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The 10 Most Must Try Free Video Calling App for PC

Best Video Calling App for PCDo you work far away from home? Or, do you have loved-ones overseas? Then keeping in touch with them seems complicated, right? Writing letters, talking to the operator for that long-distance call, or sending telegrams are just some of the old ways we use it to get in touch with them. With our uprising technology, did you know that you can keep your families closer to us even if you're worlds apart? Yes, it's true. While it's always best to see things in person, video calling is the next best thing. Continuously reading below will help you find the best video calling app for PC that you must try whenever you want to make a video call.

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Skype is a free software program that allows you to make video calls and audio calls. Using Skype will let you send instant messages and share files with anyone else you'd like to converse with. As long as you have an internet connection, you can use Skype to talk to your loved ones far from you. If you like to send SMS messages or make an international or domestic call, you can also do it with Skype. You can access Skype on computers that run Windows, Linux, and macOS. Also, you can download Skype on your tablets, smartphones, and Xbox One. Trying this app will tell you why Skype is considered as the best video calling app for PC.

skype interface


Next on the list is WhatsApp. This program has suddenly become the most popular text and voice messaging application since it was launched in 2009. WhatsApp is a free service that lets users connect. What is another nice about this app is that it doesn't require the same brand of device. This app works with iPhone, Android, and Windows Phones. And just last year, WhatsApp for Windows PC version was released together with Mac one, which has been downloaded by thousands of users. WhatsApp originally started as a messaging app. After the big success of its audio calling feature, Whatsapp decided to launch another promising feature, the video calling. Yes, you heard it right! Video Calling on your PC is now possible using WhatsApp. Try it to see for yourself why WhatsApp is the best video calling software.

whatsapp interface

Google Hangouts

Another app that will help you connect with people is Google Hangouts. This app is a communication software product created by Google. Google Hangouts was an original feature of Google+ but became a standalone product in 2013. With the app evolution, it has now made available not only through chat but also allows video calling. In addition, Google Hangouts allows video calling not only ten users at a time but 25 people since it was upgraded in 2016. Using this app requires you to connect a camera, microphone, and speakers to your computer. Consider trying Google Hangouts to find out why it is an excellent video call software for PC.

google hangouts interface

Facetime (Mac Only)

The next best video calling app for PC is what we call Facetime. Apple Inc developed this application. It is only available on supported iOS mobile devices and Mac computers. You can use FaceTime anywhere for as long as you have an internet connection. FaceTime's video calling feature was introduced with iPhone4 in 2012. It is only superior to other video messaging apps because of its video quality. However, you can use this feature only with its compatible devices.



Next on the list is LINE. It is an application that has access to multiple personal computers (Windows or macOS). It has features that make it easy for users to communicate with each other. It allows users to make free voice and video calls. This app enables you to chat by group up to 500 people. Using this app is just like talking to other people personally. You can also add this to your list to try the best video calling software for PC.



Another app that you can count on for video calling on your desktop is Viber. It is an app that will let you communicate with your friends, families in a comfortable way. While on a video call, this app allows you to send stickers and emojis with the person you are talking to. Viber is considered one of the top video calling app that you can see on the internet. However, it is being banned from other countries because the revenue of local telephone companies decreases. However, users still find a way to maximize the app.



Next in line is WeChat. It is a Chinese multi-purpose app developed by Tencent. It was described as a "super app" because of its wide range of functions. WeChat has more features than other apps. It comes with high-quality video calling, voice messaging, and a lot more for free. Another nice thing about WeChat is its easy registration. A not long time after it was introduced as a mobile app, WeChat has also been made available for Windows and Mac. That means you can use WeChat with your PC, not only with your mobile devices. With that being said, using this app for video calling will keep you closer to the people who live and work from other places.

wechat interface


And next on the list is the Wire. It is an encrypted communication and collaboration app created by Wire Swiss. A secure end-to-end-encryption protects all features such as video calls and others. Besides, this app also offers "Wire Personal," a secure messaging app for personal use. With Wire, you can connect every day with your friends, families through video calling. It seems like having a conversation with the other person face-t0-face. It's just like talking to your friend sitting right next to you.

wire interface


DingTalk is next on the list for a video calling app that you can use on your desktop. If you are a career person, DingTalk is one of the best apps for you. Because of its video calling feature, you can use this during conferences and meetings, and it is best to have this app with you. Another cool feature is its "Office Toolbox," where you can access your "Office Functions." With this app, you will be able to communicate with your co-workers by video call while in the office and out in the field.

ding interface


Last on the list is Zoom. Just like Ding Talk, Zoom is another app that you can use for video calling. Not only for personal but also for business. For instance, your colleagues already started their video conferencing, and you can join them to be part of that conference. With its video calling feature, you can join any sessions that you miss from your work. Or have a nice conversation with your family in your free time.

zoom interface


In conclusion, getting in touch with your loved ones or co-workers is now very easy. With all these video calling apps, you will be able to connect with the people you know even if you're worlds apart. You won't have to miss all the crucial moments or happenings also, and you are not with them. Choosing just only one or trying them all is entirely up to you. But, you will surely enjoy all these free videos calling app for PC.

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