Screen Grabber Pro

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  • Record any activity on a computer screen
  • Record the screen and audio simultaneously
  • Edit your screencast in real time with the built-in editor
  • Share screenshots and screencasts anywhere you like
  • Automatically record the screen according to your schedule
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Record Anything on Your Computer Screen

With this screen grabber, you can easily capture and save any activity on your computer screen. Multiple screen recording modes are provided for you to screencast specific regions, full-screen, or around the mouse cursor to fulfill your needs. You can also simultaneously record the screen and audio from the system or microphone or insert webcam video to achieve a picture-in-picture effect. Popular video output formats such as MP4, WMV, MOV, and many more are supported so that you can publish and share the videos anywhere you like.

Create Scheduled Tasks for Recording

Do you need to record an ongoing live stream, or do you want to monitor your screen at regular times? You can utilize this screen recorder to set a plan and let it record your screen automatically. Create a scheduled task by setting the start time and recording duration. This program will start the recording automatically at the appointed time, which means that you can record your computer screen without having to be in front of it.


Record Streams and Webinars

With this screen grabber, you can easily record any live streaming videos from popular video sites like BBC and CNN. You can also capture web meetings to review afterward by setting a task.

Record on Daily or Weekly Basis

Want to record the activity on your computer screen daily or weekly? Look no further! This screen recorder allows you to create scheduled tasks either on a daily or weekly basis to record your screen automatically to fulfill all your needs.


Edit and Enrich Your Screen Recording

Want to customize the video to make it look more professional? You no longer need to wait till the recording is done. This desktop recorder comes with a built-in editor, letting you edit the video in real-time during the recording process. Multiple editing options are provided to annotate and enhance the recording. You can add text, lines, arrows, highlights, shapes, icons, and more. There is also a plug-in editor that offers further editing features, including trimming, merging, adding watermarks, applying special effects, and more.

Record Your Screen in Professional Way with Three Steps

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    Comprehensive screencast solution for creating demonstrative videos

    Following the intuitive interface, you can create screencast with webcam, real-time editing and more valuable features. Now recording your screen along with sound, annotation, etc. in high quality is easier than ever!

    Website Editor
    Cincinnati, USA

    Best Screen Recorder Ever Used

    This is the top screen recorder utility that I have ever used. It impressed me deeply in recording my webcam along with the screen activity, letting me make tutorials for students easily! Highly recommended!

    Business Founder
    Newcastle, UK

    Perfect Screen Capture Capabilities

    Basically, I needed a tool for creating snapshots for working communications and also making short videos in some cases. This product answers all my needs, and it's rare in the software market. Nice work, developers!

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