How to Insert PDF File into PowerPoint

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How to Insert PDF File into PowerPoint

When you are creating a PowerPoint presentation, you will come across the requirement to add PDF files into it under many different instances. When you encounter such a situation, you don’t need to worry about anything. That’s because PowerPoint supports PDF file formats. You will be able to import PDF to PowerPoint without any hassle and get your requirements catered. Here are the steps that you need to follow when you are trying to learn how to import PDF into PowerPoint. Here are the steps that you must follow when you want to insert PDF into PPT. Any person who follows these steps will be able to get the job done with minimum hassle. First of all, you need to make sure that the specific file that you are trying to import to PowerPoint is not open. However, you should take a look at the folder path and locate it. Next, you can open PowerPoint and select the specific slide, where you need to insert the PDF file. From the menu, you can now select Insert and then select Object. Moreover, you will now be able to see the Insert Object box. In here, you must select “Create from File”. Then, you need to enter the location of your PDF file and you can now locate the folder path of the PDF file and then select “OK”. When you follow these steps, you will be able to get PDF into PowerPoint. This method is quick and easy. Therefore, you will never run into frustration when you follow this method to insert PDF into PPT.

Quickest way to convert PDF to PowerPoint for Free

We discussed one straightforward method available for you to add a PDF into PowerPoint. However, you will be adding the PDF file as an object. But in some other instances, you will come across the requirement to get the PDF converted into slides. Then you can simply copy the slides into your PowerPoint presentation and make necessary changes in them. If you wonder how to insert PDF file in PowerPoint through this method, you don’t have any built-in functionality within PowerPoint to get the job done. Therefore, you need to look for an alternative method. The online PDF solution available for you at Acethinker can be used to get this conversion process done in an effective manner. Below mentioned are the steps that you must follow when trying to convert PDF to PPT.

Step1 Access first the tool

You should first access the online tool. You can access it by navigating to Acethinker Free Online PDF to PPT Converter.

lightpdf webpage

Step2 Drag and drop the file in the interface

Now you will be provided with an interface to upload your PDF file. You can either upload the PDF file through file explorer or else, you will be able to drag the PDF file and drop it in the interface.

drag and drop pdf file

Step3 Load the PDF file and convert it into PPT file

Once you have loaded the PDF file into the interface, you can select PPT as the target file format. Then, you can simply hit convert. This will initiate the file conversion process. At the end of completion, you will be provided with a link to download the PPT file.

convert pdf and download ppt file


As you can see, several effective methods are available for you to learn how to insert pdf file in PowerPoint. You can take a look at these methods and figure out what the best method to get your PDF converted. Then you will be able to import the PDF and the content in it to the PowerPoint presentation without any hassle. Therefore, you can easily create professional presentations, which can be used to impress your audiences.

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