Step2 Configure the Settings

Once you click the “Capture Screen” button, another window will be shown where you can set the capture settings. Click the “Use Advanced Settings” on the lower portion of the app interface to see all the available options.

prepare to capture

Step3 Customize the Recording Area

Prior to recording, drag a region on your screen to customize the size of the capture frame according to the size that suits your preference.

select region

Step3 Annotate while Recording

You are also able to annotate and record simultaneously with Ezvid. To start annotating, click the “Paint” icon beside the “Stop” button. Then the editing tools will be displayed on the left side of the app. You can add arrows, smiley, and texts. However, the annotations will disappear after a few seconds.

annonate the recording

Step3 End the Recording

If you are already satisfied with your recording, and you want to stop it, tap the “Stop” icon in the middle of the “Pause” and “Draw” buttons.

stop the recording

Step3 Edit and Save the Recording

After that, your recorded file will be transferred to Ezvid editing window where you can trim the video, add narrations, add subtitles, and more. Then click the “Save Video” button.

edit and save the video


Hope the above Camstudio alternatives will help you in recording videos in Windows 10 easily and you’ll never complain about CamStudio not recording Windows 10. Please write to us with all your queries and suggestions, as we are all ears to your views. Thank you!!!

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