Review of Top 9 PDF Converters

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Review of Top 9 PDF Converters

For storing and sharing documents, PDF is the best format by far. It keeps the document’s formatting unchanged no matter where and on what device you open it on. However much this may seems as an advantage, it can also make the users face some difficulties if he or she would like to edit the content of the PDF. Editing would only be possible if the PDF is first converted to an editable format such as Word or TXT. Since the Internet is not abound with full-featured, versatile PDF converters, we have tried to pick out the 9 best PDF converters for you to use, which we will present to you in more detail below.

Review of Apps

AceThinker PDF Converter Pro

One of the best PDF converters on this list is AceThinker PDF Converter Pro. This powerful software allows users to convert PDF files to other document formats like Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and more. Additionally, it could also do the same process the other way around. Also, it provides an advanced OCR technology that can scan image-based PDF files and extract the texts as accurate as possible. Moreover, it can efficiently convert PDF files as it allows users to perform a bulk conversion or select particular pages they want. Aside from that, it features a user-friendly interface that lets users convert these files in 3 easy steps. Finally, all files are converted into high-quality resolution. Follow the steps provided below to know more about this excellent solution.

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Step1 Download and Install the Software

First, click any of the “Download” buttons above to get a copy of the software on your computer. Run and follow the installation process, then launch it afterward to access its main interface.

access the software

Step2 Upload the PDF File

From the main interface of the software, click “From PDF” and select which output format you want. After that, hit the “Choose file” to browse and upload the PDF file you wish to convert. Once uploaded, click the “Convert” button to initiate the process.

convert the pdf file

Step3 Open the Converted File

A new window will appear showing the progress of the conversion. Wait for a few moments until the process is finished. Once done, click the “Open Folder” button to access the output folder and check the converted file.

open the pdf file

PDFMate PDF Converter

PDFMate is a professional PDF conversion application that in terms of options is possibly the most complete converter out on the market. You can virtually take your PDF to pieces and do whatever you want with it. PDFMate is available for both Windows and Mac. Apart from converting your PDF file to Word, Html, Text, Epub, Image, PDFMate lets you merge PDF files, convert scanned PDFs to searchable files using its built-in OCR mechanism and do many more things. The simple and user-friendly interface lets you do all the above mentioned things in a matter of seconds and with only a few mouse clicks. However, it is important to note that certain advanced functions are only available after subscribing to PDFMate Premium. If you still decide to stick with the paid version, you will be able to convert 3 files only. Here are some steps to editing your documents with PDFMate.

edit pdf

How to Use PDFMate PDF Converter

  • In the top window you may find the “Add PDF” option. Open any PDF document to edit them with PDFMate.
  • Open any PDF document to edit them with PDFMate. Add one document or open multiple files at once as PDFMate supports both options.
  • With PDFMate, you can choose whether you wish to add a single file or add multiple files to work on. Select the “Add PDF” button to start working on the document of your choice.
  • To select multiple files, click on “Add Folder”. This will open a window where you will be prompted to select the folder from your local directory. This way you can add several documents to PDF Mate directory for easier access.
  • You may edit the output format of the document by navigating to “Output File Format”. There you will be offered several different output options including PDF, DOC, HTML, image and even EPUB.
  • Click on “Convert” to let your PDF conversion process begin. You can check how the process goes by taking a look at the “status bar”. Once conversion has been completed, the status will change to “success”.
  • Navigate to the destination folder easily with PDFMate. Clicking on “Open” will direct you to the place where they have been saved.

Note: PDFMate “Merger Settings” offers some useful features. It allows you to shring your PDF documents to 1IN1, 2IN1 or as 4IN1. Press “Convert” to begin the process or merge files by choosing the “Open the merger” option.

merger settings in pdfmate


SodaPDF is advertised as the best PDF tool for getting a number of different PDF tasks done. And it truly is an excellent piece of software that lets you edit and convert your PDFs using its modern, simple and easy to use interface. SodaPDF is available in two different versions: one is a traditional Windows desktop version and other is an in-browser tool, which was developed with the aim of portability in mind. This possibility of choice makes SodaPDF the first software that runs as a desktop app and an online solution as well. This gives you the freedom to access SodaPDF from nearly any device including smartphones, laptops, desktops and tablets. Boost your productivity with SodaPDF by getting your editing and conversion tasks done easily, with the same tool. Try the handy reviewing, editing conversion and security possibilities SodaPDF offers.  Add your electronic signature in a simple step to a document, when you are finished editing.  The free version of the program gets the basic editing and converting done, but to get access to SodaPDFs extra features, you are going to have to join one of their pricing plans.

