Fixing Error Loading Operating System

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Fixing Error Loading Operating System

Error Loading Operating System is a common problem Windows users face on a constant basis. In this guide, you will see how you can fix the error problem. The message “Error Loading Operating System” usually occurs when Windows XP is being installed or restarted. The error is as a result of the computer’s BIOS and CMOS inability to support the windows upon startup, or restart. This problem prevents you from gaining access to your Windows Desktop. Newer systems like Windows Vista or Windows 7 don’t show this error message. If you can’t load either your Windows Vista or Windows 7, you may try this error loading operating system solution by using Startup Repair with the Windows Installation Disc.

Causes of the Error

Here are some of the problem having an error in loading an operating system.

  • Hard drive partition problems.
  • Setup issues of the hard drive in CMOS.
  • BIOS isn’t compatible with the Hard drive.

Setting up BIOS and CMOS

setting up bios and cmos Carrying out an update of your motherboard’s BIOS is an effective way to fix Error Loading Operating System issue most especially if the causes are the last two listed above. You can carry out this update either by paying a visit to the manufacturer’s website/computer’s manual or by going to CMOS setup to ensure the Hard drive is visible and also ensuring the “Access mode” is set to LBA or Large so it can support Large capacity of hard drive.

Fixing Hard Drive

disk management fixing drive One probable cause of Errors in Loading Operating System is wrong hard drive partitions and drive setup and settings. An inappropriate hard drive setting and partitions can also lead to Master Boot Record Error. All of these problems can be rectified with the aid of Power Suite Golden. The tool is cable of doing just about everything in a real system, and it comes with a user-friendly interface. Use the Power Suite Golden in the following way;

  • Use a different PC to make a Bootable CD/DVD/USB. You can use Live Boot to perform this.
  • Make Boot Crash Solution, to fix MBR, and give it a go.
  • BIOS isn’t compatible with the Hard drive.

If the problem continues, use Partition Genius in Disk Management Tab. This will help you separate your hard drive. So, you can install a new windows system.

Recovering lost data Error

recovering lost data While carrying out the operation to fix the error message, you will most likely encounter data loss and inaccessible data on your hard drive most likely as a result of the hard drive partition. If you don’t have a recent data backup, it might be a bit difficult to recover your lost data. But the good news is that you can use an effective hard drive data recovery tool to recover your data.

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