How to Resolve the AMD Quick Stream Error for Windows

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How to Resolve the AMD Quick Stream Error for Windows

amd quick stream error fixThe AMD quick stream error may appear in your screen after you upgrade your computer system to the newest Windows 10 or other versions. Do you have any idea about this error? Wondering how to get this error resolved so that your can use your PC properly? In this report, we will try our best to offer you some possible solutions to resolve the annoying AMD quick stream error. Before we jump into the the resolutions section, it is also essential that we learn a few basic first regarding this problem. You can just keep on reading to find out some info about the AMD quick stream technology and effective ways to fix AMD quick stream error.

What does AMD Quick Stream Technology refer to?

AMD QUICK Stream Technology basically refers to an Internet Stream Optimization software powered by AppEX Networks IP End to End Quality of Service) platforms. This technology is needed when planning and forming the data flows that move inside and outside your system. This enables high-level apps to seize improved Network resources when antagonizing for the restricted bandwidth ranges with other minor applications.


At the same time, it is necessary for supporting the general web connectivity performance of the system by regulating receiving and forwarded traffic and also has the duty to prevent traffic. The user can enjoy a more streamlined experience when AMD Quick Stream technology is there. At this point, many will wonder: What leads to the AMD Quick Stream issue in the first place? Read on the rest of the article to find out…

AMD Quick Stream Error and its Signs

This type of an issue can pop up when the OS you are using is infested with corrupted/damaged file entries. This would cause a decline in the communication of the system with you and freezing or failure to respond completely when using most programs. When you specifically run some programs or apps the system will simply stop working and crash. Unnecessary data entries, registry faults, RAM damage, fragmented files, or duplicate program downloads are some of the factors that contribute to the AMD quick stream error.

amd quick stream error

Fix An AMD Quick Stream Error

If you wish to fix the issue faster you can simply follow these steps:

Step1 Download AMD Repairing Tool

Install a special program like: “AMD Quick Stream Error Failed to Verify License Information Repair Tool”. This extensive tool can be used to resolve all current problems that worsen your system’s performance and lead to crashes.


Step2 Repair Damage Files with System File Checker

Furthermore, in case you have updated your system to Windows 10 late version (from an older version), it is possible to repair the problem by reinstalling in your P.C the special AMD quick Stream error fixing tool. Damaged file entries are sometimes one of the key factors that lead to an AMD quick stream error. You can simply repair these by executing the “System File Checker” program. We are going to mention more info on this later in this article.


Step3 The Program Detect The Problems

Once the scanning process is complete utilizing the above program, you could experience problems like “Blue Screen of Death”, missing or corrupted files, or even the appearance of a virus.


Using the Scannow Command to Tackle Corrupted Files

This tasks needs to be executed from the CMD. Here are the steps on how to do it:

Step1 Run Command Prompt as an Administrator

For the Windows 10 users, right-click to show the “Start” button. Choose the option “Command Prompt (Admin)”. Then select “Run as Administrator”. For the other Windows version, you can access it by searching the Start Menu for command prompt or use the shortcut “CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER” key. Press these keys to open the command prompt as an Administrator.


Step2 Initiate the System Scan

Leave the CMD window open and then press the Enter button. This command will also initiate a full system scan: sfc/scannow.


Step3 Fix AMD Quick Stream Error

Again, let the CMD Window open until the order finishes. This may take some time based on the status of your system. If the command search process doesn’t locate any issue, a message will appear on screen “Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations”.


In case you see a different message that writes you will have to execute the restart by clicking the”Safe Mode” before executing any other step.


For a Windows 10 user, entering Safe Mode may be challenging as the restart process is performed really fast–you can access this by pressing SHIFT button while holding the Restart button which will enable the access of the Advance Startup Setting tab. To boot the older Windows version in Safe mode, press the F8 key repeatedly.


Fixing the Blue Screen of Death Error

This tip has worked before in fixing 90% of the problems linked to Master Boot Record Error. This malfunction may pop up throughout a Windows OS installation. If you make some adjustments in the Basic Input/Output System) or the personal computer’s microprocessor configuration, you can fix the “Master Boot Record Error Error”. This can also minimize any problems related to AMD quick stream error.

Here are the steps for fixing the problem:

Step1 Launch the BIOS Setting and Set Up SATA Configuration

Open the BIOS settings in your system and look up the option “SATA” mode or “SATA Configuration”.


Step2 Change the Configured Set Up to IDE and Restart Your Computer

Switch current settings to Integrated Development Environment tab. Click to save the settings and reboot the computer.



As illustrated above, the AMD QUICK STREAM error can be a result of several Windows 10 issues that we have aimed to tackle in several articles and reports in this site. The users have to realize that when a scan for such error does find some problems, these can be easily repaired with troubleshooting programs. In this report, we have outlined all main methods to fix the problem, including using the tool that we linked to. It is wise therefore to install this tool before any damaged files, RAM problems, and invalid registry problems wreak havoc on your system.

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