Review of Top 13 GIF Recorders

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Review of Top 13 GIF Recorders

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Nowadays visual communication with images has become a very popular trend among everybody, where GIFs are highly within the preferred forms of online communication due to their expressive and funny appearance, and that they are very good representations of short moments. Therefore, nowadays you can find GIFs about many situations when you browse online, as they make it much easier to explain a situation and are created for many situations, however in some special cases, unless you’re able to create your own GIFs, you might find that you’re unable to source the perfect animation to express your innermost thoughts. Especially when it comes to having messages and social media communications, GIFs are very useful expressive things for your communication.

Luckily there are several tools on the market which can help you create GIF images from videos as a GIF recorder online or offline, or in case of some occasions you might as well record your screen activity and export the screencast as GIF images, which are also highly useful. In either way, below is a list of the most popular GIF makers which you can use for your iPhone or computer to create quality and funny GIF images.

Create GIF images with AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro

screen grabber pro for windows
In case you are looking for the best available way to create stunning GIF images, you can have a look at the AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro tool that is able to record any specific part of your screen, let it be an ongoing video or a part of the screen that is including opened pictures, and transform the recording into any sort of video content, or into GIF as a remarkable gif screen recorder. There are many advanced features incorporated into this solution, which are available at your disposal to turn any special moment into a popular GIF via this program, via its friends interface for every user as well as clean and straightforward guidelines. Just do the capturing on your screen on schedule it to a perfect moment with the built-in scheduler, and then it will automatically capture and create the desired GIF images for your need, and you can just take advantage and experience the benefits directly.

If you have a developing interest for this tool, see the guiding here.

Step1 Download and install this GIF maker program

Before the starting of any sort of GIF creation you must download the tool from the presented orange Download buttons and install it on your desktop or laptop, either on Windows or Mac.

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Step2 Choose the best options for GIF making

After you have the program up and running on your computer, just go into the interface and find the options where you can adjust the details of the recording, as well as in the Audio Input panel you should choose None as sound as in case of a GIF format it is an image without sound that will be created.

configure audio settings

Step3 Select the output

When you are done with setting the audio input, you also need to have the right video output, so just click Settings > Options to set the output format as GIF for the GIF recording and creation.
configure video settings

Step4 Start the recording

When you got the details set up, go to the “Record” panel and pick the most suitable option for creating your GIF that is most likely the Region view where you can highlight that little section on your display which will be captured and transformed into the eventual GIF. Then screenshots will be continuously taken by the program that are combined and directly becoming elements of the eventual gif.

Step5 Finalize your GIF

When you feel that everything is readily included in the GIF, then you can save it straightforwardly, and just gave your GIF ready afterwards for further usage.

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LICEcap is one very mentionable tool and as simple as it gets when it comes to GIF recorders. When you open the utility up, you’ll only see a few bits of extra information accompanying the area that you’re going to record to make it as easy to use and user friendly as possible by focusing largely on simplicity and only showing the essential options which are inevitably important to be set up before the eventual creation of your favorite GIF image. These include parameters such as the max FPS of the resulting GIF, its length and width in pixels, and the all-important record button.



In case you have some earlier experience with creating GIF images or you plan to be more professional and use a more advanced tool which has much more options and deep settings to be adjusted than what an amateur user needs for his or her first time creation, then you can have a look at the GifCam tool which offers you some more complexity, The nice thing with this tool is that it also tries to keep balance between difficulty and simplicity, and therefore you can have a good grasp on this tool as it can give you convenience but also professionalism at the same time. This includes that when you record your screen for creation the GIF, the tool also offers many editing features on its portfolio built into the program, including adding basic captions among many, so only select parts of the animation move, and the ability to reduce the colors all the way to true monochrome black & white.



In case you want to save your money and you are fine with going for a free tool which also offers great benefits, you can have a look at GIMP, which is the abbreviation of the GNU Image Manipulation Program name, is known to be able to take care of almost all the animated GIF tasks you would encounter during an editing. This tool is able to structure animated GIF files as a sort of content which has multiple layers, which therefore is a very comfortable way to have a good grasp at its modification and to resize the whole file or do other modifications as needed and create GIF images as a veteran professional with ease even in case you don’t have previous knowledge in creating GIF images from before. In this way you can therefore easily and directly assemble the GIF image which you want within no time. Furthermore, this tool also has professional features such as that you can use it to add any kind of text to an ongoing animation, and upgrade your GIFs to complete memes which are even funnier than GIFs at some point.
If you are eager to learn how to use it, have your eyes on the details here.

Step1 Attain the right video file

First and foremost you shall have the material that you wish to include in your GIF output, such as a video material that is especially preferred in MP4.

