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Top 10 Best Free PDF to PPT Converter

pdf to ppt converter free PDFs are excellent for sharing documents due to PDF being a universal standard that maintains formatting settings independent of device and operating system. However, there are case when having your data in PDF format is not the most suitable for the given purpose. If you are a lecturer and need to create presentations often, you might find that many of your sources are from PDFs and that PDFs do not integrate well with presentation software. So is you have graphs or data in general in PDF format that you would like to add to your presentation, converting your PDF to PPT will make you job a lot easier. Or if you have been given a PDF version of a PPT by your teacher for compatibility purposes but you want to view it in its original presentation form, then you can convert it to PDF. Here we will present you a list of the top 10 PDF to PPT converter free of charge, and we will briefly guide you through the steps of using them. To convert PDF to PowerPoint free, read on.



LightPDF boasts a whole bunch of different PDF management tools from converters to PDF editing tools. Everything you do in LightPDF is done online, so no additional software needs to be downloaded. However, if you are say worried about security issues when working online, LightPDF also has a desktop version of its tools with the same capabilities. LightPDF’s PDF to PPT tool performs the whole conversion process in three simple steps: you upload a file, the program converts it, you receive a download link. The user-friendly interface significantly shortens the learning curve form this software, in fact, even users with very low level of computer skills will be able to master the use of LightPDF in a couple of minutes.

Step1 Uploading your file

You can upload your files by dragging and dropping your file on the given area or by clicking “Choose file” and selecting the file from your computer storage.

upload pdf

Step2 Waiting for conversion

After selecting the file, uploading and conversion will start automatically and you can track the process on the screen.

processing PDF

Step3 Downloading your PPT

Whenever the conversion has been completed, your newly converted file will be made available for download. Simply click the downwards pointing arrow to have your PPT file saved to your computer.

download ppt


solution online2pdf

ONLINE2PDF, contrary to its name, can also convert from PDF to a number of different formats and even different versions of that format, while giving you basic editing abilities for your documents as well. The interface of this powerful PDF to PPT converter online is not that streamlined and the functions are somewhat scattered, but it is still an excellent online tool for getting PDF related office tasks done. The editing options include merging documents, extracting and rotating pages, defining a header and a footer and removing password from your protect files. Batch conversion is also supported, so if you want to convert multiple files in the same session, with ONLINE2PDF it will be easy.

Step1 Adding files for conversion

To add a file use the drag and drop system or add the file using the “Select files” button and choosing the file you want to convert from your computer.

add pdf for conversion

Step2 Adding multiple files

If you want to add more than one file, you can do this by dragging and dropping more files on the given area or by clicking the “Browse” button and selecting more files from your computer. On the bottom of the page choose whether you want the files to be merged, converted separately, or you want a new PDF file for each page. If you have choosen the files to be merged, also select whether you want them to be ordered.

Adding multiple files

Step3 Selecting the output format

Use the drop-down list next to “convert to” to select the output format of your PDF. In this case the output format will be Powerpoint and choose the version according to compatibility.

choose output as ppt

Step4 Converting

Hit the “Convert” button and your files will be automatically uploaded and converted. Once the conversion has finished, the newly converted PPT will be save automatically to your computer.

convert pdf to ppt online


solution smallpdf

Small PDF is a compact little tool for managing PDFs online. Apart from being able to convert from and to PPT, JPG, Word, Excel, Small PDF also has a dedicated editing tool and some other useful applications. The interface is really clear-cut, there are no distracting adds or anything. As PDF to PPT conversion is not an easy process, SmallPDF have partnered up with Solid Documents to ensure that the PowerPoints you get from your PDFs will be as good as they can be. Once your file has been converted, you can not only download your file but you can also upload it directly to one of your cloud storage accounts.

Step1 Choosing your file

To add a file, drag and drop it on the give area or using the “Choose file” button, select the file from your computer manually. You can also import a file from your Dropbox or Google Drive account.

choose PDF to convert

Step2 Converting

After your file has been added the program will automatically upload and convert your file.

converting PDF to powerpoint

Step3 Downloading your file

Once conversion has finished successfully, your PPT file will be made available for download. Click the downwards pointing arrow to have your file saved to your computer. You can also save your file to your Dropbox and Google Drive account.

download converter ppt


solution ilovepdf

iLove PDF is yet another free online PDF to PowerPoint converter that will get any basic PDF management job done easily for you. You can convert from and to PDF between various file formats and the merging, splitting, compressing and watermark tool can also come handy. iLovePDF is also integrated with the two most popular cloud storage services, Dropbox and Google Drive, so if you like to store your documents online, then this will significantly speed up the conversion process for you. Although batch conversion is supported with iLovePDF, it is only available if you have paid for the Pro version of the program.

