How to Fix Windows 10 Start Menu Not Working Problem

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How to Fix Windows 10 Start Menu Not Working Problem

The Windows operating system has stood the test of time in the history of 21st-century technological invasion. The operating system features an avalanche of optimum experience for its teemed users. However, some days might turn out to be terrible for it. Notable of those days, are the days when the Start button of Windows 10 chooses to misbehave, it’s a standard issue faced by many users. The good news is that the problem is fixable. In this post, we will show you how to how to solve the Win 10 start menu not working problem seamlessly.

How to Solve Windows 10 Start Menu Error

Getting the Windows 10 Start button back to functionality is quite easy. Simple adherence to the following instructions will do the trick.

1. Update Your Windows System

Most of the time, the problem rears up if your Windows 10 has got corrupted or the system not in a quite stable condition. So fixing this issue, entails you get access to Windows Update by going to Settings and then click on “Update and Security.”

Run Windows Update

In the Windows Update section, click on the “Check for Updates” button. This will start up the process of checking for the latest stable version of windows 10.

Next, you can select the “Check for updates” option in the Windows Update area. By doing that, the process to check and update to the newest Windows 10 will be started up.

check for updates

2. Reset Your Computer

If after updating your operating system, and the problem of the start menu persists, then extra measures need to be taken. One of such actions is resetting the system entirely. You can simply click “Advanced options” and then select “Troubleshoot” from the pop-up window.

Reset your PC

After doing this, you will find an option of resetting the system, and it has the tag “Reset this PC” as seen in the picture above. Clicking on this will allow you to keep or remove all your content while re-installing the Windows system.

Reset your PC

3. Log in with a new account

The problem could also arise from the user account. Hence, a new user account should be created or switch accounts and check if it can fix the problem. aunch Task Manager and start to enter “new user /add” to create a new account.

Create a new user account

After the new account has been created with the provided name. Later, you can use the new account you have just created to log into the system to see whether the start menu error has been fixed.

How to Repair Corrupted Data

One of the most generic causes for the Windows 10 start button issue is that some of your Windows files are damaged. You can follow these helpful tips to retrieve and fix the files. It will also help you get your start button back to functionality.

1. Open Task Manager

First, you need to run Task Manager on your system. You can use the shortcut keys Ctrl + Alt + Del by pressing all three simultaneously to access the task manager instantly. Also, you can launch it by right-clicking Task bar and then select Task Manager from the list.

Open Task Manager

2. Create a new Windows task

When you’ve done this, in the Task Manager window, click on “file” in the menu and select “Run new task” to proceed.

Run new task

3. Run Windows Powershell

Subsequently, a pop-up window will open, asking you to fill in the name of the program you want to run. In the space created, Just enter “powershell” and click OK to save the settings.

Run Windows Powershell

4. Check and repair your Windows files

Type sfc/scannow into the Windows PowerShell window and press enter to start scanning and checking Windows files. All things working in normalcy, then all the corrupted files will get repaired.


Just in case it still doesn’t work, In case if it doesn’t work, then you can also type “DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth” into the window. This process will enable you to fix the corrupt files.

How to Retrieve Corrupt Files with Disk Recovery

Sometimes where users encounter challenges repairing the files by processing the steps outlined above to the latter. In this case, the user need to get the help from some advanced data recovery program like Disk Recovery. It comes in handy in this circumstance to help you get back all the corrupt and lost files. As Windows PE is also well supported, a bootable media can be created easily and used for the recovery process. The following steps guide you in achieving that:

  • First of all, download Disk Recovery from the button below and then follow the wizard to install it. Run the program and insert the drive you wish to recover to your computer and then select “create a Bootable Drive” as the option.
  • If your system gets crashed, you should choose the recovery mode as “System Crash” and then click Start to proceed.
  • On the next pop-up Windows, please choose either to create USB bootable drive or create CD/DVD bootable drive.
  • Clicking “create” will format your USB flash drive or CD/DVD. Before creating a bootable drive, ensure you have backed up all your valuable data. You can click on “Format Now” to process.
  • While it is creating the bootable drive, please do not pull your CD, DVD or USB out, doing this ruins the entire activity. Patience is advised as it will take some time to complete the whole process.
  • When the bootable process is successful, you will be given 3 options to recover your lost files.
  • As the process is completed, insert the Windows PE bootable drive to the computer that is not working the right way it was built. Restart the crash system now and press the BIOS Enter key a couple of times. Popular common BIOS Enter keys are F2, F10, F12, ESC, and DEL.
  • When this is done, you will be able to get access to the Boot menu. Don’t forget to set the connected drive as the default one so as to recover the files.
  • Restart your computer and begin to retrieve from the crashed computer.


Now you have got the detailed steps to resolve the Win 10 start button not working issue. If you have lost some data due to the error, you can just reply on Disk Recovery to get back all your lost content. It is a convenient and resourceful tool that you can employ to use in some situations. By the way, if you have any idea about the Windows 10 start menu problem, please share it with use by dropping a comment.

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