Development of RPG Games – The Past and Present

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Development of RPG Games – The Past and Present

The RPG (Role-Playing Game) is a type of computer game that lets you play the role of the main character in a game. This genre was inspired in the mid-1970s game Dungeons and Dragons, created by Gygax’s TSR, Inc. In fact, lots of company has been influenced by D&D and make their own RPG game. Like in the ’90s, Final Fantasy 7 (PlayStation), Pokemon (GBA), Chrono Trigger (PS/Nintendo), and more, made a huge impact on gamers to play RPG games. As of today, game developers have improved the game mechanism of RPGs, like you can hack and slash your enemies, shoot them while moving, open world maps, and more. Also, the graphics of most RPGs today are in a whole different level, as you enjoy the storyline, it lets you watch impressive cut-scenes or cinematics for you to understand the concept of the game entirely. On the other hand, keep on reading below to know more about the best RPG games of all time.

1992 (PS/PSP/Android & iOS) Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth

In the ’90s, RPG video games started as an “Adventure” game, which means you are going on an adventure where you need to fight monsters, travel with your party members, look for a treasure, and more. Within that year, most of the game’s graphics are pixelated somehow seems tedious, that’s why game developers focused on the storyline. That is the reason why lots of computer gamers love RPG up until now. Furthermore, we listed below the 90’s best RPG games that made a massive impact on players.

valkyrie profile

The first RPG game that we are going to show you is the Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth, created by tri-Ace, Inc., and published by Square Enix. Influenced by Norse mythology, this classic RPG game is a story of a Valkyrie, who travels in Midgard in search of allies as her Einherjar, to fight for Ragnarok, the battle to decide the fate of all creation. Moreover, this game’s unique battle style lets you use the character’s special abilities, to defeat monsters and make combos as you finish your turn. Also, this RPG game contains different stories as you encounter new characters, and make you cry because of the tragedy that happened to each one of them. Those reasons were enough to put this game on our list.


  • Tons of side story
  • Impressive battle system
  • Lots of characters to choose


  • Most dungeons are confusing

1995 (PS/Nintendo) Chrono Trigger

chrono trigger

In early-1995, Squaresoft developers made an RPG game called Chrono Trigger. The reason why this game is one of the best RPG games is because of its time-traveling through different eras. Second, it’s battle system is unique that lets you control a party of three at the same time. Furthermore, as you fight monsters and demons, you can use “Tech” which contains the skills or magic of each character, you can also use items for recovery and cure any status problem. It is highly recommended if you love RPG game, and especially if you haven’t played this game.


  • Can customize skills as you like
  • Unique storyline


  • Outdated graphics

1997 (PlayStation) Final Fantasy VII


The seventh game of FF series, Final Fantasy VII by Squaresoft, is a phenomenal game that affects lots of RPG gamers to play this kind of genre, especially the “Generation X” who experienced this game because it has all the elements of being an RPG game. With the ex-soldier “Cloud Strife” and his party, they travel across the “Planet” to pursue “Sephiroth,” the main antagonist of this game. As time passed by, a lot of gamers demand a remake of this game, because of its fantastic gameplay and storyline. In fact, the developers granted the wish of FF7 fans, and make a remake of the game. There is no exact release date for this game yet, but there are rumors that it will be released in 2019. This game is worth your time.


  • Lots of amazing characters
  • Awesome finishing move


  • Poor sound quality

1998 (GBA) Pokemon Yellow version

pokemon yellow

One of the top RPG games of all time is Pokemon Yellow version, developed by GameFreak and published by Nintendo in mid-1998. It’s true that there are lots of Pokemon versions today, but what makes this game earn its place to our list is because of Pikachu, who’s always at your back as you travel. In fact, it is like from the famous anime series “Pokemon,” with Ash Ketchum and Pikachu as the main character. Also, this turn-based game lets you catch lots of pocket monsters, raise or level them up, and force your way to be the best Pokemon trainer as you beat the Pokemon league, and become the champion. Furthermore, just like the other versions of Pokemon, this game allows you to trade with your friends, as long as you have a game link cable for your Game Boy device, to complete the Pokedex as you finish the game. This game is truly one of the must-try RPG game.


  • This one of the roots of all Pokemon game
  • Team rocket Jessie and James are featured here
  • Can have all the starter for Kanto region


  • It has many glitches

2000 (PC) Diablo II

As time passed by, RPG games from the year 2000 have improved, and still improving up until now. Graphics and gameplay became much enjoyable and resilient. Not only has that, but game developers also made lots of plot twist on the storyline of the RPG games today. Keep on reading below to see how much-developed RPG games made as of now.

diablo 2

In case you are looking for a dark, gothic, and horror-like RPG game, Diablo II is your most exceptional choice. As a continuation of Diablo I, Blizzard Entertainment make this game more resilient, more graphical effects, and lots of plot twist in its storyline. Diablo II is an action RPG game unlike a turn-based game, which means you can slash, strike, or hit all the enemies at the same time. Lots of gamers were influenced by this game, because of the equipment customization where you can upgrade your weapons, armors, and accessories, to enhance its stats and kills monsters quickly. This game affects most of the game today, especially MMORPG was just like Diablo II, you need to grind for your level and equipment to enhance your character.


