How to Fix Mouse Scroll Not Working Problem

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How to Fix Mouse Scroll Not Working Problem

mouse scroll wheel not workingYou may appreciate how important a scroll wheel only when you encounter a broken scroll wheel yourself. Working or just simply browsing the internet without having the ability to scroll with your mouse is a real pain. It’s over that using the up and down keys on your keyboard all the time is very time consuming and annoying. There are various degrees of mouse scroll not working. If you are lucky, only your scrolling speed is affected and this can be 90% of the time be fixed by simply adjusting your mouse settings, or maybe only a conflicting software is causing the problem, which again is easy to fix. However, there are cases when your mouse scroll wheel completely fails.

No matter how forcefully or quick you move your finger on the scroll wheel, there is no movement of the web page on the screen. In such cases, you might have to take your mouse apart and see if an interior component is attributable to the issue. In this article, we will go through all the above mentioned potential causes of your mouse scroll wheel not working and we will provide detailed solutions for you so you can resolve the issue yourself and get scrolling again.

Remove Dirt from the scroll wheel

The very first thing you should try is removing an dirt from your scroll wheel. Dirt, especially crumbs, if you use your computer while eating. Unplug your mouse, turn it over and place a dry piece of paper under it. Now pick up the mouse and start scrolling it above the paper. Do it in both directions for 10 seconds or so. Now try if your mouse works. If not and you still see some dirt stuck on the scrolling wheel, try repeating the above process with a slightly moistened cloth this time.

wipe to clean

Adjust mouse settings

If your scroll wheel is working but it takes a lot of scrolling to get through a small piece of text, you should adjust how many lines to scroll each time. You can easily customize how you want to mouse scroll wheel to react in Windows’ settings. For Windows 7 and earlier versions, click the Start Menu and select Settings. Now click on Devices and choose Mouse & touchpad to open up the mouse configuration window. On Windows 8 and 10, click the Start Menu, tap the settings icon and click PC and device. Now click Mouse & touchpad. Here you can adjust the vertical and the horizontal scrolling speed. Move the slider up or down according to your preference.

Adjust settings

Adjust or remove conflicting software

If you are using a mouse that has its own driver for customizing the settings, then try adjusting them through that software instead of through Windows’ settings. In case you are using a Microsoft mouse and you still have mouse software installed from other companies such as Logitech, then chances are the two will be conflicting with each other. In this case, users of Windows 7 and newer versions should access the Programs and Features menu in the Control Panel by clicking the Start button and typing appwiz.cpl. Remove any mouse software that is unnecessary for your mouse type.

remove suspected cause

Fixing hardware issues

If you have tried all the above solution and none of them seemed to have fixed the problem, your mouse is most likely to be defective. Taking it to a service is not advisable as the repair costs will probably be higher than the cost of a new mouse, but you can try taking it apart and fixing it yourself as a last resort. Unscrew the screws on the bottom of your mouse, take off the back, pull up on the mouse wheel mechanism, clean it gently and put it back fixing the case on top of it.

hardware failure


Issues with your mouse’s scroll wheel are not all that common but once you encounter one it can be very frustrating. Scroll wheel problems can be caused by a number of reasons and to determine that exact cause can be difficult. The first thing you should do is always check if your scroll wheel is clean. If the issue has not resolved, tweak your mouse settings and check for any software that might be interfering with your mouse. If none of the above-mentioned steps work, the last thing you can do is take your mouse apart and check for any hardware issues. Hopefully, you will be able to make use of a solution as mentioned above, making your scrolling wheel works properly again. If you have encountered similar problems before and have managed to fix the issue, please drop a comment and share with us your method.

September 9, 2018
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