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Top 10 Survival Games for PC and Mobile Platforms

Last updated on November 15, 2018 by Bryan

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Top 10 Survival Games for PC and Mobile Platforms

top survival gamesSurvival games are popular to many because they offer a lot of challenges to players. This genre offers complex experience when it comes to problem-solving and analytical thinking. From the name itself, you need to survive in a surreal world full of dangers with minimal tools and equipment. From a jungle setting to zombie apocalypse, survival games offer many ways to test your survival skills. For those who are looking for a challenging yet fun survival game, you are on the right page. Continue reading as we list down the best survival games on both PC and Mobile platforms.

State of Decay 2

state of decay State of Decay 2 is set in a post zombie apocalypse world where zombies are everywhere. In this game, you don’t only play as a single person, rather you try to survive as a whole community. This game will test your leadership skills as your community of survivors grow bigger, which means more people to feed and keep warm at night. To survive, you would need to employ the other members of your group with their own skillsets to do specific tasks like scavenging for goods and supplies from different places in America. This free survival game will test the leader in you with other challenges aside from staying alive and keeping your group safe.

Platform: PC


  • More places to explore
  • Realistic graphics and animation
  • More quest and adventures


  • Poor ingame directions
  • Poor combat features
  • Game balance is a well thought of


frost punk Frostpunk is set after a global ice age like weather almost killed all humans. Only a few groups of people survived and managed to relocate to the North Pole and built a city. With “you” as the leader, it falls upon your shoulders, the responsibility to keep your people healthy and safe. The game revolves around you and the giant furnace-like structure which stands as the only defense from the cold. You as the leader will need to take decisions to keep that furnace going while keeping your people safe at other dangers like wild beasts. This game will test your leadership and decision-making skills. If you are interested to try this game out, here are some points that might help you decide.

Platform: PC


  • Good storyline
  • Simple User Interface
  • Great graphics


  • The buildings in the game are quite similar to each other, making it confusing

The Long Dark

the long dark The Long Dark is a survival game that does not follow the common idea of post-apocalyptic setting. In this game, you play as a bush pilot who crash landed on an unknown Canadian territory. Surviving the crash, you will find out that all electronic devices suddenly stopped working. With this dilemma, you will need to find your way out and survive. This game does not have the typical alien and zombies to worry about. What this game applies, is nature itself, as you would need to protect yourself from the cold, hunger and wild animals at night. The long dark is one of the best survival games that will put your patience to the test, as you would work under normal human conditions where you need to be careful of what you eat, exhaustion and fatigue and other things, all while figuring out a way to survive. Listed below are some of the pleasant and not so good points during the game.

Platform: PC


  • The game is in First Person setting, making it as immersive as possible
  • Survival of the fittest setting
  • Huge map to explore


  • Still has bugs and glitches in the game, but doesn’t affect the game in a major way.
  • Not too natural when it comes to the game scenarios

The Forest

the forest Another top survival game that is sure to make your heart skip a beat is The Forest. This centers around you, and a jungle inhabited by mutant cannibals. This survival game involves your building traps and defenses against these man-eating creatures. While the game focuses on you trying to escape the jungle, it will still give you the fun intended for a survival game. The game itself will give you the excitement as it gives you a chance to fight for your life against the creatures that wants to eat you. Armed with basic tools like a knife, this will require you to think ways how to effectively use your resources to survive. Below are some of the things that you will notice on the game.


  • Great graphics and animation
  • Good sfx and music
  • Very immersive gameplay
  • CONs

  • Problem with the frame rate, slow game at the beginning
  • Poor details to the cannibals
  • Hurtworld

    hurtworldHurtworld is a sandbox style First Person Shooting game where you start with basic equipments. As game progresses, you will find different items and tools that will help you survive. Battle against other players or battle the in-game enemies like zombies with weapons that you yourself created. Build your own fortress and protect yourself during the night. What’s more about this game is that, its weather system is close to reality. When it’s cold, you can die from hypothermia and other weather related conditions. Also, to keep yourself alive, you will need to travel to different areas to gather food and look for items that might help you survive. Hurtworld is available on Windows 10 PC and works with PS4 consoles.

    Platform: Windows 10 PC, PS4


  • Wide range of craftable items, from weapons to vehicles
  • Day/night and impressive weather system
  • Different areas to explore
  • CONs

  • Low item droprate
  • Many bugs and glitches on the game
  • More or less, you will find the games above hard at first, and you would want to record your game to share to your friends or to your subscribers if you have some. To do that, you can use a professional screen recording tool. You can use Acethinker Screen Grabber Pro to capture your gaming moments on your PC. Below are the steps on how to use Screen Grabber Pro and some additional information about Hurtworld.

