How to Insert PDF File into PowerPoint

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How to Insert PDF File into PowerPoint

Many things can be inserted into a PowerPoint slide. Aside from images, people can also insert PDF files and not just a single page PDF file, but an entire PDF book or document. In most cases, inserting PDF documents into a PowerPoint slide can benefit the user in various ways. For example, during a presentation, instead of interrupting the entire presentation to open a PDF document to support the fact that one is discussing, they can insert the whole PDF file. This way, the PowerPoint slide so that it will be just a click away to open if it is needed. This will preserve the momentum of the presentation and will keep the presenter focused on the topic. This is just one of the many benefits of learning how to insert PDF into PowerPoint. Luckily, some of the most efficient ways to do this are listed below. Read on to learn about some of the best methods to insert PDF into PowerPoint.

Free Online PDF to PowerPoint Converter

First on the list of great tools that you can use is Acethinker Free Online PDF to PPT Converter. The tool is entirely for free because it uses the power of the internet to function. Installation is not required to use this tool, just a stable internet connection. That is what makes this a reliable tool to use, because people, regardless of their location, as long they are connected to the internet, can use it. Free Online PDF to PPT Converter can transform PDF into PPT in within seconds. This is a sure way to insert a PDF into PowerPoint anytime and anywhere. To learn how to perform this method using the tool, follow the steps below.

Step1 Visit the official website of the converter

To launch the tool, visit the official website of Acethinker. However, a much more convenient way is by clicking the link above which will open the official site on a different tab. From the homepage, click the “Add” button then select the PDF that you want to convert into PowerPoint.

add the pdf file

Step2 Wait for the conversion to finish

While the PDF is being uploaded to the tool, it is at the same time being converted into a PowerPoint. Depending on the status of the internet connection and the size of the PDF file, the process might take a few seconds or minutes.

pdf to powerpoint

Step3 Download the newly converted file

A notification will appear after the conversion process. From there, the download button for the newly converted file will appear. Click the download button then to get the PowerPoint file on your PC.

download the file

Step4 Insert the file on PowerPoint

To insert the newly converted PowerPoint file, open an existing PowerPoint presentation, and then locate the converted PDF file. From there, drag the file into an existing slide and drop it there. You can now save the PowerPoint presentation with the added PDF file in it.

save the file

Insert PDF as an Object

The most common way people use is by inserting the PDF directly by using it as an object. The PowerPoint tool has an option that allows the users to insert multiple file formats into their presentation slides. The process simple enough to be accomplished with a few steps, but comes with a significant disadvantage like you can only add one PDF at a time. This will slow down the process because the user will have to insert the PDF one by one. However, this method still has a good point to it, because you will be sure to add the right PDF file, directly from the PC. To learn how to insert PDF into PowerPoint as an object, follow these steps.

Step1 Launch the PowerPoint application

In order to use the “Insert” option of PowerPoint, start by launching the tool from the desktop. On the search bar, type in “Powerpoint” and then click the best match.

launch powerpoint

Step2 Insert the PDF file as an Object

Once the application is launched, open the PowerPoint presentation that you need, then click the “Insert” tab and from the list of options, select “Object.” From the window that will appear, click select from the file and then select “Browse” and look for the PDF file that needs to be inserted to the PowerPoint.

locate the PDF

Step3 Place the PDF file and save the PowerPoint presentation

Once the PDF file is located from the file explorer, click “Open” and it will be placed on the current slide. It is advisable to jump to the actual slide where the PDF file is needed before clicking the “Open” button. Once the PDF is in place, save the PowerPoint presentation on your PC by clicking the “File” tab and selecting “Save.”

save the file

Insert PDF as an Image

The last method is by inserting the PDF document as an image file. Like the previous method, this involves the built-in tools of the PowerPoint application, which is an efficient way since there is no installation of the sort required. The process technically consists of converting the PDF document into an image file to insert it. However, a much easier way is by taking a screenshot of the PDF pages. This works best for a single paged PDF document as you can only insert one image at a time. On the other hand, for PDF with multiple pages, it is not advisable. To learn how to take a screenshot of the PDF file using PowerPoint, and then insert it on the slide, follow these steps.

Step1 Take a screenshot of the PDF page

First, open the PDF from your default PDF reader and then launch the PowerPoint presentation. From the “Insert” toolbar select the “Screenshot” option and then take a screenshot of the PDF page. Repeat the process to add more pages if necessary.

take screenshot

Step2 Save the file

Once all the pages of the PDF have been inserted as an image, apply the changes that were made by clicking the “File” tab and then select “Save.”

save the pdf


Learning how to insert PDF into PowerPoint is not an impossible task to perform. Knowing the right methods will tremendously ease the time, then you will spend looking for a way to insert the PDF. Fortunately, the methods listed above all can insert PDF into PowerPoint with minimum effort. Using Acethinker Free Online PDF to PPT Converter, there will inevitably be no problem in placing the PDF file in a PowerPoint slide presentation.

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