How to Resolve Error “Not a valid Win32 App” on Windows

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How to Resolve Error “Not a valid Win32 App” on Windows

Win 32 applications are applications that are designed specifically for a 32-bit operating system. They are embedded with an exe extension. This tutorial looks at how to resolve the problem encountered when a system returns an error that a program is not a valid Win32 application. There are several reasons that can cause these problems. It could be caused by corrupt files, hardware problems, an incompatible version of Windows, and also a corrupted file system. We recommend users to read the following tutorial until the very end to resolve their problems. The potential causes of the error – and how to solve them – are all discussed below.

Downloading Issues

not a valid win32 application windowsThe most common reason we download exe files is to install those programs to our computers. This means that it is possible that users might get the problem if their download hasn’t completed properly. The valid Win32 error could be caused by an incomplete download. If this happens, then re-downloading the file should solve the problem. If the problem continues, then you should contact the website so they will upload the proper version of the file. While this isn’t the only cause of the problem, it is one cause users might not realize exists.

IDE Controller Not Configured

There are proper processes that should be followed by this error. This process is outlined below, so follow along with it to solve the problem. These steps are super simple to follow, so you should have no problems.

1. Right-click on My Computer and choose Properties


2. Click Device Manager in the left panel


3. Click the option for IDA ATA/ATAPI drivers as shown below


4. Click on the sub-option as shown below


5. Open the Advanced tab and change the transfer mode to DMA for both devices and not just PIO. This completes the process

check dma

Media Reading Error

Media reading errors are another common problem causing Valid Win32 application errors. This means that the user should change their CD or have it checked to ensure that it works properly. Here are some of the more remedial steps you can take in this situation:

1. Change the CD, such as using a different CD to ensure the CD reader isn’t the problem.


2. Clean the defective media using a soft cloth, but never use soap for this cleaning process.


3. You can use data retrieval software to restore any data on the drive. Recovery data is one of the most reliable and effective software solutions for data recovery.

IE Configuration Issues

The process for solving IE configuration issues is outlined below. This process is very easy to follow and should be used when the system doesn’t connect to a proper internet connection. It’s worth noting that users don’t necessarily have to use Internet Explorer in order to go through this process. Even if you use another browser, you can apply it to your browser and get the issue solved.

1. Start by opening Internet Explorer


2. Users should then follow the path below; tools > internet options > security. You should be taken to the screen below:

internet options

3. As you can see above, the security level should be set to medium-high and high within the internet settings. These options are highlighted at the very top, as displayed below. This completes the process:

security level


All of the most common processes users should follow are mentioned above in our tutorial. While we have supplied several solutions, users may still be unable to solve the problem they face. We recommend those users check out the forums and see the other solutions posted there. The latest techniques and processes that users find and create on their own are mentioned several times. The right solution for the problem could be something out of the box you may not have thought of. This solution can solve the problem and improve user competency so they are able to solve their problems by themselves later.

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