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Top 10 Several websites like Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the very best places for discovering new things, getting great ideas, and definitely being bookmarked by millions of other people. People on the internet are constantly looking for websites with good content, searching for new concepts, and bookmarking places they want to visit again. Pinterest is leading most sites with continual bookmarks and their excellent platform with so many features. If you have been on Pinterest for a while, you know how addictive it can be but also irritating when error messages keep popping up here and there. That said, just like all other sites Pinterest has its downside as well. They have a very large range of different categories which can sometimes be a little confusing. Pinterest needs to address their interface, making it easier for visitors to get around. We have found other sites that are similar to Pinterest but offer many different things including some that are oriented to a specific group of people such as food lovers, fashion freaks, etc. So here are some sites that maybe you have never heard of but should add them to your list to check out.


juxtapost URL:

There are many who consider Juxtapost the best on the internet and seems to have a very strong resemblance to Pinterest regarding their features and interface. Once you visit this site, you will fall in love with it just like you have Pinterest. You can read really great posts and then save them on your private boards. You can share and promote your own stuff as well. Also, add comments on other people’s posts and so many other features that are very similar to Pinterest. One of their best features is the ability to collaborate with your friends or colleagues to set up a single event or project, using the post board’s collaboration tool.

There are many other features which place Juxtapost at the top of the list of leading sites. Some of these features include:

  • Preview zoom
  • Instant sharing
  • Export content saved on your board and so much more!

Because the internet has become so massive, users have always relied on bookmarks to save places or products they have found. Unfortunately, if you are like me, that lists are in different folders and finding one you saved a year ago you can’t find! Juxtapoz’s sole purpose is to give you tools to bookmark photos along with thousands of websites.

We Heart It

pinterestW URL:

Yes, that’s the name of this site and is totally youth-oriented. It has quickly become one of the most popular sites outside of Pinterest. This site encourages younger folks to express themselves, share and spread “the love” with their love and heart pictures that are all over the site. On this youth-oriented site, you will find tons of things that are trendy and classy in the field of fashion.

Whether you are looking for fashion, beauty products along with tips and tricks, photography, or other creative categories you will find it here. While you will discover photos on WHI, you can share your own creativity and We Heart It will be your Must Visit Website

How To Join We Heart It

We Hear, it is free to join, all you have to do is sign up. Once you’ve signed up you can follow your favorite people and their products and in return, they can follow you.
There are many small and large companies offering their products through We Hart It to increase their fashion and beauty products visibility. This site is primarily targeting young women and they are incredibly active on this site. That said, you cannot comment on photos but you can “Heart” them if you really like something and then bookmark them for later on.


pinterestfancy URL:

When you visit Fancy, you will discover something far beyond an eCommerce site. You can browse and shop for many different “fancy” items related to fashion, beauty, etc. for men women, and children.

Fancy is similar to Pinterest with its interface and the style of Pinterest. This will let you discover and buy your favorite products literally on the site, build a community of fashion lovers, follow and be followed by like-minded people. Share your thoughts on different products, including your favorites, with others and so much more. Another nifty feature on Fancy, you can earn credits if you share a product from Fancy and get your friends and families to buy the product.


dudepins URL:

If you are a male, this is the perfect site for you! You know how many times you have surfed a site only to find it’s loaded with female content and doesn’t do anything for you. You’ve probably run away from Pinterest for the same reason. You want something that is male-oriented and therefore Dudepins is exactly what you need! It’s very easy to browse your favorite posts easily as they are nicely categorized in different areas. This makes it so easy for you to discover content that you find valuable and really interests you. There are boards with all sorts of stuff for guys including clothing, gear, cars, the latest and greatest gadgets, and other male-oriented features!

Outside their categories, there are two other features on their main menu – Videos & Trending. You will find the most popular video content and trending topics. In a nutshell, although Dudepins is similar to Pinterest, it truly is entirely male-oriented!


pinterestpeartrees URL:

The platform of this site is different from Pinterest but is a great alternative. Pearltrees allow you to discover interesting content, bookmark stuff for future reference and share your thoughts with everyone else. 940 One really nifty feature, Pearltrees uses pearls and trees for members to follow various trees, pearl their content to trees, and of course follow what interests them, which is similar to Pinterest but with a different format. Pearltrees runs on Chrome and Firefox, Android and iOS apps. [what system operates on a site is not Plagiarism]

