5 Great Tools to Convert PDF to HTML

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5 Great Tools to Convert PDF to HTML

convert pdf to htmlOften you see official forms and fillable documents in the form of a downloadable PDF online. This is the traditional and easy way of making a PDF accessible to users. However, by converting your PDF to HTML code, you can make your PDFs become part of your website’s content or turn them into a simple web page so users can fill out the forms from their browsers, without having to download and print out the document. Luckily, there are a number of free PDF to HTML and change HTML to pdf conversion tools that will enable you to create working websites from your PDFs. Here we will collect and introduce to you the top 5 converters that will do the job for you quickly and efficiently. To turn PDF into HTML, read on.


solution PDFonline

PDFonline offers a wide range of tools for converting your PDF documents in both ways; to and from. Its PDF to HTML converter runs in any browser and it is an easy to use tool that maintains the contents including tables, fonts and graphics of your PDF even after conversion. The tool is really simple, there isn’t even a convert button, the conversion is done automatically. Unfortunately, batch conversion is not supported by PDFOnline, so if you are looking to convert a bunch of PDFs, this might not be the most efficient program. Here is how you can use PDFOnline to convert your PDFs into HTML.

Step1 Uploading your file

Once you have opened PDFOnline’s official website using the link provided above, click the yellow Convert PDF to HTML button and select the file from your computer you wish to convert. As soon as you upload your file, conversion will begin.

upload pdf

Step2 Preparing for download

Once your conversion has finished, you will be given a download link that will take you to another window. Before downloading it, you also have the option of viewing it online. To do so, click the “View PDF file” next to the download button.

prepare to download

Step3 Downloading your HTML file

After pressing the download button, you will be redirected to the page shown below. Here you may encounter an optional short survey to fill out. You can download both the original PDF file and the converted HTML file by clicking on the Download HTML file button.

download html


solution PDFtoHTML

PDFtoHTML features an attractive and modern interface that comes with an easy to use drag and drop system for uploading your files. There is no limit on the number of files you upload and their sizes. You can import files from the most popular cloud storage accounts and you can also convert scanned PDFs. You do not need to download any software, everything is done from your browser while insuring your files are kept secure and private as they are deleted automatically from the servers after 6 hours. Below is an easy-to-follow 3 step guide on how to use PDFtoHTML to convert files.

Step1 Uploading your PDF

After opening PDFtoHTML’s website, the first thing you have to do is select the files to upload. You can do this by simply dragging and dropping your files on the given area, or by clicking the Upload button and selecting the files manually from your computer. Also, you can import documents from your Dropbox and Google Drive account or from an online source. You can also add multiple files to be converted in one session.

upload PDF

Step2 Processing your file

After you have uploaded your file(s), the program will automatically start processing and converting your files. This is indicated by the rotating small arrow.

process the file

Step3 Downloading your file

After conversion has finished, a big orange “Free Download” button will appear on your screen which you can use to save your HTML file directly to your computer.

download converted html


solution SODA PDF

SODA PDF offers a wide range of PDF management tools both online and offline. Its free online PDF to HTML tool is a simple, streamlined application that lets you convert files in two simple steps. If you are the type of person that likes to work in the cloud, you have the option of importing your documents from your Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive account. SODA PDF supports batch conversion as well, which means you can upload multiple files and they will be all converted simultaneously. If you also want to have editing options, consider using SODA PDF’s online or desktop editor. Below you will find an illustrated guide on how to use SODA PDF’s PDF to HTML converter.

Step1 Browse to add your PDF file

Open SODA PDF’s official website and by clicking the blue “Browse” button and select the file from your computer that you want to convert. You can also import files from your Dropbox and Google Drive account. After uploading the file, conversion will start automatically.

add pdf

Step2 Downloading your file

Once your PDF has been converted to HTML, you will be able to view and download your file using the big green button. You can also send the file to yourself or someone else by email.

download html



Zamzar is a free online conversion tool that supports a large number of file formats. Conversion is done in 4 steps and the end result is emailed to you. Moreover, Zamzar supports email attachment conversion up to 1MB. The size limit for uploaded files is 50MB, which should be kept in mind when working with batch conversions. The program works 100% in your browser, so you do not need to download any additional software to convert files. The single drawback of Zamzar are that conversion time can be slow if the servers are experiencing high traffic. Here is how the tool works.

Step1 Adding your PDF files for conversion

Zamzar makes it really easy to convert your files as it breaks down the process into individual steps. The first step is to add your files by dragging and dropping them on the given box or by choosing the files manually from your computer.

add pdf

Step2 Viewing your list of files

Each added file will be added to the “Files to convert” list. Here you can see the size of the added files and you can remove any of them before uploading and converting them.

view file list

Step3 Selecting the output format

The next step is to select the format to convert to. Choose HTML from the drop-down list.

choose output

Step4 Enter your email address

Now you have to enter your email address so that you can receive your converted files and download them.

enter email

Step5 Start the PDF to HTML conversion

The only thing left to do is hit Convert and the program will automatically start uploading your files.

converting pdf

Step6 Tracking the upload of your files

After clicking the “Convert” button, you can track the process of the uploading using the status bar. After the files have been uploaded successfully, they will be converted and emailed to your account from where you can download the HTML files.

file uploading

Some PDF to HTML Converter (Desktop)

Some PDF to HTML Converter

Some PDF to HTML is the only desktop (offline) converter on our list but it does not mean it is any less efficient than the above mentioned ones. In fact, despite its very simple and clean interface, Some PDF to HTML has some extra features that you only get with premium converter. Some of theses features include page range selection, disabling hyperlinks and adjusting JPG image quality. Some PDF to HTML is a lightweight software that uses very little memory. Batch conversion is also supported, however the highly efficient drag and drop system is not supported by the program.

Step1 Installing and launching the software

Download Some PDF to HTML from the link provided above and install it by following the steps in the installation wizard. After installation has been completed successfully, launch the program.

Step2 Importing the files for conversion

Click on the folder icon with a file in it to import a PDF from your computer. You can add more files by repeating the same step. To add entire directories, click the empty folder icon and select the desired folder containing your PDFs. To delete a file, select it and click the red x icon. To remove all files, on the toolbar click Edit > Remove All.

Some PDF to HTML Converter

Step3 Setting the configurations

Using the panel on the right-hand side, you can set various options regarding general output options, such as page range and enabling hyperlinks. Below, in the Output Html Options you can set the HTML formatting options.


Step4 Begin to export PDF to HTML

Once you have set everything up, hit the convert button in the bottom-left corner of the window. Your files will be converted one by one and the progress of each can be tracked via the status bar on the bottom, where the overall conversion status is also displayed.

converting pdf


Converting from PDF to HTML might at first sound intimidating, but there are a number of free online tools that do the job for you in a couple of simple clicks. When choosing the right converter for you, it is important to consider what functions you are looking for. Whether it is batch conversion or the ability to upload files using the drag and drop system, each tool is different and worth experimenting with until you find the one that best matches your needs. While all of the above mentioned tools are primarily designed for solely conversion purposes, there is a more comprehensive, feature-packed, all-in-one PDF management tool called AceThinker PDF Writer that will edit, convert PDF to HTML 5 and many other formats, split, merge, protect and do many more with your PDF.

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