How to Delete Downloaded Files from Computer, Android and iOS

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How to Delete Downloaded Files from Computer, Android and iOS

“I deleted most of files, but my computer is still responding really slow. Someone told me to delete downloads and apps that I do not use. But I do not know how? How do I clear my Downloads?” Computers are one of the most reliable storage and source of information. You can store hundreds of videos and important files that you use for work or studies. However, we cannot set aside the fact that as we use it over time, you will experience slowness and problems along the way. Most especially when you store so many files even those are no longer in use. To maintain the performance of your computer you must consider freeing some memory on your PC. However, since not all are tech-savvy, some are having difficulties in deleting unwanted files on their PC. So, today the goal is to help you to manage your computer memory properly by deleting downloaded files that are unnecessary anymore. Below is a simple guide on how you can do it.

How to Delete Downloaded Files on Windows

Windows Home or Professional is the easiest operating system that most people use. Hence, deleting downloads on your windows PC won’t be as difficult as other computers operating system. You can have a look at the simple guide below.

Step1 Locate Downloaded Files on PC

The very first thing that you need to do is to locate all your files and most especially your downloaded files to make it easier for you to manage them. On your keyboard use the shortcut keys. Press and hold the “Windows” key and the letter “E” simultaneously. A window will appear directing you on your “Downloads” however, those files that you downloaded and save from different folder location, you have to locate them one by one when deleting. See picture below for better understanding.

download folder shortcut

Step2 Delete Files

Once decided what files to delete, use your mouse click and drag the file to recycle bin or right-click and choose “Delete”.

drag to recycle bin

How to Clear Downloads on Mac

The way to clear and delete unwanted downloads on Mac is also quite easy. You can just follow the detailed steps below to get it done quickly.

Step1 Go to Downloads

Many people find Apple Mac computers very difficult to navigate. However, it may not be that difficult as it seem. So, here are two easy ways to find the “Download” folder.

Method 1. Use the cursor hover your mouse to the Dock on the upper left-hand side of the Screen, look for “GO” then look for “Downloads”. Know that steps may vary depending on what software version you are using.

download path

Menthod 2. Use the Spotlight Search and type “Downloads”. Remember for those other files that you downloaded and stored on a different file folder, you have to locate them one by one.

Search through Spotlight search

Step2 Delete Files

To delete files from your downloads, click and drag the file to the recycle bin or by using your mouse, right-click and choose “Delete”.

delete file

You can also consider removing files that are saved as “Disk Images”. They came from downloaded programs on your PC, that even if you delete those programs, they will remain in your download folder. Equally important to that, when you uninstall programs, consider deleting “Disk Image” along with the App.

How to Delete Downloads on Android

Download third-party Application Manager if you do not have one e.g. (TM File Manager, ES File Explorer, APUS File Manager). That is for you to make it easier to find your folders. Simply locate each folder that you want to delete, “press and hold” choose “Delete”. The step may vary depending on what platform and version you are using.

download file manager app

How to Remove Downloaded Files on iPhone/iPad

The built-in file manager from iOS is the “File Explorer” that requires syncing on iCloud. Usually, the problem occurs if files and downloaded files are saved on your internal memory. Since the storage capacity of the iCloud is only 5gig then you have to upgrade to continue syncing files on your iCloud. Then, to manage your files you also need a third party app to organize it. (e.g. ApowerManager, Airmore, and a lot more).

apps to organize files

Possible Conflict While Deleting Downloaded Files

At times, when deleting files you will get an “Error Message”. In most cases, the reason is the file is still open and running. You have to close the file first, prior to deleting it again.

People tend to forget where did they save their files. On Windows devices, it’s not that difficult to find them since the software is easy to use. However, it is a different story on Mac and iOS devices. You may find it a little challenging finding all your files.

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