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PDF is a good way to distribute information across different platforms without affecting the format of the content. But that level of security does have its drawbacks. There's no straightforward way to edit text or content on a PDF. The only way to edit a PDF document, is if you convert it to a Word document or another file type where editing is possible. Converting PDF to Word is the quickest way edit PDF content as much as you like. There are many free open source PDF to Word converters that will help you do the conversion. Here we will review 8 of the best open-source tools to convert PDF to Word document for free.

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AceThinker Free PDF to Word Converter

AceThinker Free PDF to Word converter is available online and eliminates the need to download and install any software on your computer. But you can download and install the Desktop version if you want. Conversion is also quick and easy. We can say that it’s one of the best open-source PDF to Word converters that you shouldn’t ignore. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to convert PDF to editable text in Word.

User Guide

  • Visit the official website of the converter: Go to the official webpage of Free PDF to Word converter by clicking the link here. From the main interface of the program, click the “Add” button and from the file explorer window that will appear, select the PDF.
  • launch the tool

  • Upload the PDF document: The conversion process will start together with the upload, the conversion time varies depending on the file size.
  • convert to download your file

  • Download the converted file: Once the conversion is finished, the newly converted Word file will appear together with the “Download” button. Click the download button to save the Word file on the PC.
  • download the word doc


  • Original formatting is retained accurately.
  • Safe and secure, no popups or ads
  • Fast conversion speed from PDF to Word
  • Guaranteed high-quality conversion
UniPDF logo



UniPDF is a versatile PDF converter for desktop. This tool is capable of converting PDF to Word. This tool will save you a lot of time rewriting PDF documents into word because of its high-accuracy. Also, it can convert PDF into different formats like PPT, Excel, JPG and PNG. The tool also allows users to simultaneously convert PDF documents, a feat not available on other online PDF converters. The best thing about this tool, is the fast conversion speed which can convert multiple files at once, saving a lot of time.

unipdf interface

User Guide

  • Download the installer of UniPDF from its official website.
  • Launch the installer on the PC, and then follow the instructions of the setup wizard. After installation, launch the tool and the main-interface will appear.
  • From the home screen of UniPDF, click the “Add files” button, or simply drag and drop the PDF that you want to convert.
  • Select “Word” from the set of options that are located at the right-hand side of the screen. Once everything is set, hit the “Convert now” button and the conversion process will begin.
  • A notification window will appear once the conversion is finished. From there, you can either choose if you want to open the exact file location of the converted document, or instantly open the Word doc.


  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Converts to other file types and formats
  • Support batch processing
  • Advanced settings are available – set resolution and color bits when converting images
  • Image content is accurately preserved


  • Ouput formats are limited
  • Trial edition only allows 3 pages of PDF to be converted to Word
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Nemo PDF to Word

NemoPDF to Word is a PDF to Word converter with a straightforward interface. The buttons are displayed clearly, and conversion speed is stable. It comes with a link to the online converter. Convert PDF to DOC and RTF formats so you can edit the content. Additionally, one of the best way to edit a PDF document is by using a word editor like Microsoft Word. Regarding this, users would have familiarity with editing their PDF files. Moreover, it has a setting where you can do quick changes to the conversion process before starting the actual file conversion. Do you want to change the character spacing? Do you want images to be removed when converting?

convert pdf

User Guide

  • Go to the website of NemoPDF and download the installer. Launch the program on the PC, and then follow the on-screen instructions of the setup wizard.
  • Launch NemoPDF after installation by double-clicking the icon from the desktop, and the main-interface will appear after a few seconds. After that, click the “Add Files” button and then choose the PDF that you want to convert.
  • Click the “Open” button from the file explorer window to upload the PDF into the tool. From the same interface, click “Word document” under the “Output format” section then hit the “Convert” button to start the conversion process.
  • After the conversion process, a small notification window will appear. From the said window, you can choose to open the newly converted file, or open the file location where the new file is located.


