How to Convert PDF to Publisher Format for Free

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How to Convert PDF to Publisher Format for Free

Microsoft Office has facilities that help offices and businesses be more productive. One of its useful facilities is Microsoft Publisher. It’s a versatile and yet simple program as a desktop publishing allowing you to create marketing materials, newsletter, or brochures out of simple objects like labels and greeting cards. However, for people who want to reuse their PDF file in Microsoft Publisher, you may need a lot of work to get the same layout as much as possible. It may vary based on the content of your PDF file- original document format and graphical materials present in the PDF. As such, in this article, we will cover the best and easy ways on how to convert PDF to Publisher format.

Review of Apps

AceThinker Online PDF tools

There are various tools that let you convert PDF files to formats supported by Microsoft Publisher, but one of the most reliable options out there is AceThinker Online PDF tools. This all-in-one converter lets you convert PDF files to a wide variety of formats like Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Publisher-supported formats like JPG and PNG. It is a great way to convert PDF to Publisher without the hassles. AceThinker Online PDF tools is a web-based service that doesn’t require any installation, signup or plugin. Everything is done online while keeping your files secure and the best part is, it’s absolutely free of charge. So, if you’re looking for a tool that lets you convert PDF to Publisher free, this is the right one for you.

Step1 Visit the site

To do just that, you will only need to go to Free PDF to JPG Converter or Free PDF to PNG Converter. In this case, you will need to choose either PNG or JPG, which are both supported formats by Microsoft Publisher. So, choose the format that you want to convert your PDF file.

pdf to jpg converter

Step2 Upload PDF Files

Then, all you have to do is “drag and drop” the PDF files that you need or click “Choose File” and select them from your folders.

choose pdf file to upload

Step3 Conversion process

After that, the conversion will start and in a matter of seconds or minutes, your PDF file is already converted to PNG or JPG and ready to use in Microsoft Publisher. You can guarantee that all your files are secured because they are deleted right away from LightPDF’s system after conversion is done.

upload to download the acquired file

AceThinker PDF Converter

Now if you are not comfortable uploading your files online, there is a tool that gives you the same benefits as AceThinker Online PDF converter tools, but you can convert your files offline. AceThinker PDF Converter is a great all-in-one converter that allows you to easily convert PDF files to a wide variety of formats including Microsoft Publisher-supported PNG and JPG files. It also lets you merge, compress, protect split and unlock PDF files conveniently, and all you have to do is download the converter online for free. Steps on converting your PDF files to Publisher-supported formats with AceThinker PDF Converter.

Step1 Download and install the app

Download and install the software for free. By clicking the “Download” button below, you can use this trial version of the app.

Try It for Free

Step2 Choose file to upload

Once that’s done, simply add the PDF files that you want to convert, choose your output format, which is either PNG or JPG, click okay.

choose file to upload

Step3 Convert the uploaded file

Once uploaded, the AceThinker will convert your files within a matter of minutes.

convert the uploaded file

You can also convert in batches to save time and it will not affect the quality of your files. With AceThinker, you are confident that your files are secured because you’re not uploading them online.

PDF to JPG Converter

Offering an efficient way to convert PDF files to image file, PDF to JPG Converter is a good android application to access PDF files into Microsoft Publisher. Using this tool, you can also convert PDF into PNG format in just a few seconds. The software offers an unlimited number of conversion files. In addition, the app is fast and lightweight with stable processing allowing you to convert PDF files without any delay. You can freely get this app from the Play Store. Just open the Play Store on your Android device and search the name of the app by typing “PDF to JPG Converter” on the search bar. Next, tap the “Install” button to get this app downloaded and installed on your device. Once installed, tap on the plus icon at the lower right corner of the app and then select the target PDF you need to convert. Wait for the conversion to complete. Conversion time varies depending on the size of the PDF file you are trying to convert.

pdf to jpg android app

PDF Export Lite

If you are want to convert PDF to Publisher free on your iOS device, then consider using PDF Export Lite. Aside from converting, this app can also read, edit, and combine multiple PDF files into one. In addition, it can help you scan content from different PDF files and create a new PDF file as you please. For your convenience, the tool is incorporated with cloud sharing allowing users to save memory space or save very confidential files. It also offers support to JPG, PNG, GIF, and other image formats. Moreover, this app is accessible from the App Store. To get this app, search it by typing its exact name on the search bar of the App Store. After that, tap on the “Get” button to install the program. Launch it and start converting. Import the PDF into the tool by tapping on the download icon at the bottom part of the interface. Locate the file on your phone and then select to load it into the app. Now, tap on the three dots icon next to the PDF file and select the “Export as Images” option. After doing these steps, you can now access the content of your PDF file onto the Publisher.

pdf export lite ios app


It’s very important to find a reliable PDF to Publisher converter free to help you convert those PDF files into Microsoft Publisher format. This way, you can reuse them into useful marketing materials for your business. If you have brochures, newsletters, or postcards in PDF format, get started with knowing how to convert PDF to Publisher format without paying for anything. Provided apps are available for both mobile and desktop devices. It’s your choice now to make which tool works best according to your needs. Whether you prefer to convert from the comfort of your computer or mobile devices, you are free to use these apps and discover more of the features they offer.

acethinker pdf to jpg converter

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