Thinking of converting your PDF to Word or any other file type? Here is a quick guide for it:

How to Use Soda PDF

  • With Soda PDF you may edit one file at a time. The document will appear in the main window, upon opening.
  • To convert your file to Word, just hit “Create and Convert” in the interface tab and conversion shall start at once.
  • With Soda PDF you can easily make your choice when it comes to conversion. Let it be a Word document or another alternative, with this powerful tool, you shall not face any issues.
  • When you do not want to convert the whole document, just a part of it, Soda PDF dialogue box will offer you options to pick which pages exactly you wish to export.
  • Do not forget to include your destination folder. When you have finished finalizing the settings, simply press “Convert” to start the process.

choose format


  • Desktop and in-browser version available
  • Plenty of output formats available for conversion
  • Built-in OCR technology
  • Advanced safety and security


  • Free version only features the very basic options
  • Not compatible with ePub files
WPS PDF to Word Converter Free

As the name suggests, WPS is a converter that can only be used to turn PDF files into Word format. But if you do not need all those additional functions, WPS will get the job done for you super fast. Once you convert your PDF file to Word, you will need to do no post editing at all to make the Word document look like the original PDF, the entire original layout of the document will be preserved. The program does include one additional feature though, the built-in splitting and merging tool lets you work easier with voluminous documents. Converting PDF files to Word with WPS PDF to Word Converter Free in two simple steps

How to Use WPS Converter

  • Open WPS PDF to Word Converter. Add the PDF that you wish to convert with the help of the program. Scanned or image format is not supported though.
  • Hit “Convert” to start the conversion process. In case you wish to modify the basic conversion settings.
  • Go to the “Special Features” tab of WPS Writer and select “PDF to Word Converter”.

open app


  • Formatting is retained throughout the conversion process
  • Splitting and merging function for large files
  • Easy to use interfacel


  • Free version limits conversion to 5 pages
  • It can only convert to Word
Nitro Free PDF to Word Converter

Despite the name, Nitro converter is not limited to only converting to Word format, in fact it supports all Microsoft Office related output formats (PowerPoint, Excel etc). If you are looking to get a more detailed overview of Nitro, its official website will not be of much help for you, you are going to have to try the software for yourself, but we can tell you beforehand that there is a very strict limit on the number of files you can convert per month: namely 5. And after your 14-day trial period is over, unfortunately you are going to have to purchase the software to keep on using it. You may find useful information below, on using WPS PDF to Word Converter.

How to Use NitroPDF

  • Open the link provided in the description above to access the PDF software.
  • Next click the “Select your file” button to upload the PDF you wish to convert.
  • After that, enter your e-mail address since the file will be sent through your e-mail.
  • Then, click the “Convert Now” button to start the process.
  • Once done, check your inbox on your e-mail to open the converted file.

nitropdf interface


  • Conversion is simple and fast
  • Good number of editing functions for enhancing your documents


  • Trial version very limited
  • Images are not always converted
  • Only Microsoft Office output formats are available
Icecream PDF Converter

You might be familiar with the brand Icecream Apps from using one of their other useful tools. They create free and easy to use software for image processing, screen recording and many other tasks. Their PDF converter is just as flexible as any of their other programs. It lets you convert from and to PDF from a number of different formats such as DOC, XLS, HTML, JPG, PNG etc. Apart from getting the basic conversion process done, it also lets you edit the layout of your document, split and merge files and choose from a variety of output settings.Thinking of using Icecream PDF Converter? Here is a quick guide, how-to.