  • Easy to use
  • Text content is well-preserved upon conversion
  • Supports multiple file conversion
  • Free to use/download


  • Interface appearance could be better
  • Few minor color distortion on images
  • Extra options are not available
  • Conversion to DOCX is not possible
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PDF Mate PDF Converter

PDF Mate is one of the reliable open-source PDF editor that you should consider trying. Aside from the fast conversion speed, the tool supports different formats like JPG, PNG, HTML and more. Also, it can turn any PDF document into a Word document within seconds. Additionally, PDF Mate has the option to convert scanned PDF files into the editable format with the help of its OCR technology. Moreover, all converted documents are ensured to have the best quality, and the original paper size is preserved. Lastly, it supports batch conversion for a fast and easy process.

pdf mate interface


  • Supports batch conversion
  • Fast and accurate conversion output
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Comes with advanced customization features – change output size, direction, and edges


  • OCR conversion is only limited to 3 pages under the free version
  • Free to download, pay to access advanced features
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PDFelement Pro

PDFElement Pro may not be open-sourced, but it is still worthy to be included on the list. This is because users can still enjoy some its features, even if they are under the free version. Of course there will be limitations to its usage, but it is still a fact that it lets users use it for free. The tool is an all around PDF solution, because it can not only convert files, but can edit them as well. Aside from that, it can merge multiple PDF documents into a single file to keep things organized.



  • It can quickly convert PDF to many file format
  • You can put your signature on all of your PDF documents


  • It has some optical character recognition error

Tip: If you are looking for solutions to insert PDF into PowerPoint. Check the link provided.

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Smartsoft PDF to Word

Smartsoft PDF to Word Converter is a lightweight online converter that specializes in transforming PDF into Word document format. The tool is very straightforward since it only supports the conversion of PDF into Word document. The conversion speed of Smartsoft PDF to Word is also considerably fast and stable, which makes it a reliable solution for turning PDF into Word files. The only downside of using such a tool is that it does not allow multiple conversion at the same time. The tool also lacks other options that can be useful, like being able to edit and cut the file size of the PDF file. However, the good thing about the tool is that it allows the users to preview the output file before proceeding to the actual conversion.

snnartsof pdf to word

pdf converter for android


PDF Converter tool for Android

Able2Extract PDF Converter can be used for free. Locate your preferred file and have it selected and opened with this app. You only need to choose an output format before tapping on convert. One of its primary functions is to convert a PDF file into any office document format available such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Additionally, it features a fast conversion speed that it only takes 15 secs for a file to be uploaded to their server. Regarding this, users can expect that the converted file is ready after a couple of seconds.

able2extract mobile app

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PDF converter solution for iPhone/iPad users

PDFelement for iOS poses as the appropriate PDF converter which lets you have PDF files converted into Excel, Word, PowerPoint, HTML, XML, Pages, RTF, ePubs as well as Text on iPad and iPhone. It allows you to snap a picture of anything, after which it can be converted to PDF files. This app is a superb converter, merger, annotator, editor, scanner, as well as a form-filling app for iPhones. On the other hand, it features a lot of functions that most PDF converters cannot. Some examples of it are PDF-based form filling, the signing, and management of PDF pages according to your preference. Additionally, PDFelement is designed to change PDF files to other acceptable formats for iPad, iPhone, and other mobile devices.

pdf element ios app


An open-source PDF to Word converter makes editing PDFs so much easier, especially if you need to do this many times in a day. Instead of copying the text to Word, conversion takes the hassle out of copy-paste. This gets even better if the software supports batch processing. A free, open-source PDF to Word converter for desktop is preferable since you don’t need to upload files to a third-party, and you don’t need to be online to convert PDFs. As long as you find an online converter that guarantees safety and protection for your files, you’re good to go. What to download and use may be a personal preference. Just choose wisely by analyzing the features of every open-source PDF to Word converter that you come across. You can also check this one if you are interested to convert PDF to publisher.

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