How to Remove Google Chrome on Any Platform

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How to Remove Google Chrome on Any Platform

Google Chrome is, without a doubt, the number one most popular web browser across all platforms. Users love Chrome for its clean and simple user-interface and for its huge library of useful extensions among many other reasons. There are not many other browsers that can get even just a little bit closer to what Chrome has got to offer. Chrome can be downloaded to both Windows and Mac and there are also separate Chrome apps for Android and iOS users as well. Although there is no reason why should remove Chrome and switch to a different browser, there are cases when you need to uninstall Chrome so you could reinstall it to fix some minor malfunctions. Moreover, there are also times that you want to reset Google Chrome to its default settings. In this article, we will go through how you can completely uninstall Chrome from various platforms and provide you with simple steps and illustrations of the process.

Uninstall Google Chrome on PC

Step1 Open the Control Panel

Make sure all your Chrome windows are closed and it is not running in the background. On Win 7 and earlier versions, Open Control Panel by clicking the Start button and from the pane on the right select Control Panel. If you do not see it in the right margin, or you own a Win 8 or 10, start typing “control” in the search box and it will pop up. If you are using a newer version of Windows, click the Windows button and search for “control”. From the list of results, click on Control Panel.

control panel

Step2 Uninstall Chrome

Under the Programs category, click on “Uninstall a program”.

Uninstall Chrome

From the list of programs installed on your computer, search for Google Chrome, tick the box next to it, right-click the program and hit “Uninstall”. Note that you can only uninstall Chrome if you have admin right.

remove google chrome

Uninstall Chrome on Mac

Step1 Open folder containing Chrome

Make sure all your Chrome tabs are closed and not running in the background. Open the applications folder where Google Chrome was installed by default.

Step2 Move Chrome to trash

Locate Google Chrome and drag it to the Trash. To remove any related files that might not have been deleted, click “Go” on the top of the screen and enter “/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome”. Drag the entire folder to the Trash.

remove app

Remove Chrome on Android

Since both Google Chrome and Android are both developed by Google, when you buy a new Android device usually it will come with Google Chrome pre-installed on the device. Therefore, Chrome is usually uninstallable. However, if you have updated your Google Chrome since you own your device, you can uninstall updates anytime to revert back to the original version. You can also disable the app, which means it will still be installed on your device but you will not be able to see it in your list of apps.

Step1 Open menu

Tap on the “Menu” button. This can be a had or a soft button, depending on what type of device you own.

uninstall chrome on android

Step2 Access settings

Tap on “Settings from the options given then select “Applications”, “Apps”,or “App Manager” and then go to Manage Applications or something similar.

remove chrome on android

Step3 Uninstall updates or disable Chrome

Find Chrome in your list of apps.Click on the buttons as illustrated below to uninstall updates or disable the app. Also, know that if the Google chrome is pre installed on the device, there is no way for you to uninstall it.

delete chrome on android

Delete Chrome on iOS

Locate the Chrome app on your iPhone or iPad.Then, “Press” and “Hold” the Chrome icon for a couple of seconds and when it starts shaking and the grey X appears in the top-left corner, click the X to remove the app.

remove app on IOS


Google Chrome is a great app and really you should have no reason to delete it unless it has some technical issues such as constant crashing, incorrect settings or problematic add-ons. Google Chrome rarely malfunctions but if it does it can be very frustrating. When this happens, most of the time a simple re-install will fix the problem and you will be able to use it just like before. In this article, we have covered how you can uninstall Chrome on the 4 major platforms. It is not a difficult task, no matter whether you own a PC, a MAC, an Android or an iOS. Follow the simple steps and hopefully, you will be able to enjoy Chrome again after re-installing it.

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