3 Methods to Insert PDF into Word Documents

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3 Methods to Insert PDF into Word Documents

When you are editing a Word document, there are many times when you need to insert images, sheets, and even PDF files to make the file more persuasive and also good-looking. As we know, PDF documents can contain multiple files. One benefit of adding PDF files is that you can send it to anyone, and they will be able to open it directly, without having to search for the PDF itself. This is very useful, especially to students who are looking for reference materials for their studies. That is why so many people are looking for ways to insert PDF into Word. Continue reading to find out different methods to insert PDF file into Word document.

Manual way to insert PDF to Word

The most commonly used way to embed PDF to Word documents is by using the “Insert Object” option. This allows the Word document to process the entire PDF file, into a format that is supported by the editor. This way, the PDF file will be accessible anytime because it will be converted into an HTML file, and can be opened anytime with a web-browser. If you want to learn how to perform this method of inserting PDF to Word, follow these steps.

User Guide:

  • From the desktop, head to the “Search bar” and type in “Microsoft Word” and select the best match.
  • Open the document where you want to insert the PDF, and from the home screen, click “Insert” and select “Object.”
  • insert as object

  • From the new window that will appear, click “Create from File” and click the “Browse” button. From the file explorer that will appear, look for the PDF file that you want to insert.
  • You can click the “Display as icon” checkbox to change the appearance of the PDF file once it is inserted to the Word file.
  • On the other hand, leave it unchecked if you want the first page of the PDF file to appear on the file.

insert the pdf

Insert Multi-Page PDF to Word for Free

If having to insert the PDF as an object seems like a hassle, then you can try the method that does not involve this process. By using Acethinker Free PDF to Word Converter, you will be able to convert PDF files into Word documents for free. The tool is web-based so it does not need any installation, making it ready to use anytime, as long as there is internet connection. There is no limit to the pages that the converter can process, making it a robust tool just like any software. If this method suits you better, then follow the steps below to learn how to do this method.

Step1 Launch the PDF to Word converter

To launch the tool, click the link above and a new tab will open containing the official website of the tool.

launch the tool

Step2 Convert the PDF

From the homepage, click the “Add” button and select the PDF file from the file explorer. The file will be converted as it is being uploaded to the tool and may take some time depending on the
size of the PDF file. Once the conversion is finished, the download link for the newly converted file will appear. Click the download button to save the file on your PC.

add the files

Step3 Insert the file to the Word document

You can now open a Word document, or create a new blank document. From there, open the file location of the newly downloaded file, then drag and drop it to the other Word file. You can insert the whole file or just some pages you need.

download the file

Convert PDF into JPG and then Embed It in Word

Another safe way to insert PDF documents into Word is by converting them into image files. With that being said, Acethinker Free PDF to JPG Converter is the best choice. This is a web-based tool which means that you can access it online. The only requirement is a stable internet connection, and you’re good to go. Free PDF to JPG Converter can also convert PDF with multiple pages, which makes it stand out among other online converters. The good thing about converting PDF with multiple pages is that it transforms every page automatically. This is indeed an excellent tool that can compete with other PDF desktop converters. Here are the steps to use the tool.

Step1 Open Free PDF to JPG Converter

Launch the tool by clicking the link above and it will open on a new tab.

launch the tool

Step2 Upload the PDF file

Click the “Add” button and select the PDF file that needs to be converted into an image file. The file will be converted while it is being uploaded, and depending on the stability of the internet connection, the process might take some time.

upload the file

Step3 Get the newly converted file

For PDF files with multiple pages, they will be converted and automatically saved as a ZIP file. However, for a single page file, they are converted as an image file in JPG format. Download the newly converted file and save it on the PC. You can select the ones that you want to insert to the Word file by simply dragging and dropping them to the Word file.

download the file


There are many ways to embed a PDF file to a Word document. Some of the most natural methods perhaps were mentioned above, and all you have to do is choose the method for you. However, for those who want not just to insert a PDF, but different file formats as well, they can use the Free PDF Converter tools by Acethinker. These tools are sure to deliver efficiently, and high-quality converted PDF formats that can be inserted on almost any file or document. Indeed an excellent tool, Free PDF Converters are reliable, whenever the need to convert PDF arises.

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