Top 10 Alternatives to Nitro PDF Converter

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Nitro PDF Converter is a multi-purpose PDF conversion tool that supports different document formats. This tool is capable of transforming PDF documents into other formats like Word doc, Powerpoint presentation and Excel spreadsheet. Aside from that, it can also edit PDF documents before conversion, which is a really handy feature. However, Nitro PDF Converter is a premium tool which means it needs a licensed version to use all its features. The tool is priced at $159 per user which is a steep amount for a year worth of subscription. On the other hand, there are other Nitro PDF Converter alternatives that are way cheaper but performs better. Here we have listed the best 10 alternatives to Nitro PDF Converter to help you choose.

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AceThinker PDF Converter Lite

Price: Free

AceThinker PDF Converter Lite is a great alternative the Nitro PDF Converter because it supports major document formats. This is an online PDF converter which is absolutely free to use to convert PDF into Word, PowerPoint, and even Excel. The only downside of using this tool, is that the user must be connected to an internet network to be able to upload the PDF document. AceThinker PDF Converter Lite converts PDF into various formats with high-accuracy, which makes it very suitable for office, and schoolwork purposes. To learn how to use this exceptional PDF converter, follow the steps below.

Step1 Launch AceThinker PDF Converter Lite

To use the tool, open a web-browser and then visit the official website of Acethinker PDF Converter Lite to reach the main interface. From the home-page, click one of the available conversion options to open the conversion panel.

select the conversion method

Step2 Upload and convert a PDF

From the new window that will appear, click the “Add” icon and then choose which PDF document to upload from the file explorer window that will appear. The PDF document will be uploaded to the tool and will be converted at the same time.

convert pdf to word

Step3 Download the converted file

Once the conversion process is finished, the newly converted document will appear together with the download button. Click the download button to save the file on the PC.

download the word doc

AceThinker PDF Converter Pro

Price: $29.95

AceThinker PDF Converter Pro is the desktop version for the previous tool which was AceThinker PDF Converter Lite. This is a desktop application that can convert PDF documents even without an internet connection. Also, there are other features present on AceThinker PDF Converter Pro that are not available on the online version. Some of these options are the split, merge, image extractor and many other essential features. Among all the features of AceThinker PDF Converter Pro, probably the most unusual feature is the OCR feature. This is an efficient way to convert paper documents into a PDF document instantly with high-accuracy, thanks to the powerful conversion ability of the tool. To learn how to use AceThinker PDF Converter Pro to convert PDF, follow the steps below.

Step1 Download and install AceThinker PDF Converter Pro

To install AceThinker PDF Converter Pro, download the installer first by clicking one of the buttons below. Once the installer is downloaded, launch it and then follow the instructions from the setup wizard. Make sure to do as the wizard instructs to properly install the tool on the PC.

Try it for Free

Free Download

win xp win7810

Secure Download

Free Download

OS X 10.10

Secure Download

Step2 Convert the PDF document

Choose what format to convert the PDF into from the options available. Next is to upload the PDF document by clicking the “Choose file” button. From the file explorer window that will appear, select the PDF document and then click the “Open” button. Once the document is uploaded to the converter, click the “Convert” button and then the conversion process will start. Once the conversion process is done, the will provide a notification to the user.

upload the pdf

Step3 Locate the newly converted PDF document

From the notification window that will appear, click the “Open folder” button to locate the converted file easily. From the file location, view the newly converted file using the right program for it.

open folder

Soda PDF Pro

Price: $84.00/year

Soda PDF Pro is a desktop application that is similar to Nitro PDF converter. Soda PDF Pro is the desktop version of the popular Soda online converter. This premium tool is equipped with a highly-intuitive interface, which is highly similar to Microsoft Word. The tool is able to convert PDF documents into other formats, as well as edit them beforehand. This is the reason why many users trusts this PDF software. Since it is a premium software, it comes with a price, but users can enjoy using this tool for a limited time-period under the free trial version. Some features that’s included in the tool is the PDF creator, fillable form maker and the e-sign feature. There are still tons of other features that this tool has to offer to those who wants to give it a try.

soda pdf program


  • Highly-intuitive interface
  • Costs less than $100


  • Leaves watermarks to PDF under the free trial
  • Editing features not fully usable under free trial
Adobe Acrobat DC Standard

Price: $156.00/annually

Adobe Acrobat DC is a more popular software compared to Nitro PDF converter. This can be said because this tool is almost present on every desktop devices. Adobe Acrobat is the first thing that comes into mind when thinking about great PDF tools. The tool can be enjoyed as a free PDF reader without having to pay for anything. Additionally, the converter feature is also available under the free version of the tool. However, to use most of the features of this tool, users must purchase the licensed version.