How to Use Icecream PDF Converter

  • Convert to PDF and vice versa with Icecream PDF Converter simply and effortlessly. Both ways are easily accessible from the main window of Icecream interface.
  • Add files by clicking on the plus sign or dragging them into Icecream PDF Converter. Select the output format and adjust other things like page range and perform editing tasks like splitting and more.
  • With this easy-to-use and efficient tool, you may simply select the folder where you wish to save your new file and hit “Convert”.
  • In the “Settings” menu you can set some basic preferences like language, folder location and also include the name of publisher.
  • With Icecream you can set your preferences in a few easy steps and without taking very long. When you are ready, just click on “Convert” and wrap up the conversion process in no time.

define settings


  • Converts from and to PDF
  • Supports many output formats
  • Built-in PDF reader
  • Bulk conversion


  • Unlimited conversion is only available with the Pro version
  • No OCR recognition technology
DocuFreezer PDF Converter

DocuFreezer is a great piece of software if it is important for you to have the page layout of your original document retained. DocuFreezer will ensure that all your images, graphs, bullet-points will appear in the same place even after conversion. DocuFreezer’s interface features a drag and drop method of selecting your files to be converted. Moreover, the batch conversion feature allows you to queue multiple files for automatic conversion. The software comes in either a free version for non-commercial use and a business version for commercial use. The latter is available for $19. Please refer to the steps below to convert your PDF files to JPG with DocuFreezer.

How to Use DocuFreezer PDF Converter

  • Download DocuFreezer from the official website. The installation wizard will guide you through the setup process in a few easy steps. When the installation is ready, run DocuFreezer.
  • To open any PDF file just simply drag the desired document or documents into DocuFreezer interface.
  • No need to search for your files through DocuFreezer in your local directory, simply drop them into the program window.
  • Conversion of a file will first require you to select the output file format. If you wish to convert a PDF to a JPEG file, choose “JPEG”.
  • Do not forget to locate the destination folder so you will be able to find your new file in your computer’s local directory. Click “Start” to begin the process.

Open PDF


  • Supports bulk conversion
  • Many output formats supported
  • Easy to use drag and drop interface


  • Has less functions than other converters in a similar price range
  • No OCR technology

UniPDF is a simple tool and runs short on features that the above mentioned high-end converters have got to offer, but nevertheless, it carries out basic conversion tasks well. Its official website is just as simple as the software itself, there is not much information on the specific features of this program. UniPDF preserves images well, however it has some difficulties maintaining the original layout of text based content here and there. The output formats supported by UniPdf are the following: HTML, JPG, GIF, DOC, PNG, BMP, GIF, TXT, RTF, PCX. Below you may find a tutorial on using UniPDF.

How to Use UniPDF

  • Download UniPDF. Having opened the program, just hit “Add” to open any PDF file. Adding also works by dragging the desired file into UniPDF window.
  • Click on “Add” and choose whatever file you wish to convert. Click on “Open” once the file has appeared in the UniPDF software.
  • Feel free to add more files at once and let UniPDF add them to its conversion tasks and convert them one by one.
  • Click on “Convert” to start conversion. Note that conversion time may differ dependant on the number and file size of the files.



  • Simple to use, no need for guidelines
  • Batch conversion through the simple drag and drop interface
  • Many output formats supported


  • Limited functions
  • No editing features
  • Does not handle the conversion of text based content well
Foxit PDF Converter

The last solution which is Foxit PDF Converter converts PDF files to other document formats like Word, PowerPoint, or Excel. This is a free, web-based app that would not require users to download any additional software or follow a registration process. Additionally, it also supports converting PDF to image files like JPG and PNG. Aside from its conversion functions, this online tool also offers its users to split, merge, and compress the PDF file. However, one major drawback of this tool is that it does not provide other essential functions to edit or protect the PDF file. Users can unlock these functions if they will download the software version of the site and purchase the license. To know more about this solution, follow the steps provided below.

convert pdf

User Guide:

  • First, click the link provided to access the official website of Foxit PDF Converter. From here, click “Select your file” to upload the file to its server.
  • Once uploaded, click “Convert Now” to start the process. Wait for a few moments until it is finished. Once done, click the “Download” button to save the file on your computer.
  • After you saved the file on your computer, open the download folder to check or view the converted PDF file.


In today’s world, where text based content is becoming more and more digitized, people need to ensure that information is easily shareable and compact. PDFs are a great way of storing information that can be accessed from any platform, but sometimes we need to edit the information. For this purpose, we can use any of the great PDF converters mentioned above, but an ultimate converter that has everything you need from smart editing features to top-notch PDF managing functions, packed in a single software, is AceThinker’s PDF writer, which you can learn more about on AceThinker’s official website.

acethinker pdf converter pro

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