Step1 Selecting your PDF file

Simply drag and drop your PDF on the given area or if you prefer selecting files the traditional way, click”Select PDF file” and pick the desired file from your computer.

select files to convert

Step2 Converting

A small preview of your file will be shown once it has been uploaded. Below the thumbnail, hit the “CONVERT TO POWERPOINT” button to convert your file.

converting to powerpoint

Step3 Downloading your file

Once the conversion has finished, you will be able to save your PPT file to your computer using the big red “Download POWERPOINT” button. Instead of downloading you can also upload the file to your Dropbox or Google Drive account directly using the small icons to the right of the download button.

download converted ppt


solution freepdfconvert

FreePDFConvert is definitely not our favorite tool on the list, but nevertheless, users who are looking for a simple converter without all the fancy editing options might like this one, but definitely not for its limitations for free users. To be able to convert more than the first two pages of your document you are going to need to sign up for a membership. Without signing up you will also only be able to convert one file every 60 minutes. The program is capable of converting PDFs to JPG and most of the Microsoft of the programs found in the Microsoft Office suit.

Step1 Uploading your PDF file

Click the “Select PDF file” text in the blue are and select the PDF from your computer that you wish to convert to PPT.

select pdf file

Step2 Processing and downloading

The program will start processing and converting your file automatically after uploading it. When the conversion has finished, a Download button will appear next to your file which you can use to download the PPT to your computer or save it to your Dropbox account. Keep in mind that the free version only converts the first two pages of your document.

download converted powerpoint


solution PDFtoPPT

PDFtoPPT, a tool developed by the Nitro team, is a simplified online version of Nitro Pro, a powerful PDF management software that lets you create, protect, split, merge and do many more thing s to your PDFs. If the only thing you need to do is convert your file, then the online version will do just fine. The online converter lets you convert between PDF and Microsoft Office formats. The output file you receive after converting your file is emailed to your email address from where you can forward the link to your friends or colleagues. The interface is very clear-cut, it only takes up a small column on the side of your screen.

Step1 Choosing the output format

Make sure the converter is set to convert from PDF to PPT. You can select both from the drop-down lists.

choose powerpoint as the output

Step2 Select file to convert

Click on “Select your file” and choose the file you want to upload from your computer. If your file has been added successfully, you will see the file name and a green tick next to it. You can add more files by clicking “Select another file” underneath.

select your file to convert

Step3 Entering your email address

You file will be sent to your email address, so it is important that you make sure you provide the correct address, otherwise you will not receive your file. If you would also like to receive news and tips from Nitro in the future, tick the box below.

enter email address

Step4 Converting

The only thing left to do is hit the “Convert Now” button. The program will now convert the file(s) and as soon as they are finished, they will be emailed to your email account.

converting pdf to ppt


solution SODAPDF

SODAPDF, a product of the firmly established LULU Software company, provides both online and offline solutions for managing your PDF documents. With SODAPDF you will be able to fully customize your PDFs by splitting, merging, editing and converting them. Its online tool dedicated to converting PDFs into PPTs has simple interface and supports the conversion of multiple files in one session. You can also import files from your Dropbox and Google Drive accounts, perfect for people that like working on the go as the functions can be accessed from any device and any browser.

Step1 Uploading your files

Unfortunately, there is no drag and drop system for this one, but you can upload your file by clicking the blue “Browse” button and selecting the PDF from your computer. You can also import a file from your cloud storage accounts using the buttons below the “Browse” button.

add file to convert

Step2 Downloading your file

After uploading your file, conversion will start automatically, you do need to press anything. Once your file is converted, you will be redirected to a window where you enter your email address to have your file sent to you by email, or you can view and download the file in your browser.

download file


solution pdf2go

PDF2GO features a number of highly useful PDF management tools organized into neat categories based on their functions. The editing tools let you merge and split PDF files and also rearrange the pages in them, while the PDF improvement tools help you fix damaged PDFs, increase security and compress your files. The conversion tools let you convert from and to PDFs between various formats such as JPG, TXT, Word and PPT. The to PPT converter lets you create presentations out of your PDF in three simple steps: uploading your file, converting, and downloading.

