Top 10 Best Webcam Recorder to Record Webcam on Win/Mac

Top 10 Webcam Recording Software for Windows and Mac

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In a world where almost all activities are done online, it is a must thing to save or keep a hold of them. One way you can do this is to record everything done on the screen. Regarding this, an essential and day-to-day task is video conferencing with the use of the webcam. In the corporate world, lots of online meetings are conducted to connect with their clients from different places. We all know that meetings can take a lot of hours, depending on the topic. So, it would be convenient to record the entire conference and watch it later to review or check all of the necessary key points discussed. In this article, we will discuss the best webcam recorder to capture any webcam activity without any hassle.

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AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro

screen grabber pro Let us already discuss the best screen recording software on the list, which is the AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro. This is a comprehensive but user-friendly screen recording software that can capture any of your screen activity professionally within a few clicks. Additionally, it lets users record their screen along with the audio simultaneously, which is essential for recording a conversation. Aside from that, it can include the webcam to record the video conference while it is happening on the screen. Also, it is equipped with a built-in screenshot tool to capture any outstanding shots. Lastly, it provides a wide range of recording modes to screencast specific regions, full screen, or custom size to fulfill your needs. Read the steps below to learn how to use this powerful webcam recording software.

Step1 Download and Install Screen Grabber Pro

First, click the “Download” button below according to your computer’s operating system. Next, run and follow the installation wizard to save it into your device complete. Once done, launch the software into your screen. Also, make sure that a webcam is already connected to your device.

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Step2 Set-up then Start the Recording

To set it up, go the interface of the software then click the “Audio” option then select “System Sound and Microphone” to capture the sound both from the background and microphone. Next, click the “Record” to select “Web Camera” and wait for it to load. Once set up, click the “Start” button to begin the record.

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Step3 Check the Recording

While recording, you have the option to Pause and Resume it as you want. Also, you will see an audio box indicating that the sound is also captured. Once you finish the recording, click the “Stop” button and it will be saved automatically. From the interface of the app, right-click the file to preview, edit, share, or delete the video.

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Windows 10 Camera

windows camera logo The default Camera app installed for Windows 10 also features some wonderful functions. Aside from capturing images or taking videos, it can also record the web camera using it. It also offers a face detection feature which is good since so it can focus properly on the faces showing on the webcam. Additionally, it proposes a simple and intuitive design interface to let users record their webcam activities without breaking a sweat. However, since it is only a built-in camera for Windows, it lacks other essential recording options to capture webcam. But still, it is a necessary alternative to any other camera software, and it is free to update and use for any Windows 10 users.

QuickTime Player

quicktime player QuickTime is the default media player for Mac OS devices. But, did you know that it now offers a screen recording function based on its previous updates? Additionally, it also provides various recording mode to record any of your webcam activity. Moreover, it has the option to record the screen with the microphone audio, which is perfect in case you are recording a tutorial, meeting, or a live stream. Aside from that, it features a user-friendly interface; even beginners would not have any hard time learning it. All of the saved recordings are automatically converted into a .mov QuickTime Player time which is viewable and playable for any Mac, Apple, and even some Android devices.

AceThinker Free Screen Recorder Online

free screen recorder Another excellent webcam video recorder is the AceThinker Free Screen Recorder Online. This is an online screen recording tool that can record your screen along with any audio sources simultaneously. What is unique with this online tool is it lets users add annotations while recording with the help of its built-in editing toolbar. Additionally, it provides various recording mode for capturing the screen full screen or choose a particular area to record. Also, even this tool is for free, it has no limitations on its recording time while other freeware may have a 5-min limit. Moreover, all saved recording from webcams are available to upload directly to YouTube, Google Drive or Dropbox. Finally, all of the saved files are available to convert into multiple audio and video formats such as AVI, MOV, WMV, MP3, MP4, and more.

