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Top 5 Bandicam Mac Alternatives to Record Mac Screen

Last updated on July 30, 2019 by Trafalgar Law

Bandicam is a screen recording utility tool that allows three different screen recording functions, for different needs. Bandicam offers specialized screen capturing options for gaming, and for webcam recording. This tool is free to use, but the output video will bear a watermark. In order to record videos without watermarks, you must purchase the licensed version of the tool which is very expensive. If you are looking for a way to record screen activities, but does not want to spend too much, then you are on the right page. Listed below are some of the great Bandicam alternatives that works on both Windows and Mac system.

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Bandicam Mac Alternative – Mac Screen Grabber Pro

screen grabber pro Bandicam is a great screen recorder for Mac, but there is a tool that is far more efficient, and that is Acethinker Screen Grabber Pro. The tool works on both Windows and Mac device, though the tool have different interface for each system. That is the only difference between each operating system, as the functions are the same like being able to produce high-quality videos. The tool can record both screen and system audio, which makes it great for gaming purposes. It also supports webcam recording and works great for multiple chatroom windows. To learn more about the functions of the tool, and how to operate it, follow the steps below.

Step1 Download and install Screen Grabber Pro for Mac

To download the installer, click the corresponding button below based on your operating system. Once the installer is downloaded, launch it on your PC and follow the steps of the installation wizard accordingly.

Try It Free

Step2 Launch Screen Grabber Pro on Mac

When the installation is successful, launch the tool and you will reach the main interface. To start the initial settings, drag the frame of the tool to cover the parts of the screen that you want to include to the recording.

launch the tool

Step3 Begin recording the screen

Once you have covered the parts that you need to record, click the “Record” button from the floating toolbar and a three seconds countdown will begin.

start recording

Step4 Annotate while recording on Mac

While recording is in progress, you can choose to add annotations to enhance your video. By clicking the “Draw” button, a panel will appear which contains the different enhancements options available.

annotate while recording

Step5 End the recording process on Mac

Once satisfied with the video, click the “Stop” button from the floating toolbar, and the video will be saved on your Mac. After hitting the “Stop” button, the video will appear on the “Preview Panel” of the tool, where you can watch it directly.

Quicktime Player

quicktime player Quicktime Player is the staple media player of every Mac device. However, most users don’t know about its hidden screen recording function. Quicktime Player is in fact, a multi-purpose tool that have different functions to aid in different situations like needing to record screen activities. Aside from being able to play media files and recording screen, Quicktime Player can also mirror your iOS device to your Mac device, as well as record audio files. Quicktime Player is a versatile tool that does not need to be installed on your Mac device. This makes it a great alternative to Bandicam since it is not available on Mac. To learn how to use Quicktime Player to record your screen activities on Mac, follow the steps below.

Step1 Launch Quicktime Player on Mac

From the desktop of your Mac, select “Finder” and under the “Application” tab, locate Quicktime Player.

open quicktime

Step2 Switch to the Screen Recorder function

When the Quicktime Player toolbar appears, click the “File” menu and from there select “New Screen Recording.”

start recording

Step3 Start recording with Quicktime Player

From the new toolbar that will appear, you can click the “Record” button to start the real recording process.

click record button

Step4 Select which recording mode to use

After clicking the “Record” button, the system will ask you to choose between its recording modes. By clicking the screen one time, the tool will record the entire screen area. If you decide to drag the cursor across the screen, then that part will be the only one included in the recording.

select recording mode

Step5 End the recording on Mac

Once done with the recording on your Mac, end the recording process of Quicktime Player by clicking the “Stop” button from the Mac toolbar. Once stopped, the playback recording will appear. From there, click the “File” tab and choose the “Save” tab. On the new window that will appear, enter the title and description of the video and click the save button.


screenflow logoScreenFlow is a Mac exclusive screen recording and video editing application. Like most Mac applications, the tool is not totally free of charge, as you would have to purchase the licensed version in order to use its full functions. However, what makes this tool stand-out among other Mac exclusive applications is its ability to edit the video after recording it. With its powerful capabilities, users can add annotations after recording their video, as well as produce an output in different formats. The entire opposite of Bandicam, which is only available on Windows, ScreenFlow is another expensive tool if we are talking about the price. But to be fair, the quality if the video and audio are top-notch that you will not have any regrets in purchasing the tool.


app icon screencast o matic Screencast-o-matic is a free screen recorder which is available from the internet. The tool is mostly popular for its free screen recorder, which is mostly used for educational purposes. What’s good about the free version of the tool, is that it allows the user to record a total of fifteen minute video. However, the finished video will have a watermark to promote the desktop version of their tool. The desktop version can be obtained by purchasing it directly from their official website. By purchasing the desktop version, the user will be entitled to videos without any watermark. As an additional benefits of the licensed version, users can also use the video editing function of the tool. But for those who rarely use screen recorders, especially on Mac, they can use the free version instead.


snagit logo Last Bandicam alternative for Mac, is Snagit. This tool was first released in the year 1990 and used to only support Windows operating system. However, the Mac version of the tool was released recently making it one of the top selling screen recorders in the market. The tool is able to capture both audio and video from your Mac device. Snagit is also available in foreign languages like German and Japanese version. The tool have features that aims to improve user experience, like the zoom in cursor, which enlarges the parts where the cursor is hovered. Snagit is so popular that it was even ranked as one of the top screen recorders in existence. If it is video quality we’re talking about, then you get the same quality as with the source making it the same with Bandicam.


Screen recorders for Mac that has the same quality with Bandicam are hard to find. Luckily, there are some tools that are accessible and works perfectly well with MacOS. The tools above, especially Screen Grabber Pro, can provide high-quality video output for every video recordings. With Screen Grabber Pro, the user can add enhancements like annotations while they are recording real-time. This is not something that common Mac screen recorders are capable of, especially Quicktime Player. With its superb functions, Screen Grabber Pro for Mac is all the tool that you need for all Mac screen recording purposes.

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Top 5 Bandicam Mac Alternatives to Record Mac Screen

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