Step2 Open the program

Once you have what you wish to turn to GIF, then you can open the video in the player of the VLC and proceed to press the Advanced controls under the View menu.

Step3 Do the GIF creation

When you start playing the chosen video, then it is being recorded into the GIF if your desire, so just wait for the part you want to be included in the clip and then save your video without any limit.


  • the VLC is widely accessible and popular player
  • integrated into a video player which brings multiple functionalities


    • not individual software solution
    • relatively difficult utilization due to its integrated nature

AceThinker iPhone Recorder – the best way IOS only GIF maker

iphone screen recorder

In case you have an iPhone, AceThinker has developed the iPhone Screen Recorder software which can be the best GIF recorder free to be tried out in its trial mode for no risk to make GIF images as this efficient tool lets you share your mobile screen and enjoyment of the ongoing activity via projecting it to your screen, and also record directly anything which you highlight on your screen, where this screencast can afterwards be exported to GIF images. Therefore in case you wish to make a funny GIF on your IOS, just open what you wish to be in the GIF, record that part of video or images, and then export the file as GIF.

In case you are interested in trying out this way of GIF making, have a look at the guideline below:

Step1 Download and install iPhone Screen Recorder

At the beginning before you can start any screen mirroring in order to make GIF image of your choice, you need to download and install the AceThinker iPhone Screen Recorder program to your computer before you can have the screen mirroring initiated on your device. For this you can simply click on the download button below and install the program directly on your computer after the downloading will start and the installer is downloaded to your computer.

Afterwards, this program needs Wi-Fi between your computer and iPhone to have stable connection between the two devices for efficient screen projection, therefore you need to connect these two devices under the same Wi-Fi in your home or other place where you wish to perform the screen mirroring. You can do this by that you download the related application onto your iPhone as well, before starting the screencasting process of your favorite game or activity onto your computer from the phone where you wished to have the projection from.

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Step2 Choose the output format as GIF

After the initial steps are set up for the program, you can visit the options and alter it to your preference to have the best GIF creation after the screen mirroring is performed. Select GIF as the output format from the list of video format and configure other settings in order to have the best eventual GIF making.

iphone screen recorder settings

Step3 Establish the connection for your devices via Wi-Fi

In order to continue to the process of setting up the screen mirroring for the eventual GIF creation, it’s very important to be noted that you must make it sure that your devices are sharing the same Wi-Fi network.

iphone screen recorder settings

Step4 Start the Airplay function

In the coming step you have to swipe up from the lower part of the screen of your iPhone and click on the “AirPlay” option which pops up on the technical window on your iPhone as the final step before you do the recording and export your performed recording to GIF. When this step is done you can easily navigate between the connections and you can just simply connect to whichever is labelled with your computer’s title, guaranteeing that your devices are under the same connection and are ready for the actual screen mirroring.

connect via airplay

Step5 Record and export the GIF image

After everything is set up and you are ready for your creation to be conducted, simply start the screen mirroring procedure itself when you see that the mobile’s activity is projected real-time to the computer where you can also do recording of the actual activity, where you can simply export the created screencast in the very end as GIF image, which you can directly use for your social media communication.



Gifx is also a great iPhone GIF maker. With it, you can create animated GIFs, and also audio to even photos as well as videos. Furthermore, you may likewise visit to download pre-made GIFs. The best use of this application includes customizing GIFs. You’ll be able to adjust its size, opacity and you may as well mask out some of the GIF file regions. You’ll also be able to add a different layer to enhance your creativity. After, you can save your creation as GIF.

To make use of GIF creator app for iPhone, you just have to run the application on your iPhone and then bring in your video or photo file. Then, Apply the effect of GIF on the file and afterwards customize the GIF effect and eventually add a mask to it. Finally, include music into the video/audio file and then save it.



Another iPhone application that enables you to make GIFs or make videos with the use of photos, video, live photos easily is ImgPlay. You can transform a portion of a video into a live photo or GIF joined to another. Besides that, you may likewise include effects, frames, filters, caption, and music into your GIF. This application isn’t confounded like the other GIF creators found on the AppStore. To make use of ImgPlay, run the app and then choose the file that you want to use directly from the interface. The moment you have imported the file to the interface, perform your editing and then when you finish, save it.

GIF Maker

GIF Maker

One other popular iPhone GIF creator application which you can find on the AppStore is the GIF Maker. Same as the previous ones, it is similarly not difficult to use at all and it also has great features. You’ll be able to transform your photos and videos into GIF files. Also, you can likewise capture live video and afterward transform it into GIF. In addition you can choose pictures from your Library or FaceBook account to turn them into GIF, to live video or even photo. You may likewise pick effects for playback, filter and include text to your GIF.

