9 Of the Best Software to Test Hard Disk Speed

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9 Of the Best Software to Test Hard Disk Speed

Are you thinking of getting a software where you can test your hard drive performance so as to improve the computer working speed? You might be wondering what software to use that can give you the most accurate result on your Mac or Windows PC. Below are the top selections of hard drive speed test software that can help you check the speed of your computer’s hard drive. Furthermore if in any case that you will encounter problems losing data because of hard disk failure, solutions are also provided for both Mac/Windows.


HD TACH is developed by TCD Labs and one of the commonly known for HDD performance benchmark that can run a HD test that perfectly works with Microsoft Windows. One noticeable feature of the software is that it supports library of the drive of benchmark where it can interpret data from the tape drive. Furthermore, continue reading to know more about it this software.

  • It thoroughly scans and test on all areas of the drive
  • It has typical value of data report
  • Interpreted speed test are transcribed into text or file management system.
  • Performs continuous or on the spot test
  • It can also perform test from the highest speed transferred from the drive interface

Step1 Download and Install

There are several sites that you can visit that provides a direct download to this software. To download click the hyperlink more>>>

testdrive 2

Step2 Check Settings

Start the Set-up Wizard by opening the downloaded folder file. Next, look for “Compatibility” tab choose the software version of your computer. Then click “run this program as Admin.”

test drive step 2

Step3 Run Test

Click “ Run test” then, wait until the test is complete . Finally, the tool will show you another window that includes the data interpreted

See picture below demonstrating the results.


ATTO Disk Benchmark

ATTO Disk Benchmark is another best hdd test software that can measure your hard drive’s speed and storage performance of Raid arrays, solid state drives and of course hard drives. This software is compatible with Microsoft Windows. To get to know more about this software, here are some FYI’s that you might want to check out.

  • The size transfer is 64MB with the lenght of 32GB
  • Supports extension to API
  • Supports continuous testing
  • It supports a number of I/O request

Step1 Get the App

Download the application and install it on your computer.Next, run “Benchmark.exe”.

Step2 Begin Test

Once the application is launched set up the drive to be scanned then, look for the “Start” button and click, to begin with, the test.

hdd speed test

Anvil Storage Utilities

If not satisfied with the previous tools mentioned you can try Anvil Storage Utilities. It is also a storage speed test that has Endurance benchmark. This tool is designed to provide a simple way to access your Hard Drive and test the performance. Just like the previous tools mentioned this also runs a complete test using random sequential operations. Aside from that, it also gives a set of results that has response time with three IOPS test.

Step1 Download the APP

Below is a link where you can directly download the application. Once downloaded launch the application and click here to download.

Step2 Launch App

Open the application and it will automatically reads your computer’s information. Next, make sure that the settings are configured properly.


Step3 Begin Test

then click “Start” to begin the test.

interpreted data

RoadKil Speed Test

The next hard drive tester is RoadKil Speed test. This application is easy to use just like the previous tool mentioned it tests and provide the speed deatils of your device when it comes to transfering data and compare it to other HDD speed.

Step1 Download and Launch App

Download and Launch the application by going to its official website.

Step2 Set the Disk to be tested

Next, once the application is launched simply select the Disk that you want to test.

Step3 Begin test

To initiate the test click “Begin” and wait until the processing is completed.

RoadKil speed test


The aforementioned software above mainly works on Microsoft Windows. Similarly, Parkdale is a hard disk tester but this time it’s to test your Mac performance but works on Windows too. Likewise, it measures the speed or performance of the computer, the network along with the CD Rom. Transfers are measure on kb/s or MB/s with three different modes namely, FileAccess, QuickAccess, and BlockAccess. If you find the tool interesting with these features, you can start downloading and using the app. Please see the guidelines below.

Step1 Download and Install Parkdale

To download the application click here >>>


Step2 Choose Mode of Test

Run the application and choose whether you want to test based on three modes namely, ” Quick Access” “File Access” and “Block Access” then choose the drive that you want to test.


Step3 Run the test

Once you are all set up, Begin start the test by choosing “Start” and let the process run.


CrystalDiskMark is another tool that you can use to maintain the performance of your hard drive. By the use of this software, you can monitor your computer’s performance and assure that it is correctly operating. Moreover, it runs both in sequence or random read and writes test results. Aside from that, you can also perform external hard drive speed test.

Step1 Download the App

get CrystalDiskMark and follow the set up wizard to install and launch the application.Then start running the program.

lauch the app

Step2 Configure Settings

Fill the following settings.

  • Number of Runs : e.g 1 or 2
  • Amount to test : 50MB
  • Disk to Check : e.g Disk C



Once settings are configured, click “Start” to begin the process.


As we all know Apple is very particular about the application being installed on their devices, that is why only a few application can interfere with the security standard.Being that said we listed some of the Disk Drive testers that works perfectly fine with Mac.

BlackMajic Disk Speed Test

First on the list is BlackMajic Disk Speed Test. This is a speed tested that has only one window, requires simple settings and compatible Yosemite OS. Just like ATTO Disk Benchmark It also writes and interprets in MB /per second.

Step1 Start Test

Download and launch the application. Click the “Start button” to begin the test to your drive.


Step3 Choose Drive

Choose the hard drive that you need to test by choosing “File and Stress Menu”.



TestNovaBench Another popular speed test software for Mac is TechNovaBench.

Its comes with High-resolution graphic speed test and test the floating point arithmetic speed of CPU of your hard drive.

Step1 Get the App

Download the app to your Mac and launch it .


Step2 Begin test

Close all other applications before you run test. Run the Speed test process. Go to Tests > Run All Tests. When it is completed, you will receive something like this.

testand results


Geekbench Just like the previous tool mentioned this also measure the speed and performance of your computer. Also manages tasks, applications, and determines the stability of your computer’s system. This software supports Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android. Just follow these simple steps to perform hard drive read-write speed test using Geekbench. It can also do external hard drive speed test.

Step1 Get the App

Download the app into your device. Click the name of the tool and be directed to the download page.


Step2 Configure Settings

Set the following setting to its maximum then launch the app.


Step3 Begin Test

Click on “Run Benchmark”. Remember that if you are using a free trial it will limit you to certain bit mode only. Once the processing is complete you will see results from the interface. See photos below.


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