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Screen recording has become a trending activity that lets users record any activity they are doing on their desktop. Usually, vloggers and professional gamers record their screen activity and share the video with their subscribers and followers. Mac OS users especially need it since their devices possess different functionality. Regarding this, there are several tutorials pop up on how to use some software on Mac. However, because of the intensive security measures of Mac OS devices, it is hard to conduct screen recording before, and some software is too expensive. We all know that compare to Windows, there are limited tools available in the App Store or other unknown sources. So, by reading this article, we will learn how to screencast using these best free screen recorder for Mac.

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AceThinker Free Screen Recorder Online

free screen recorder AceThinker Free Screen Recorder Online tops this list because of all of the outstanding features it provides to capture your screen activity on Mac. First, it is a free online tool that would not require any complicated installation nor registration process to use it. Additionally, it is compatible with any operating systems and is accessible to any major web browsers available, including the default one for Mac, which is Safari. Also, it offers multiple recording modes that can capture a selected screen area or make a full-screen recording. Besides, one important thing it does is it lets users also to record the audio coming from the system sound and microphone at the same time. What separates, Free Screen Recorder Online to other apps is that it features a built-in editing tool that allows you to annotate and create live and real-time edits while recording. Here are the guides to use this Mac screen recorder with audio free.

Step1 Activate the Mac Recorder

For first time users, you have to activate the online tool by visiting the official website. On the landing page, click the “Start Recording” button. Wait for it to download the launcher quickly then the interface will pop up automatically.

launch program from website

Step2 Begin recording Mac Screen

Now, click the “Microphone” icon to set-up the audio source. For the resolution, using your mouse, drag the frame to fit the particular area you wish to record. Or, click the “Full Screen” icon for the full-screen recording. Once configured, click the red “Rec” button to start recording your Mac screen.

start recording mac screen

Step3 Add markups and finish recording

While you are recording, you can edit it in real-time, click the “Pencil-like” icon to open the editing toolbar. From here, you can add annotations, texts, and objects on it. When you are done, click the “Stop” icon, and a media player will appear for you to preview the entire recording. If you are satisfied with it, click the “Save” icon to keep it into your local storage.

stop the recording

QuickTime Player

quicktime player Right now, the QuickTime Player, which is the default for Mac devices, is not just a simple media player. Due to its previous updates, it evolved and produced various functions that would benefit others. One of them is its built-in recording function that can record a movie from the camera and screen activity of different Apple devices. Aside from that, it can take screenshots of the Mac screen to capture a still image out of it. Additionally, all recorded output is available to save, share, or upload into multiple social media or video sharing websites. Finally, users can also save time on their next screen recording since QuickTime Player can remember the last selections they made with their recent record. To learn more about this free screen recording software for Mac, look at these guides below.

How to Record Screen Using QuickTime Player

  • First, go to the “Application Finder” then search for the name of the software. Launch QuickTime Player into the screen.
  • From the main interface, click the File > New Screen Recording to access a new window.
  • Click the dropdown arrow beside the Rec button to configure the recording settings. From here, you can customize the audio source.
  • Now, click the “Rec” button to choose the recording mode. For full-screen recording, click anywhere on the screen to begin. While for custom area, use the touchpad or mouse to drag and select a particular area you wish to record. Click “Start Recording” to begin.
  • screen record for mac

  • To save the recording, click the “Stop” button then the media player will open automatically for preview. Now, you can either edit or share the recording.

monosnap logo Another fantastic free Mac screen recording tool is the Monosnap. Although this tool focuses on taking screenshots anywhere on your screen, it also has a primary screen recording tool. Aside from that, it can record any activity from the webcam. Also, it provides more versatility since it allows for an intuitive interface and can record screen within few clicks. Additionally, it also can choose the screen recording area based on your preference. Moreover, it offers a lightweight and easy to access launch pad through the use of its overlaying floating window. Also, with its recording settings, users can configure the quality up to HD and 60 fps to enjoy a complete recording experience. Lastly, you can also add necessary annotations to the recording. Read the steps below to learn to use this free video capture software mac.

How to Record Mac Screen Using Monosnap

  • Click this link to download and install it using your Mac device.
  • Now, right-click the icon for Monosnap from the list of your apps then select “Record Video”.
  • To configure it, click the “Settings” button and set up quality, fps, and audio source.
  • After that, click the “Record” button to begin.
  • screen record for monosnap

  • Once done, click the “Record” button again to rename and save the video into your local folder.

icon-jing Next on the list of the best free screen recorders for Mac is Jing. This is a straightforward screen recorder app that can capture your screen activity and produce it into high-quality videos. Like Monosnap, it also features a quick access floating toolbar that looks like the Sun to access it quickly. Regarding this, users can immediately record any part of their screen directly. Aside from that, users can set-up hotkeys that they can familiarize with to be more efficient in using the tool. However, unlike some other tools, it lacks notable features like annotations, format conversion, and more. Another is that it has a 5-minute screen recording limit for every session. Follow the steps below to understand this screen recorder mac free completely.