Free2X Webcam Recorder

free2x webcam recorder The next on the list of a solution to record webcam is the Free2X Webcam Recorder. This is a 100% free webcam recorder software that can capture anything taken in your webcam. Aside from that, it can record the audio from any source like the system background and microphone. Additionally, it can also capture the sound coming from line-in or speakers to experience a complete recording experience. All of the recordings are available to save into various formats such as WMV, AVI, and MP4. Moreover, it also features a built-in screenshot tool to take snaps of webcam screen and save into the standard image format JPG automatically. On the other hand, users can create custom keyboard shortcuts to control the recording making it more convenient to use.


clipchamp logo Some of you may now Clipchamp to be a robust free video editor. However, it soon added a webcam recorder to create beautiful and presentable videos. Regarding this, anyone can record a video instantly for the users to save and review it later. Clipchamp can record any video coming from a plugged webcam or a built-in laptop camera. Aside from that, it can capture the sound coming from a microphone to ensure that you can get all the necessary information in case you are recording an online meeting. Additionally, the output supports HD quality and high-resolution formats such as 360p, 480p, 720p, and 1080p. Another is that it is also an online tool, so no need for downloading any software into your device. However, it will ask for a quick registration before you can start recording.

Debut Video Capture

debut video capture logo Another all-in-one screen recording software is the Debut Video Capture. This software provides a fantastic recording mode that is called “webcam overlay”. With the help of it, it can record the screen activity and the video taken from the webcam at the same time. This is a perfect mode in case users want to share a tutorial or make live stream gameplay. Aside from that, it also lets users add captions to the video recording to spice it up. Moreover, it can also record the audio from any plugged-in external devices such as a microphone, speakers, and more. Furthermore, it is equipped with a default video editing tool, which is necessary if you want to make the recording or video more attractive and appealing. Besides, it provides flexibility to its users as it can customize the size and frame rate to capture the record.

Free Screencast

free screencast logo Free Screencast is one of the most trusted screen capture freeware as it can capture any part of the screen. All videos are available to save into various video formats such as MP4, WebM, or AVI. Regarding this, anyone can share the recordings of a meeting, tutorial, or live stream gameplay easily. This becomes possible since Free Screencast allows users to record the video with the webcam from any external camera devices. Additionally, it also offers various recording methods to record a particular area or a full-screen recording. One of its unique features is that it can even record multi-monitor systems, which are necessary for online client meetings. Moreover, it also provides essential recording functions to apply cool filter effects making the video more stunning. Lastly, it is a free tool that requires no registration so anyone can enjoy it.


camdesk logo The next on the list of webcam recording software is CamDesk. This recording software is a free, open-source, and a desktop webcam widget use to capture any activity happening in your web camera. CamDesk is often used as a home surveillance application, which is famous for running a CCTV program. This is necessary for the security of your properties and any other purposes. Additionally, CamDesk can run multiple recording modes like full screen or change the webcam size using its resizable feature. Moreover, it can also record a series of images with the help of its built-in screenshot tool. However, the developer of CamDesk already stopped on providing updates that is why some notable features for screen recording are missing. Thus, this software is still a good alternative in case users want to find a user-friendly and lightweight recorder.

HTML5 Webcam Recorder

html5 webcam recorder The last tool on this list is another online webcam recorder. HTML5 Webcam Recorder is a free online solution that lets users record videos using the web camera. Like any other online tools, it would not require any complicated installation process to use it. However, it would ask access for your local camera and microphone to use it. Although it would ask such permissions, your privacy is still secured since the recording happens locally. As a result, any video stream and record that has done is not shared automatically and deleted from their server automatically once done. Lastly, any recording done is available to upload directly into YouTube. This is convenient in case you are making a tutorial or live stream gameplay.


Recording any activity on-going into your webcam has opened a lot of possibilities online. This will benefit from starting from the corporate world up to the entertainment platforms. All of the webcam recorders reviewed above would definitely help you to do this task. However, it is still proven that the AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro tops this list. This screen recording software provides all essential features to capture any screen activity along with the webcam simultaneously.

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