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How to Record Screen with Adobe Captivate Screen Recorder

adobe screen recorder Adobe Captivate is a presentation creator, just like PowerPoint but is better in many ways. The tool is primarily used in creating eLearning materials like instructional videos, mind maps, charts, and more. Aside from that, Adobe Captivate is also capable of recording screen activities, which makes it perfect for creating instructional videos and software demos. Adobe Captivate is part of the Adobe Suite, which consists of various software from the Adobe Corporation. Adobe Captivate is a premium tool, which means that it needs to be purchased. However, the tool is free to download and use to some extent, even if no purchase was made. This means that one cannot fully utilize the tool unless they pay for the licensed version. With that being said, many Adobe Screen recorder alternatives have appeared that can fulfill whatever Adobe Captivate can't. Read on to learn more about these worthy alternatives and how to use some of them.

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How to Use Adobe Captivate to Record Computer Screen

As mentioned above, Adobe Screen capture software is equipped with lots of premium features. That is the reason why it takes someone with the knowledge to understand how the tool works fully. However, with the steps below, you will learn how to use the tool's basic screen recorder function. Follow the steps accordingly, and learn how to record screen activities with Adobe Captivate.

launch video demo maker

User Guide

  • Have the software downloaded from the official site and install it.
  • When you launch Adobe Captivate screen capture, a screen will appear asking which function to use. Select the "Video Demo" option and then a window will appear.
  • From the new window that will appear, select how you want the recording to go. First, select "Screen Area" and then choose between "Custom Size" and "Full Screen." If you choose "Custom Size" then you can set the height and width by yourself, or select from pre-made settings.
  • Once done with the recording mode, it's now time to select other options for your recording.
  • If you want the screen to be recorded steadily, then leave the "Panning" on default as shown on the image. Otherwise, if you change the setting, then the focus of the recording will follow the areas around the mouse pointer. If you are making a basic video without voice-over, then leave "Audio" as it is.
  • When satisfied with the initial settings, start the actual recording process by clicking the "Record" button.
  • The tool does not have a "Stop" button, so in order to end the recording, click the "End" key if you are using Windows. For Mac users, on the other hand, they should hold down the "Command + Enter" keys together. Once this is done, the video will appear on playback, and you will have the chance to save it or publish it.

Best Adobe Screen Recorder Alternative for Windows/Mac

AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium is one of the useful yet powerful alternative to Adobe Captivate because it lets you to record any activities on your PC screen. It can capture video in HD quality like 720p and 1080p smoothly. Also, this gives you the option to record in full screen, region mode, or webcam. It is also perfect for recording video demos because it can record the system sound, microphone, or both. These are the few steps on how to utilize this software.

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Step 1 Set-up the tool to your PC

First, install Screen Grabber Premium to your PC, get its installer first by selecting one of the “Download” buttons given above. Once done, open the installer and read the instructions provided by the setup wizard. After installing, launch the tool and choose the “Video Recorder” within its main interface. Then, click the “Gear” icon to open its settings, and you can change the output folder, video format, quality, frame rate, hotkeys, and more.

adobe captive alternative sgpremium option

Step 2 Start screen recording

Next, select your preferred audio format from system sound or microphone that you can see from the floating toolbar. Also, you can choose your desired video mode into full screen or region mode. Then, hit the "REC" button located at the right part of the recorder to start. When recording is being processed, you have to click the "Pen" icon that you can see from the right side of the floating toolbar to appear the editing tools. Also, you have an option to enhance your video by adding shapes, texts, lines, and arrows on your video.

adobe captive alternative sgpremium recording

Step 3 Watch the recorded video

Finally, you have to end the video by clicking the "Stop" button that you can see from the left of the recording toolbar. Then, a playback will show to watch your video. Also, you have other option to re-record if you are not satisfied with the output.

adobe captive alternative sgpremium preview

AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium has a Task Scheduler that you can use to set a date and time to record your screen automatically. You can use it by clicking the “Task Scheduler” at the bottom part of the tool. It will show you a new window where you can automatically put your preferred date and time for recording your screen.

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