How to Record Mac Screen Using Jing

  • To install the software, visit its official website to download the launcher.
  • Once installed, the “Sun-like” icon will appear on the screen. Put the mouse pointer into the icon then click the “Capture” icon.
  • Now, drag your mouse to select the screen area you wish to record.
  • After that, click the “Capture Video” icon to start the recording.
  • screen recorder for mac jing

  • To save the recording, select the “Stop” button to show a preview of the recording. Click the “Save” icon to keep the video.
OBS Studio

OBS Studio OBS Studio is one of the established free and open-source software for screen recording on live streaming. This screen recorder is a comprehensive and high-performing real-time video capturing and mixing. Additionally, it can create and edit scenes from multiple sources, including images, texts, webcams, browsers, and other screen activity. Aside from that, it features a basic audio mixer to enhance the quality of the sound. Moreover, all video is available to save in various formats such as MP4, MOV, and more. However, its main interface is not that intuitive because of its complicated setup. Regarding this, OBS is not recommended for beginners who are just trying to learn how to record screen. Let us learn the steps on how to use this mac screen recorder with audio free.

How to Record Mac Screen Using OBS Studio

  • Click the link provided to visit the official website of OBS. Download and install it into your Mac.
  • Launch OBS into your screen then from the Sources section, click the “Plus” icon then select “Display Capture” to record the screen.
  • Once set-up, click the “Start Recording” button then it will automatically capture and record the screen activity.
  • screen recorder for mac obs

  • If you are finished recording, click the “Stop Recording” and it will be saved automatically.
  • To check the recording, click the “File” button and select “Show Recordings” to play it.
VLC Media Player for Mac

vlc player3 The last screen recorder for our article is the famous VLC Media Player for Mac. We are familiar that VLC is one of the most comprehensive media players that can load or play multiple video formats. But, did you know that it now offers an essential screen recording feature that can capture the screen activity without any hassle? However, it is not that easy to find out since screen recording is not its main thing. Also, it requires a little patience since you would need to set it up first before doing the screen record. Still, VLC could be a great alternative compared to other expensive screen recording apps since it is for free. To use the recording feature of VLC, follow the easy guide below.

How to Record Mac Screen Using VLC Media Player

  • Go and visit the website to download VLC Media Player into your Mac. Launch it once done.
  • Now from the main interface of the app, click the “File” button then choose “Open capture Device”. A new window will launch then.
  • From the window, select “Screen” as the input device then hit “OK”.
  • Now, go back at the menu bar then click “Playback” to select “Record”.
  • record screen vlc

  • Once you are done with the record. Click the Playback button again then select “Stop Recording”.

You may also opt for another capable and efficient screen recorder for Mac named Snagit. The software comes with standard capturing tools. But more than these standard picks, Snagit also boasts extra features that can help, especially for taking screenshots. Like the other mentioned tool, this lets you record screen the easiest way possible. It does as its record button is presented already on its main interface. Thus, allowing you to capture the screen in just a few clicks. Another feature you should look out for this app is its video editing tool. It has all the basic tools you need for editing. However, most of them are for adding markups like an arrow, text, shape stamp fill, and and other more visuals. Besides, you can create GIF out of your recorded and edited video. To try out this tool, you may scroll down and follow the steps provided.

Snagit User Tutorial

  • You need to start by downloading the program from its main website. You may click the link here to instantly reach the page.
  • Open the software and then go to the “Video” tab from the main interface.
  • Select the recording mode needed and click the “Capture” button to initiate the recording process.
  • Next, choose the area the screen you want to record and the tool will start capturing your Mac screen.
  • screen recording mac

  • If you are finish recording, click on the “Stop” icon to end the recording and keep the video.


Recording your screen activity on Mac is a necessary task for making tutorials, presentations, and live gameplay. However, because of limited apps on the Mac; it is kind of hard to find any suitable solutions for some tasks. Also, if there is software available, they tend to be pricey. So, all of the tools mentioned above are great alternatives for that expensive software to record any screen activity on Mac. Therefore, it is still highly recommended to name AceThinker Free Screen Recorder Online as the best free screen recorder mac. This is proven since it is loaded with all of the crucial functions to capture screen activity.

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