  • Accurate movements
  • It can upgrade skill tree
  • Equipment customization


  • Some skills require you to be outside the town to use

2001 (PS/Nintendo Switch/Android & iOS) Final Fantasy IX


The next RPG game on the list, is the ninth game of the Final Fantasy series, the Final Fantasy IX. With Zidane and his party, they will venture the vast continent of the Myst and the outer world. In fact, this game will bring RPG gamers to awe, because of its “Trance” system that lets your characters transform, and enhance their abilities. Additionally, this game allows you to summon the famous espers like Ifrit, Shiva, Ramuh, and more. Moreover, this game has a mini card game called “Tetra Master,” which lets you play card battle with another NPC.


  • Consist of amazing unique characters
  • Good soundtrack
  • The “Trance” system is fun to use


  • Slow battle time

2002 (PlayStation 2) Kingdom Hearts

kingdom hearts

The first story of the series Kingdom Hearts comes with a boy named Sora, who lives on a peaceful island with his friends Riku and Kairi. One day, an unexpected event happened to them. Shadow-like monsters appeared on the island and attacked Sora. From that time, Sora manages to use the most important weapon in the game, the “Keyblade,” which can free the souls of the monsters called the “Heartless.” Kingdom Hearts is a fast-paced RPG game, where you can attack all the monsters at the same time. Also, the characters of this game consist of mostly Disney, and some favorite characters from a Square Enix game. Furthermore, this game’s storyline made a massive impact to all of the RPG gamers, because it does not focus on Sora, but also the story of some of the Disney characters that you can use, as you travel the map and finish the game.


  • This is where all Kingdom Hearts story started
  • Fast-paced battle system
  • Characters from Disney and some Final Fantasy games are here


  • The controls were terrible in Atlantica

2004 (PlayStation 2) Shadow Hearts 2: Covenant

shadow hearts 2

Another great and unique RPG game is Shadow Hearts 2: Covenant, a continuation game of Shadow Hearts by Nautilus. This game’s battle system is a bit different than the other turn-based RPG game because you need to hit all the areas expand and critical expand in the “Judgement Ring” to attack. Plus, it lets all your party members execute a combo. Additionally, the transformation of the main character “Yuri” makes this game amazing. It lets all of his elemental spirits to possess his body, and use their powers to defeat your foes. Although this game is not well-known, this game is still a recommendable game for RPG gamers.


  • The fusion system is one thing to admire
  • Each character tackle their stories in this game
  • Real-life places are featured


  • Missing hits from the Judgement ring are somehow annoying

2013 (3DS) Pokemon X and Y

pokemon x y

Pokemon X and Y is one of the newest generations of all Pokemon series. Unlike the previous version, this RPG game introduces the “Mega Evolution” of some Pokemon like Charizard, Mewtwo, Ryquaza, and more. This game is published for Nintendo 3DS, which means the graphics are also enhanced, you can see the actual movement when a Pokemon made an attack. Also, like the anime Pokemon X and Y, you can choose your starter if its Froakie, Fennekin, and Chespin. Additionally, Fairy type Pokemon also added in this game. Because of this Pokemon version, a lot of RPG gamers loved the Pokemon more.


  • Lots of Pokemon added in this version
  • Fairy-type Pokemon are released in this game
  • This is where Mega evolution was introduced


  • The 3D effects can slow the game down

2016 (PS4/PC/Xbox One) Final Fantasy XV


The last, but not the least, is a game developed by Square Enix, the Final Fantasy XV. From late 2016, this game changes the traditional turn-based style of Final Fantasy games. Furthermore, as you use Noctis, the warp-strike makes this game a fast-paced action RPG game. A considerable improvement made for this game in terms of graphics effects, and music background. Plus, this game is an open map, which means you can travel without any restriction. This is helpful especially when you are grinding level, looking for treasures, and more. FFXV is one of the most developed and advance RPG game so far.


  • A new level of graphics effects
  • The warp-strike of Noctis makes the game more breathtaking


  • Side quests take a lot of time and effort to be done

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All of the said games with this article are all the best RPG games of all time. As the era of technology is coming, lots of games are improving in terms of gameplay, and video graphics. From pixelized to high-definition graphical output, you can never get bored while playing this game. Also, the latest games nowadays not just focus on gameplay, but also in storylines, and side stories. RPG games are one of the most played games today, because of its unique gaming system. You can easily download these games online and if you want to record your gameplay to keep the precious memories or learn game tips&tricks, just get Screen Grabber Pro and record the gameplay with high quality.

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