To begin to make use of it, run the application on your iPhone and after that locate the option what you want to do: pictures to GIF, video to GIF, animal GIF, selfie GIF, GIF clone or Text animation. When done with that, select the file(s) which you want to use and then edit them. Proceed and to tap on “Next” and then select the GIF speed. Finally, tap on “Create” to preview the video and click on the icon for sharing located on the top right corner to share or store the document on your telephone.

Giffing Tool

Giffing Tool

Another free tool which you can take into consideration is the Giffing Tool which is also a popular alternative to create GIFs especially for mobile usage in chats and the social media. A big advantage for this program is that it is completely free to use this amazing little tool from the very first point of creating GIFs, thsat is from capturing areas of your screen and transforming them into GIF animations, although it comes with restrictions such as added watermark in case you don’t pay for the full version. In contrast with the user friendliness of the other apps, for this program it takes a little practice to figure out how to use everything, but via the available floating menu, any sort of activity can be captured on the screen, including part of an ongoing video, or the movement of your coursor or virtually anything else and turn it into a GIF animation in the end.
If you are interested to learn more just use the guides here for expanding your knowledge.

Step1 Get your video ready

In the first place you shall decide on the most important video that you want to turn into an eventual GIF, that shall be in correlation with quality and length, where longer videos have lower quality output in GIF.

Step2 Initiate the GIF creation

Then you can simply press the New button so that the tool will do the preparation for handling your chosen content. Then you shall highlight the area around your screen before doing the video playing, so you can capture and save a complete clip or anything your wish.



In contrast with most of the tools which are created for making GIF images, you will see that although most of them are offering their functions for you for free, however this program asks for a cheap price to operate it. The GIFBrewery tool is also Mac-only which you can download via the Mac Store. However even though you pay for it, the program is not offering such a wide range of GIF making options, and it’s not for creating animated files from scratch, but solely for the purpose of conversion of video files to animation. It also has many important features such as manual frame delay adjustment, optimization of the colors of the file,  alteration of the loop number of the animation, among other features that can be considered very useful and important for a professional file appearance, but therefore in case you want to settle with this tool, there are also benefits and limitations at the same time.

GIF Movie Grear

GIF Movie Gear

When it comes to the pricing, GIF Movie Gear is relatively expensive when compared to many other solutions, but cheaper than Photoshop and provide more benefits than other scratch animators, which therefore offering a good benefit for the users in exchange for the money which they spent on purchasing this solution. However when it comes to the actual  functions which are available in this program, then we can conclude that the importing  feature is restricted and it is difficult to use this program as there is no way to convert videos into frames. On the other hand in case you use this program together with some tools that are able to import video, you’ll have a very comprehensive and working animated GIF studio readily available for this money, as you can make up for the drawbacks with the other application and just enjoy the benefits afterwards.



Compared to the other available solutions on the market, Picasion is another  relevant tool which makes it possible to import photos or videos from many very popular directories and galleries, such as Flickr and Picasa, which makes it directly connected to these galleries and therefore easier to find very suitable content content for your funny GIFs in case you are familiar with using these galleries and in case you also find the content suitable and funny to make remarkable GIF images with. The Picasion tool is available in several languages, including some more special languages as Russian and Portuguese in addition to English, and it offers many other options for example that you can resize your images manually, or create and add your own avatar, and so on within the plethora of available features.
For utilizing this solution, a guideline is available and presented here to your ease.

Step1 Pick the images of your choice

After downloading as well as installing the program for your benefit, you are asked by the tool to upload the images you wish to integrate into your GIF creation. These can be from the local hard drive of the computer in the easiest manner.

Step2 Press the creation button

When you are done with picking the most suitable files to be integrated into your GIFs, you can do the actual merging of these images that will be marked as the starting of the new content creation.

Step3 Finalize your GIF creation

When you are done with all the mentioned steps above, just go and locate the results in terms of the GIF image that has been created.


UnFREEz is a wonderful program that allows you to create creative GIFs. This program has started to become popular with that it focuses on providing nice feautres and options for GIF creation and enhancement to the users to create their own masterpiece with beautiful and funny effects, while the interface of the program has much less emphasis on its development. Therefore it does not embed complex interface and not as comprehensive as other bigger programs but on the other side it still has great features, which will surely compensate the users and make it an enjoyable time to enhance the GIF images and create the perfected own GIF images as well.


As you can see there is a wide range of GIF maker tools which are available nowadays inevitably important parts of a person’s toolkit which help them create their personalized GIFs which are the most suitable to some specific occasions and can greatly enhance the funny side and expressiveness of the online communication.

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