How to Repair Runtime Error For Windows

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How to Repair Runtime Error For Windows

If you’re using Windows, you may encounter different types of errors occasionally and the runtime error is one of those common errors. Your Windows system all of a sudden, stops working and a runtime error message appears when executing a single application? You may be unsure about the reason of such error, but you must desperately want to know how to fix runtime error so that you can use the computer properly. Don’t worry! There are some easy methods for runtime error fix. Now just keep on reading this article and learn the way to repair the runtime error with ease.

Frequent Causes of Runtime Errors

runtime error message

Runtime error is among the most frequent errors you will experience when using Windows. This error may look similar every time, but truth is it can be caused by different factors, and that is what’s needed to be checked and repaired. Below are some the most common reasons for the runtime error:

  • Damaged registry files or registry errors which may result in program malfunctioning.
  • Unfinished installation procedures.
  • Specific files or folders needed to execute a missing program in the registry.
  • Outdated hardware drivers.
  • Malicious attacks like malware or viruses.
  • How to Fix Runtime Error in Windows 10/8/7

    First and foremost, you have to locate the affected file that is triggering the issue, by pressing together ALT+CTRL+DELETE. Besides this, if a program engenders an error ensure that you click on “End Task” and simply repair it.

    Step1 Clean The Registry

    By using the cleaning registry tool, you can check, clean, and repair files that cause the problem. One program that will help in this case is the 1-Click PC Care which is able to automatically search and solve runtime errors within your system. You can carry out the task with a special cleaning registry tool. The 1-click P.C care is such a tool which is able to search and diagnose and clean your registry. It will remove files that are not needed, like duplicates, or anything that might affect the system registry and cause issue. This will also assist you to generate a backup for all the adjustments the 1-click P.C care has made on your P.C for potential restoration of data. You only need 1-click to make all the above. The program is designed for both newbies and skilled users as it is very user-friendly.


    Step2 Incomplete Installation

    In case the error is being triggered by a faulty installation process, you can repair the issue by simply uninstalling the program first and the fully reinstalling it.

    system error box

    Step3 Keep the System Updated

    Many programs that are free and available online sometimes are broken, or a part of its file is missing. In order to resolve this problem, ensure that you have installed all updates that your system needs to function properly.

    keep system updated

    Step4 Scan for Viruses/Malwares

    To repairruntime errors that are the result of virus or malware attacks, you should install recovery tools/programs.

    scan for viruses


    Every now and then we will encounter runtime error problems. However, if you know the right way to fix it, you won’t have any problems. Just follow the steps above and it’ll be fine. Just in case none of the above mentioned steps work, you can always rely on recovery softwares to fix the issue automatically. The most suitable software for this task is the Disk Recovery – a 100% trusted and powerful program that is able to eradicate any runtime errors which may occur in your system. It is also compatible for both Windows and MAC OS.

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