How to Use Command Prompt to Repair Windows 10

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How to Use Command Prompt to Repair Windows 10

With over 700 million users worldwide, Windows 10 is one of the most reliable and reputable operating systems. Windows 10 came with some exciting improvements and features. However, you will never get an operating system that is completely immune to crashes, malware or other malfunctions. Taking your computer to a repair shop immediately is not the most affordable idea, instead, try using various troubleshooting methods that can be carried out from home. One such method is using the Command Prompt Windows 10 to resolve the issue. In this article we will take a step-by-step look at how you can use the Command Prompt to repair Windows 10 system.

Steps to Repairing Windows 10 Using Command Prompt

The first step to using Command Prompt to repair your Windows 10 system is entering the Safe Mode. This way, you will not cause any harm to your computer while carrying out the process. Using Safe Mode is also good, as you can boot into Safe Mode even if you are unable to start your system properly. Follow the steps below carefully, to learn how to fix your Win 10 system by only using Command Prompt.

Step1 Advance Startup Option

While your computer is starting up, hit the F11 key which will take you directly to the Advanced Startup Options screen. From the list of options, select “Troubleshoot”.

click the troubleshoot option

Step2 Advanced Options

You will once again be offered different options. Click “Advanced options”.

click advanced options

Step3 Startup Repair

Here you will see the various recovery options listed. You are going to have to choose “Startup Repair”.

click startup repairs

Step4 Enable Safe Mode With Networking

On the following screen you will have to choose a startup setting for your system. Go through the list carefully, and hit the number on your keyboard that matches “Enable Safe Mode with Networking”. In most case you will find this option after the “Enable Safe Mode” option.

enter safe mode

Step5 Restart

Your system will now restart and boot into Safe Mode. This can take some time, so be patient. Once the system has restarted, hit the Windows and the “X” keys at the same time. This will bring up a screen with a list of options. Choose “Command Prompt (Admin)”.

Step6 Enter Commands

Wait for Command Prompt to appear on your screen, then enter the following command and hit enter. Wait for the process to finish. This can take some time. When it is over, restart your computer in normal mode and see whether the problem has been repaired: “DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth”

enter the commands

How to Recover Lost Data using Bootable Media

These days, the functionality and features of Windows operating system just keep on improving. Windows 10 is the most powerful operating system released by windows to date. But like any other operating system, it is not immune to crash and malfunctions. So in such situations, having someone with knowledge and experience to fix the problem is the best thing to do. But to save money from repairs, you can use the Windows repair Command Prompt to try and fix the issue by yourself.

complete the repair process

But in case of severe system crash and your PC won’t turn on, you can try using a recovery tool like Disk Recovery, a very handy tool that restores any type of file you had before the crash. Available for both windows and mac, this tool will recover files even if the issue is from a virus attack or the most common hard drive corruption.

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