How to Fix CD/DVD ROM Not Working Problem

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How to Fix CD/DVD ROM Not Working Problem

In today’s world of technology, we can store huge amounts of data and files. But before the existence of portable hard disc drives, the dominant mode of storage device were compact disc. Also along with the other drives on a PC device is the CD-ROM used to read the compact disc. So back then, CD-ROM not working is a big issue, especially for people who rely on these storage devices. Nowadays, compact discs are becoming rare because our habit of storing data has changed. We now have smartphone with large memory space that can store thousands of MP3 files and many other files. It’s the reason why computer manufacturers tend to not include CD ROM when introducing a new PC device in the market. Almost everything downloaded from the internet nowadays, especially games. But if you are the type that prefers buying the physical game, of course to be able to use it, you must have a CD or DVD ROM. Also, you might have important data from the past stored on CD-ROMs that you would like to copy or share. So what if your CD drive not working? In this article, we will take a look at a couple of ways how you can go about fixing a malfunctioning CD or DVD drives.

Yellow Exclamation Mark

If the ROM is not working, or not responding, maybe the device can’t recognize it. In this case, a Yellow Exclamation sign will appear on the icon of the driver as illustrated below. This is a clear indication of CD ROM not working correctly.

yellow exclamation sign

To see what is causing the problem, open the device’s Properties dialog box first. Then, in the Device status section, you will see one of the following errors along with its error code displayed next to it. Now to fix the issue, check the drivers of the PC device if one is installed correctly for the CD ROM. Usually, windows tend to exclude the driver in its updates. Sometimes, it a problem with the installation of the ROM itself. Here are 4 solutions that might help for your troubleshoot CD drive not working issues.

error message box

Windows Built-in Troubleshooter Tool

Windows always have a built-in tool for common troubleshooting problems. So first thing to do is check it out by searching in your PC device.

1. Press the Windows key. Search for “Troubleshooting” and click on the tool.

built in troubleshooter

2. Under “Hardware and Sound, click “Configure a device”. If you are required to enter an administrator password, provide it.

control panel

3. Press “Next” in the pop-up window to start scanning for potential problems.

scan for issues

Microsoft Fix It Center

Microsoft Fix it Center is a user-friendly tool which you can use to run a thorough scan on your computer and detect problems with overall performance, hardware and disk drive. This tool uses the internet to search for solution for your troubleshooting needs, example is if your CD drive stopped working, it will search and download the right tool to fix the issue.

microsoft fix it

Clean The Registry

Another reason you might be having difficulties getting your CD drive to work is because of two corrupted Windows registry entries. The problem can be overcome by using a Registry Editor or Cleaner to get rid of the corrupted entries. Below we will provide a step by step description of how to resolve the CD writer not working issue for users of Win 8 and 10.

1. Click the Windows key and enter the following command into the search box: “regedit”. If you are required to provide an administrator’s password, provide it in the given field.

clean the registry

2. In the left pane of the regedit window, search for the path:


registry system

3. Click ‘UpperFilters’ in the right pane. Do not delete the UpperFilters.bak entry if that is also in the list.

search for the folder

4. In the “Edit” menu click “Delete” and confirm the deletion by hitting “Yes”.

5. Now click “Lower Filters” in the right pane. If you do not see such registry, you are going to have to create a registry sub-key by yourself. Search Create a registry subkey in Google.

6. In the menu choose Delete and confirm the deletion.

delete the registry

7. The last step is to exit the Registry Editor and restart your computer.

exit and restart

Update and reinstall Drivers

If your CD or DVD drive is not recognized by Windows, it could be due to the fact that the driver is outdated. In this case you need to update or reinstall it. Follow the steps below to learn how to reinstall your drivers on Windows systems 8 or 10.

1. Tap the Windows key and search for “devmgmt.msc” to open Device Manager. If you are asked for permission, click “Allow” or if a password is required, enter it.

devmgmt.msc command

2. Once in Device Manager, click on “Disk drives” to expand it. Go through each device, right-click on them and click “uninstall”.

reinstall the drive


Although the use of compact disc nowadays is rare, it is still a fact that most of us have memories from the past stored in these. So its not bad to have a copy, also having a CD or DVD rom will ensure that you always have access to these memories. But if the CD drive stopped working, there could be a whole range of different underlying issues, the most common one is that your Windows 10 system cannot recognize it. Hopefully, one of the above-listed troubleshooting methods will resolve your CD ROM not working. Makes sure you follow the steps very carefully and pay special attention to the details as modifying the incorrect thing can cause is even more trouble.

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