How to Convert PDF Files to Docx for Free

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How to Convert PDF Files to Docx for Free

Have you ever had a PDF file that you would prefer was in a plain text format? Having a PDF that you could easily alter or copy and paste could be considered a much easier product to work with. However, if you have ever looked at a PDF and wished that it was just in a regular Word Document. There are some of the simple tools that you can use to convert a PDF to word file in just a few seconds. Here are two of the simplest methods that you can use for converting PDF to a Docx format.

AceThinker PDF Converter

The most well-known product for converting PDF to Word Doc on your desktop is AceThinker PDF Converter. The added bonus of using this program is that you can also merge together different PDFs in order to create a Docx format that you can use to edit all of the files together.

Step1 Download and install the app

To start using the program, you need to download its installer first. AceThinker PDF Converter is available in a free download that you can install on your computer with ease. By clicking the “Download” button below you will instantly get the installer of the app. Once downloaded, you should now install the program through the setup guide.

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Step2 Choose to add PDF file

Now launch the AceThinker PDF Converter. The main interface of the program will be shown which is the “From PDF” section. From here, select “PDF to Word” since you need to convert PDF to Doc format. Then, upload the PDF file by clicking on the “Choose File” button or simply drag and drop the file to the main interface.

choose file to upload

Step3 Convert the chosen file to Doc

After uploading and choosing the right function, you should now initiate the conversion process. Simply click on the “Convert” button at the bottom right hand side of the interface. The process of conversion will only take seconds. By then, there will be a pop-up window giving you option to preview the converted file by clicking on the “Open folder” button.

convert to docx file

After you have the Docx format completed, you can open it up and make any of the changes that you would like to make using the original text that was in the PDF. This program is one of the best ways to do PDF to Docx conversion right on your desktop.

AceThinker Free Online PDF to Word Converter

AceThinker Free Online PDF to Word Converter is a completely free solution that you can use for quickly converting files from PDF into a Docx format. The tools available on this website are completely free and you can even download a desktop extension to make sure that it’s easy to use these tools whenever you want.

Step1 Visit AceThinker Free Online PDF to Word Converter

To get started, go to this website Free PDF to Word Converter to start using the online converter.

free online pdf to word converter webpage

Step2 Upload PDF file to Convert

Upload the PDF file that you would like to convert. Once the uploading is done, you can click the “Convert” button.

choose to upload the file

Step3 Download the converted file

You can easily convert a PDF to Doc/Docx by simply downloading the completed result. By clicking the “Download” button you can have the completed word file.

download the acquired file


If you have PDFs on your desktop that you would prefer to have in Docx format for quick editing, there are a wide range of choices that are available to you. By choosing a free online program or downloading this easy solution for quick PDF conversion, you can make sure that the process can be done in a matter of moments. Imagine how much easier it will be to convert your PDF files rather than type them out all over again!

acethinker pdf writer

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February 2, 2019

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