Step1 Choosing file(s)

Drag and drop your files on the given area or choose the files from your computer using the “Choose File” button. You can also import documents from your cloud storage accounts or from an online source by using the buttons in the bottom right-hand corner of the upload interface.

choose file to convert

Step2 Viewing your added files

Each file you add will be displayed below the upload interface. You can delete any of the added files by clicking the red “Delete” button next to it.

view added files

Step3 Optional settings

Using the drop-down list you can choose what version of Microsoft Powerpoint you want the output file to be. Choose the one that is compatible with your computer.

output settings

Step4 Processing your files

If you are ready for converting, hit the “SAVE CHANGES” button and the program will now queue and process your files.

Processing your files

Step5 Downloading your files

After conversion has successfully finished, you will be able to download your files separately or in a bundle as a zip file, or export PDF to PowerPoint free directly to your cloud storage account. If you want to make further edits to you file in one of PDF2GO’s other tools, click the “Further edit selected files” button.

download PPT


solution thepdf

ThePDF is an online solution for carrying out basic PDF related office tasks such as splitting, merging and unlocking PDF files. While its editing tools are on par with any of the more sophisticated PDF editors, especially considering the fact that ThePDF has its very own built-in OCR recognition tool, its conversion capabilities are somewhat limited. You can only convert PDFs to Word, Excel, JPG and PowerPoint. It’s PDF to PPT tool is simple to use and maintains the layout of your PDF even after conversion, which is an important factor. Batch conversion is also supported but at the end of the conversion you will only be able to download your files separately.

Step1 Selecting files to be converted

There is no drag and drop system, instead you can select the files from your computer manually by clicking the green “Select…” button. You can keep adding files by pressing the same button.

select file to convert

Step2 Converting your files

The files you have added will be displayed in a list. You can remove any of them by clicking “Remove file” next to them. If you have added all files you wish to convert, hit the blue “Convert” button.

convert your PDF

Step3 Downloading your file

The program will now upload and process your files. Once processing and conversion has finished, the status indicator next to your files will be green and write “Processed”. Next to each file you will see a download button that you can use to download each file separately.

download file


solution zamzar pdf converter

Zamzar is a flexible online conversion tool that lets you convert between a huge number of audio, video, image, ebook and document formats. If you are converting videos, you also have a wide range of built-in presets to choose from to make sure the video is fully adjusted to your device. The interface of Zamzar helps a lot with conversions for new users as users are guided through the process in a step-by-step manner. The free PDF to PPT converter is capable of converting multiple files at once and the output result will be sent directly to your email address afterwards.

Step1 Choosing your files

You can upload files from your computer either the traditional way by cocking the “Choose Files” button and selecting the files from your computer manually or by the drag and drop system. If your PDF is from an online source, you can input its URL.

choose PDF to convert

Step2 Selecting the output format

Use the drop-down list in “Step 2” to select the format which you want to convert your PDF to. The PPT format can be found under the document formats.

choose output format

Step3 Entering your email address

After your conversion you will be receiving your file through email, so make sure you provide a valid and accurate email address here.

enter email address

Step4 Preparing for conversion

Now click the “Convert” button and the program will upload and process your files and prepare them for conversion.

convert PDF to PPT

Step5 Converting your file

You will now get a message saying that your files have been uploaded successfully. The program will now convert your file and as soon as this is done, you will receive your converted file (PPT) through email. If the servers are experiencing high traffic, this might take some more time.


Converting a PDF to PPT can make the preparation of presentations a whole lot easier if you are working from PDF based source. Convert PDF to PPT online free with any of the above mentioned software and you will get well composed presentations with a couple of clicks. Although the above mentioned PDF to pptx free programs are the best among free converter applications, they still vary a lot in terms of performance and functionalities so if you want to convert PDF to PowerPoint free, make sure you experiment with a couple of the above listed tools until you find the one that best matches your needs. Keep in mind that these programs are all for Windows, and if you have a Mac computer, your go-to presentation software will most probably be Keynote. Keynote can also deal with .pptx files so free PDF to PowerPoint for MAC works the same way, you can convert PDF to PPT MAC free online using the same tools.

If you need to do some editing and customizing to your PDFs before converting them, check out AceThinker’s all-in-one ultimate PDF management tool called PDF Writer, which will let you edit the content of your PDF the way you want, add annotations, split and merge your documents and do many more.

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