pdf acrobat dc interface


  • Complete PDF utility solution


  • Costs way more than ordinary PDF converters
  • Free version lacks essential editing features
Kofax Power PDF Converter

Price: $129.00

Kofax Power PDF Converter, or formerly known as Nuance Power PDF Converter is a top candidate for Nitro PDF converter alternatives. The tool is perfect for home and office use which justifies its price, which is not an easy amount. The tool also has various versions with different prices for different PDF needs. The tool is capable of converting PDF documents into other formats accurately. The tool is best known as a tool that prioritizes security for PDF files. This is because it is primarily equipped with features that can protect information, like redaction and password protection. In general, most users trusts this software for their PDF documents from time to time.

power pdf advanced


  • Has various versions to cater various PDF needs


  • Works faster in converting PDF files
  • Cheaper compared to other PDF converters
PDF Suite Pro


PDF Suite Pro is a premium desktop PDF converter which is similar to Nitro PDF converter. The tool is one of the quality PDF converters that does not cross the one-hundred dollar price-range. This is one reason why it is very dependable. Also, the tool works fast because it easily recognizes PDF and can quickly turn them into different type of documents. This is thanks to the powerful converter feature of PDF Suite Pro. Additionally, the tool is also capable of creating new PDF documents from existing documents, or from scratch. To add to that, it can also edit PDF documents easily with lots of various options to choose from. Truly an exceptional tool, PDF Suite Pro speaks a lot about itself being an all-in-one PDF tool.

pdf suite


  • All-in-one PDF tool
  • Fast conversion time


  • Slow page loading time under the PDF viewer
PDF Architect

Price: $69.00

PDF Architect can convert, edit and create PDF just like Nitro PDF can. The tool takes its appearance after Nitro Pro and Soda PDF, with the interface looking similar to Microsoft Word. PDF Architect is popularly known as the only PDF tool that is customizable. Being a customizable PDF tool, means that users can download the tool for free and purchase it later on. The tool allows users to choose what options to include on their plan, which is the selling point of the entire tool. This means that users can control the features that will be included when they purchase the tool. This will save a lot of space and time for users because depending on the situation, they can be sure that they have the right options.

pdf architect


  • Simple and easy to navigate interface


  • Creating PDF documents is not available under the free trial
CutePDF Professional

Price: $89.95

CutePDF Professional or formerly known as CutePDF 3.2, is a Windows PDF editor and converter software. This simple and straightforward application is a more affordable choice, without sacrificing over-all functionality. The tool specializes in business purposes which is why many companies across the globe uses it. The tool can convert PDF into 300 different document formats, and does not charge annual maintenance fees. There is also an unlimited users plan for companies which, for a certain amount will allow unlimited users to use the full functions of the tool without any limitations. It also provides free upgrade to their latest updates which is a bonus. Overall, this tool is a worthy Nitro PDF converter alternative because it can process multiple workload from different devices at once.



  • Offers lifetime free upgrade


  • Only supports Windows devices
The File Converter for Android

Price: Free

The File Converter is an Android application available from the Google Play Store. The mobile application is equal to Nitro PDF converter, but in mobile platform, specifically on Android devices. The app is free to download and install, makes it really accessible to Android users. The File Converter is capable of converting PDF documents from the palm of your hand. This is a convenient way to convert files, because it can be taken virtually anywhere and can be done even without internet connection. The conversion speed of the tool is quite decent which is why it is a great alternative to Nitro Pro.

the file converter


  • Free to download and install
  • Makes PDF conversion convenient and portable


  • Ads pop-up when connected to Wi-Fi
  • App sometimes crashes when overused
Able2Extract PDF Converter for iOS

Price: $9.99

Last on the list is another mobile application, this time for iOS device which is Able2Extract PDF Converter. This is a simple and straightforward tool for converting files, with a bonus OCR feature. The tool is available from the Apple App Store, for less than ten dollars, which is the standard price for decent mobile PDF converters. Using the tool is rather simple, because all that is needed to be done, is to open the PDF document using it. Next, select the format to convert the PDF into and that is it. The tool is so fast, that it can convert PDF within second. An additional feature of the tool, is that it allows scanned PDF documents to be edited as well. Overall, Able2Extract PDF Converter is a wonderful addition to the growing number of Nitro PDF converter alternatives.



  • Great for converting PDF into various formats and vice-versa


  • Not available on Android devices
  • Does not have a PDF editing feature

There are a lot PDF converter similar to Nitro PDF converter just like the ones mentioned above. All the tools listed above are worth every penny that you will spend, because of the premium features they possess. This is especially true with AceThinker PDF Converter Lite and PDF Converter Pro, because they both have all the needed features for a good PDF converter. Also, they give the users value for money because unlike the usual pricing, PDF Converter Pro is way cheaper and more cost efficient.

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