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    launch the program

    Step3 Start the recording

    Launch the game that you are playing and select the recording mode that suits you and click “OK” an the recording will start.

    record region mode

    Step4 Add notes and figures while recording

    While recording, you can add annotations and shapes to the recording by clicking the “Draw” button. Choose what you want to add to the recording and click the “Stop” button to finish the recording.

    add annotations

    Step5 Play the recorded video

    After clicking the “Stop” button, the video will be saved and you can play it from the “Preview Panel” directly by clicking the “Play” button.

    play the video

    Last Day on Earth: Survival

    last day on earthLast Day on Earth: Survival is one of the best survival games available on mobile, this way you can bring the action anywhere you go. On a post-apocalyptic setting, you will have to fight your with zombies and fellow players towards survival. Starting with basically nothing, you will have to check the surroundings for useable items to help you. This game allows you to build your own home and defense mechanisms to protect it. Additionally, you will have to go out from time to time to look for food and items to be able to build more functional items. But you have to be careful because other players might attack you and take all your items. But all in all, it is a good game to try. Here are some points about the game itself.

    Platform: Andoid/iOS


    • PvP mode all the time
    • Huge maps and content
    • Exciting gameplay


    • Players who spent money in the game have the advantage
    • Takes time to get familiar with the game
    • Can’t do anything until energy levels replenishes

    Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition

    dont starveDon’t Starve: Pocket Edition is the mobile version of the hit PC game “Don’t Starve.” This game is a crowd favorite because of its graphics and animation. The game itself has that Tim Burton movie feels because of its animation, even though there is nothing new as it is a top survival game. The game centers on you who founds himself in the middle of an unknown forest and must find his way out before dying from starvation and other causes. Build your own home by gathering different materials from the forest. Protect it by building contraptions and creating weapons that will help you survive. Here some points that might help you decide if you want to try this game.

    Platform: Android/iOS


    • Good animation style
    • Full of surprising contents
    • Hard yet rewarding survival game


    • High difficulty level
    • Baffling menu icons

    Radiation Island

    radiation islandRadiation Island is a survival game, where the main character is left on a mysterious island. The goal is to stay alive in the island as much as you can, despite the fact that the island is inhabited by mutated humans who attacks you every time they see a chance. Explore the island to gather items you need to stay alive, while avoiding the mutants. Build yourself a fortress and protect it with traps, also create some weapons to help you defend yourself next time you go out. Radiation Island will give you the creepy feels because of the mutants’ appearance. Like any other games, there are things that are worth pointing out for other players who wants to play the game.

    Platform: Android/iOS


    • Huge open world setting
    • Stunning visual effects and graphics


    • Combat system is a little bit sloppy
    • Difficult item crafting system
    • Not so mobile friendly adventure setup

    Pixel Survival Game 3

    pixel survivalSurvival action in old pixel art sprites, this is what Pixel Survival Game 3 offer. Made in old fashioned 16-bit game style, paired with today’s online CO-OP mode, this games appeals to most gamers. In the game, you can build almost anything, from weapons, potions, even an entire city is possible. The prime objective is to survive the harsh environment, packed with all types of danger, this game is a must try for many. What makes is so appealing to many gamers is its simplicity. Being able to enjoy old-school games on an online setting is what makes it special. If you want to try this game, read the following information to help you decide.

    Platform: Android/iOS


    • Different weapons to choose from
    • Massive Open World setting


    • English translations are not accurate

    Organ Trail

    organ trailThe last great survial game for mobile is Organ Trail. It takes after a classic game which is why the entire game is made in 8-bit style, bringing the retro feels back again. The follows the story of a group of zombie apocalypse survivors on riding a stage wagon. The goal is to survive the zombie attacks every time you go out and hunt for items that can help you stay alive. Look for weapons that you can use against the zombies like guns, knife and other deadly weapons. Here are the other things you need to know about the game and a way to record it or any of the games mentioned above for your vlogs or tutorial videos about the game if you make one.

    Platform: Android/iOS


    • Old school looks and appeal
    • Excellent gameplay, simple and unique


    • Not fit for short tempered players due to its long storyline

    Step1 Get a professional iOS Screen Recorder

    Acethinker iOS Screen Recorder is tool that lets you record your iOS screen, you can download it from the button below and install it on the PC device.

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    Step2 Launch the Program

    After the installation, launch the program from the PC to reach the home screen.

    launch the tool

    Step3 Connect the iOS device to the tool

    Connect the iOS device to the same network as with the PC device, open the Control Center and select the “Screen Mirroring” option to connect to the tool.

    mirror the screen

    Step4 Start the recording process

    Once the screen is mirrored, launch the mobile game and start recording by clicking the “Record” button on the tool.

    record the game

    Step5 End the recording and save the file

    When you are done with recording, click the “Stop” button to end the recording process and save the video file.

    stop and save recording

    Step6 Locate and watch the recorded video

    To watch the video you just recorded, click the “Folder” icon on the tool and the location of the file will appear. Select the file and open it using your default media player.

    locate and play the file


    Survival games offers a lot of challenges to players. Maybe that’s the reason why it is so popular and support this type of genre. From Desktop to mobile gaming, the feels and excitement brought by these top survival games is undeniably great. That is why to be able to relive your winning moments in these free survival games, you can use the tools recommended above to record your gameplay.

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