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Top 11 1080p Screen Recorder

Nowadays there has been large development in the video display sharpness, where after the introduction of the 720p high definition video display format, there 1080p format was also introduced。 The 1080p is currently the most popular and widely used high definition video display format. The easiest way of enjoying the many benefits of recording 1080p videos is doing it on your computer during various occasions in 1080p format, and then playing it on TV with high quality to share your special moment with the recording with all your friends on the big screen. Luckily, there are many 1080P screen recorders available, which can help you record videos in 1080p, that is going to be addressed in this article.

Review of Apps

Screen Grabber Pro – The Best 1080p Video Recorder

When it comes to screen recorders which are able to record 1080p high definition videos, the best screen recorder is the AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro which can record 1080p videos in many occasions, such as when you want to capture live meetings, save video chats, gameplay activities, or perform other recording options. This screen recorder tool offers you a recording experience and advanced features of simultaneous recording of video and audio, different capture modes for the personal need, and a video recording scheduler. In case you wish to learn more about using this software, check the guideline below.

Step1 Go through the downloading and installation of the program

Before the recording of 1080p videos can be started, it is important to download the Screen Recorder Pro program for your Mac or Windows computer from the button below, and afterward, directly install it.

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Step2 Adjust the options to be personalized

Whenever you are finished with the installation procedure, on the interface, you can locate the audio panel, where you can set the preferred audio options to fit your 1080p video recording need.

configure settings sgp

Step3 Start the recording in 1080p resolution and then save the video

After figuring out the best audio option for your need, you also need to adjust the resolution of the future recorded video in the Settings panel. After that is done and the 1080p resolution is selected, you can go to the “Record” drop-down menu, and choose whether you want to record only a specific part of the full size of your screen in 1080p. After everything is adjusted and the options are selected for recording, simply click on the “Start” button to start the recording, where you can additionally give a more professional look to your recording by adding real-time annotation and other enhancements from the toolbar to your new video during the recording. After when you have terminated the recording successfully by clicking on the Stop button, you can watch the recording by clicking on “Play”.

annotate video

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When it comes to other alternatives for a 1080p recording software, a reputable screen recording program which is competitively positioned on the market is Snagit, especially when it comes to user experience and in terms of the smoothness of the recording and having a very easy to navigate interface for even inexperienced users to go with it easily. Even though this tool is also not the cheapest option to choose for such recording, the provided features and the possibility to do 1080p recording will put this tool to the list of mentionable alternatives, which can be a preferred option for screen recording.

record 1080p


In case you want to have a 1080p screen recorder for PC video recording experience via a different recording tool, Fraps is one of the oldest and most widely used screen recorders for the PC that are also enjoyed by many users nowadays especially when it comes to high definition 1080p video recording. However, it is important to mention that even though it entails many useful features and the possibility to do 1080p recording, the interface of this program, on the other hand, is usually experienced as a drawback as it can create a lot of problems for inexperienced users with its hard to navigate design.

fraps movies tab


This free 1080p video recorder program is an interesting alternative solution, being a better and faster program that you can also consider attainable and, therefore, potentially a good choice to go with. The Screencastify screen capturing tool is different in a way that it is basically a screen recording extension for Google Chrome which was specifically designed for the Chrome browser, and it is therefore incorporated into the Chrome browser which must also be present on your computer to have this tool work for you. Many of the available recording options in 1080p include that you can create a tutorial, customer support, product demo, or even training videos on your computer in 1080p, which can afterward be shown on the big screen of your HD TV.

start recording

Movavi Screen Capture

Another 1080p and 60fps screen recorder that comes highly recommended for the ease at which it records and edits the screen capture in 1080p high definition is the Movavi Screen Capture tool. This is a very handy and practical solution as it allows you to capture your screen and then edit the video, while you can take advantage of the many available beneficial features that can be combined with your video to be either secure or professionally look like, such as that you can add watermarks to mark your video with your name or logo, or for the professional side you can also add titles to your videos.

Movavi Screen Capture

AceThinker Free Screen Recorder Online

Whenever you are interested in the process of making 1080p videos to be transferred later on to your HD TV to share your friend’s different activities, such a software demonstration, tutorial or other activity, the AceThinker Free Screen Recorder Online is a recommended solution to go and give it a try. This Acethinker 1080p recording program is a browser-based tool, which you can directly open on the official website regardless whether you visit the website via Windows or Mac computer, while during the recording this program also provides a control bar which is comprised of many professional tools that improve the process of creation of 1080 video for your sake. This AceThinker recorder, therefore, gives you the chance to select options such as whether or not to include the cursor in the recording and take your pick from a range of output formats including MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV and many more, which might be the most perfectly suitable for recording 1080p videos in different occasions for eventual share on your HD TV. To learn more about this amazing free 1080p screen recorder, check the quick guide below.

