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Best 10 CamStudio Alternatives for Screencast

Last updated on July 4, 2019 by Trafalgar Law

Though CamStudio is a good free screen recording program that lets you record desktop screen, its features indeed are quite limited. Here is a list of the best 10 CamStudio alternatives that can do much more than CamStudio. You can check them one by one or click the button below to test Screen Grabber Pro first.

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CamStudio is among the most downloaded screen recording software on Sourceforge. It has an easy-to-use interface, less file crowding, and low ram consumption. As a professional, you can save an easy 100 bucks by using CamStudio freeware. It is number one at the moment. However, Camstudio isn’t the only competitor in the market luckily. Some of the features fell short in CamStudio such as annotations, frame rate optimization, versatility in video formats, capturing the screen real-time. That’s why many people are looking for CamStudio alternative to best fulfil their needs. Here is a list of the best 3 alternative to CamStudio that can do much more than just recording the screen. Let’s check it one by one and you can pick the best one to accomplish your task.

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Best CamStudio Alternative – Screen Grabber Pro

screen grabber proScreen Grabber Pro is recommended as the best CamStudio alternative to record video. In fact, it’s much better than CamStudio for its versatile functions. It allows you to save the recording into AVI, MP4, WMV, FLV, MOV, etc. so that you can play and share it anywhere you like. Different recording modes and multiple audio input sources are provided for your choice. You can even record from webcam or just record the audio. Apart from screen recording, it also allows you to take snapshots from your PC screen. Moreover, the built-in editor lets you annotate and improve your recording by adding some texts, circles, rectangles, etc. in real time. Another feature that worth to mention is that it offers a Task Scheduler, which means that you can preset the recording start time and duration to let the program record your screen automatically even when you are away. This function is especially great for recording movies and live meetings.

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Free CamStudio Alternative – Icecream Screen Recorder

icecream screen recorderIcecream Screen Recorder is a free screen recording tool that comes with the screenshot capture feature: you can not only record your desktop, but also take snapshots of your computer screen. Compared with CamStudio, it offers a unique feature that allows you to add annotations during the video recording. A Drawing Panel is provided for you to add arrows, texts, circles, rectangles and even draw freehand to annotate and enhance you recording/screenshot instantly. Generally, Icecream Screen Recorder saves video in MKV format and screenshots in PNG format in default. Another feature that makes it outstanding is its Project History feature. If you have recorded many videos and need to find a particular one, this feature will be quite useful and will help you identify the exact one easily and quickly. In addition to the mentioned functions, this CamStudio alternative allows you to upload the screenshots to and then gives you a URL for each screenshot, which is quite handy for those who want to share screenshots with others.

Decent CamStudio Alternative – Monosnap Recorder

monosnap logoMonosnap is an all-in-one video recorder, snapper and storage software and is always considered as one of the best CamStudio alternatives. Besides simple recording, it provides some basic editing features, allowing you to add annotations, circles, lines, arrows, etc. while recording the video. Moreover, with the built-in sharing tool, you can directly upload the finished video to YouTube for sharing with family and friends. Apart from this, you can also include your webcam during the recording process. Audio improvement and FPS settings could be changed in real time for a better overall effect. Another feature that makes Monosnap better than CamStudio is its photo snapping function. With it, you can take screenshots and annotate them as you like, which is rarely offered by other screen recorders. The third important feature is that you can save the recorded videos and captured screenshots on your Monosnap account online so as to save the space on your computer as well as an easier access. In total, Monosnap is a quite better alternative to CamStudio and is worthy to try.

BSR Screen Recorder

bsr screen recorder logoBSR Screen Recorder is another relatively easy to be used solution that also is preferred by several users who are seeking for finding the most suitable alternative due to its high ease of installation and setting up process. In case you look for a tool that can be easily handled by you even if you do not possess that large amount of experience that needed for professional development of screen recording content, this can be a suitable alternative due to a lack of its complexity and a quite classic interface that makes it much easier to handle the capturing tasks than when it comes to comparing it with the others.

Camtasia Studio

camtasia iconCamtasia Studio comes with a relatively similar name to CamStudio, although that one is an open sources system while Camtasia is specifically developed by its developers to meet the needs of those who are looking for both enjoyment in the recordings while on the same time wish to be more involved in the recording by having more advanced features and therefore the flexibility to have more details to be personally adjusted for their recording as well as editing of the content that was created during the capturing process. Camtasia is therefore highly adjustable and applicable for a large range of recording activities and it serves as a great tool for many people.

AceThinker Free Screen Recorder Online – the best possible screen recorder for Windows 10

free screen recorderAceThinker Free Screen Recorder online can be stated as the best free online screen recording option that one can choose when it comes to finding the best solution for the capturing. This tool is based on the browser and can be accessed in a simple click of a button via the official website of the developer AceThinker which can take off a large amount of stress and time from the shoulder of the users, who don’t need to focus on long installation procedures and finding the right setup for the installation. Instead, this tool is directly accessible and you can be sure to have the same universal service and quality of help from the tool in all cases when you visit the official website.

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  • In order to utilize this tool, click the “Start recording now” button above to instantly launch the tool.
  • After few seconds, it will give an interface of video frame and a floating toolbar.
  • Open the chosen video from a video hosting site and drag the frame onto the video.
  • By then, you will now be able to start recording. Simply click the red “REC” button and a 3 second countdown will appear indicating that the tool will initiate the recording.
  • Once you are done recording the video, you can then finish it by clicking the blue record button. Lastly, click the green check mark to save the video and take a quick preview.

free screen recorder online


jing logoJing is another preferred alternative that is able to help develop key digital content in the form of videos created via the recording of the screen in case of many sorts of activities from video calls to gameplays. Jing comes with a movable sun shaped icon that is very user friendly and operates smoothly in the background of the computer processes while you are surely guaranteed to have a smooth operation on your screen with any sort of activity so that the ongoing video creation with the capturing will surely have no deteriorative involvement on the creation of the requested video’s quality, speed and lack of interruption.

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

aiseesoft logoAiseesoft Screen Recorder is a more massive solution that is loved by many users who wish to create very stunning and sharp content. This is mainly due to that the developers of this screen capturing platform has been focusing on integrating a high definition encoding feature for the videos with great care, which resulted in that the created videos have very good HD quality and sharp nature as their processing is done professionally by the program during their creation, while the program also offers many universal format options that make the videos very compatible with alternative video players..


screenflow logoOne of the best choices that can be choosen after CamStudio is actually a CamStudio Mac alternative called ScreenFlow that has been known by the screen recording industry for some time due to the amazing features  which the program offers which are able to satisfy the complex needs of professional users both in terms of video recording as well as editing, and also the needs of more basic newcomer recorders who wish to have screen capturing on the professional level but lack the experience to do so in the first place. Therefore the competitiveness of this tool lies in the simplicity but also the powerful features that are available in the same time.

Google Play Games for Android

google play games logoGoogle Play Games Is more than a mobile gaming hub. It equally has a screen recorder function. It functions extremely well. Nevertheless, it happens to be for gamers only. Use the screen recorder to launch the game using the app. It will record your screen activities and stop when it has to. You can outdo the game-only constraint by exiting your game mid-way through the recording and launching any app that you like. Nevertheless, at that very point, we would just suggest AZ instead. It sounds like a preferred option for gamers as opposed to the normal stuff.


Though there are numerous paid and free alternatives to CamStudio, the above 3 one are the best after research and comparison. All of them have some unique features that CamStudio doesn’t offer. Among the three, Screen Grabber Pro is most advisable as it’s more comprehensive and practical.

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Best 10 CamStudio Alternatives for Screencast

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