Step1 Launch Free Screen Recorder

To use the tool, launch it by going to the main site of the AceThinker Free Screen Recorder Online then click on the “Start Recording” button. For first time users, they will be required to install the online launch of Free Screen Recorder, so that they can use the tool anytime they want.

tool interface

Step2 Start and finish recording

To start the recording process with this free screen recorder 1080p, toggle the recording frame to fit the parts of the screen that needs to be recorded. After that, hit the record button from the floating toolbar to begin the recording process. While the recording is in progress, users have the option to add annotations to the recording. This can be done by clicking the “Pen” icon from the recording toolbar and then choose which option to use. Once done recording the video, save it by clicking the “Stop” button.

annotate while recording

Step3 Save the video

After clicking the “Stop” button, the recorded video will automatically play using the media player of Free Screen Recorder. From there, view the recorded view for corrections, and once satisfied, import the video to the PC by clicking the “Save” button and then choose “Save as video.”

save the recording


TinyTake is another mentionable screen recorder which can hand 1080p videos with an ease for their recording, so any user who considers making videos in this high definition format might find it to be worth a try due to its professional tool and straightforward recording options. Furthermore, this 1080p 60fps screen recorder has a big advantage is that even though 1080p videos are a bit hard to create due to their details and therefore slow process, in contrast with this, the tool records 1080p video with fast speed and high quality and directly saves it in MP4 or AVI file format for future viewing. However, one thing that can be mentioned alternatively that might pose some drawbacks is that against all these features available, on the other side, this program does not support some of the currently used editing features to edit the video recorded, and therefore users might find it a bit outdated.

capture screen


Jing is another mentionable 1080p recording software that takes a honorable place on our ranking as it can be a great partner to eventually watch 1080p videos on your HD TV after a great extent of preparation here. However, unlike other solutions which are developed by the same developer and are also well known in the video recording industry, such as Camtasia and Snagit, Jing is more beneficial to be used as it is a free tool and therefore is used by many people for screen recording purposes especially for fulfilling requirements for high definition video capture nowadays. What is important to be highlighted is that even though it is free and can cope with 1080p videos, a big drawback for this benefit is that Jing doesn’t have an in-built editor, although that is not always available.

screen recorder for mac jing

Camtasia Studio

Camtasia Studio is an additional considerably preferable solution to satisfy your needs regarding 1080p videos recording of any sort o activity of your wish, and therefore it can also be considered as a useful alternative that works as a relevant and popular tool. This is mainly due to that Camtasia allows you to record videos on your computer’s screen and handle this task with ease and convenience, no matter what activity you wish to do in 1080p high definition. You can capture your computer gameplay as well as many other types of activity on your Windows 10 system, and save the video on your computer afterward without any limitations and issues via the help of the straightforward interface.

camtasia screen recorder


EZVID is an alternatively available tool which does a great job when it comes to simple and free 1080p screen recorder, however it does not have many features compared to other high definition video recording software when it comes to recording your screen on your device. In case we have a look at the tool in more details, it comes with a basic video editor in a relatively simple and clean, but classic interface, but on the other side, there are also some notable features in this tool as well, such as the ability to upload the videos which are recorded straight to YouTube for convenient sharing, which can also be an important channel on a smart HD TV which is able to access the internet, where it can directly play your 1080p creation for your friends with ease.

ezvid interface

Android app for recording mobile screen

AZ Screen Recorder happens to be the standard reference for screen recording applications. It’s accessible, cheap, and easy to use. It has a floating button that does not hinder the content you are recording. Additionally, you can include the front camera for stuffs such as commentary or game streams. It even comes with a small video editor. That way, it is easy to remove the parts you don’t want. Certainly, it does not need any rooting, zero watermarks, zero time limits, and many more. Its pro version costs $2.99. It is likely the most common screen recording application available.

recording settings


With the growing popularity of 1080p high definition videos, nowadays, many new video recording tools incorporate this feature into their offering, which makes it relatively easy to record any sort of activity on your computer and afterward transfer it to be watched on your HD TV. Naturally, the tools above all have their advantages and limitations, and therefore it is up to you which one you would proceed with after trying them and finding the one which is the most suitable for you. In either way, we recommend you to have a try at the AceThinker solution outlined above, as one of the greatest 1080 video recorders which will completely fulfill all your needs. You can also check this post to discover the best free HD screen recorder.

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