While other sites like Pinterest are totally free, Pearltrees is not. But the price is so reasonable for what you are getting. For a mere $2.99 a month, you will get the following:

  • Offline mode
  • More customization options
  • More storage
  • Ad-free content


pinterestfoodgawker URL:

This site is dedicated to food lovers! If you have a blog dedicated to food, FoodGawker is a must for you to join. If you are someone who loves trying different recipes, FoodGawker is a must for you as well. This site has the most fantastic photo gallery for people to browse through to find new recipes, ingredients, and proven techniques and then create the most fantastic meals that will get their families to the table in record time! Food bloggers are submitting content from all over the world then FoodGawker’s team of editors will review all content before publishing on their site to ensure they all pass the highest quality of content.

This site is incredibly laid out and is extremely organized. Wonderful recipes from different categories are organized into different groups making it so much easier for users to find their favorite content. If you are a food lover, this site is for you. Just be sure your images and recipes are of the highest quality for posting on FoodGawker. Also, as a user, if you love another user’s recipe you can give it a heart and save it for future reference. FoodGawker is one of the finest sites on the internet and totally dedicated to you, the food lover!


pinterestjux URL:

DeviantArt is a very different concept having the largest community of art lovers and enthusiasts on the internet. They have an amazing 38 million registered members along with 65 million unique visitors each month. Some believe DeviantArt is very much like Pinterest allowing artists to connect with each other, share and promote their art, discuss thoughts and ideas and has an interface that is very similar. Another astonishing fact, DeviantArt has approximately 160,000 original artwork that is uploaded to the site every day. This makes the site one of the most frequently updated social media network of artists. Overall, this is an exceptionally unique site that is similar to Pinterest and a wonderful alternative. DeviantArt is totally and completely created for artists across the entire world.


pinterestHometalk URL:

Launched in 2011, this is another site that is for different people of different backgrounds that consist of men, women, kids, and food lovers. Hometalk is the perfect alternative for those who are homemakers, decorators, and DIY weekend carpenters. This is one of the very best sites to find great ideas about everything regarding your home. You can find excellent DIY ideas for your home and offer great advice for redecorating homes. Along with browsing for various projects submitted by other users, you can provide your own decorating and DIY projects by simply signing up. Hometalk will welcome you as a member of their Hometalk community.

There are also many other fabulous topics including gardening, designing a kitchen, replacing and/or caring for your floors, doors, and so much more. These topics are constantly being discussed on the site and has one of the most awesome communities on the internet. Millions of users are getting answers to their questions, getting excellent advice for a given project, and everything else regarding their home.

They have millions of registered members and many bloggers are taking advantage of their newest platform. If you are a blogger that covers home improvement, design, interior decorating or anything to do with the home improvement you should check out the Hometalk Traffic Program. If you submit 3 excellent tutorials within 90 days, you will be offered their email feature going directly to your blog. Think about it, you will get tons of extra traffic from Hometalk to your blog! Looking for an alternative to Pinterest? You need to check out Hometalk!


pinterrestdribble URL:

Dribbble is a great alternative to Pinterest dedicated to designers and launched in 2009. They have a very active community which members post excellent content related to web designing, graphics designing, illustrations etc. You can follow other members’ creations, discuss their designing ideas, which has made Dribbble one of the best sites and a must-join site for designers.

Dribbble is a great place for small businesses and firms for designers from different fields to explore. Dribbble’s interface is similar to Pinterest yet not. Their main page is separated into different sections with images posted by users. Members can browse, share, and comment on and then save for future references.

With the help of the Dribble’s web designers, graphic designers, illustrators, icon artists, typographers, logo designers, and other artists, many artists can easily showcase their work and advance their careers. Thanks to all the members of the company who made the Dribble. This is the place for up and coming artists and designers and the best place to discover and connect with these people from around the entire world!


pinterestvizual URL:

VisualizeUs is a photo-sharing site allowing you to bookmark images, save photos, and then share them. Users are allowed to create their own photo album that contains their favorite images and videos. One great option on this site, you can shuffle images around to view what images are current and popular at the time every time you come to the main page. Also, VisualizeUs has very active members which can be an advantage for networking product marketing.

VisualizeUs is available as a web version and an app which is on the Apple Store.


These websites are some of the best alternatives if you have grown weary of Pinterest or just want something else to check out. Many of these sites, though there are some similarities with Pinterest, have more targeted audiences such as food lovers, fashion freaks, male-oriented space, and home projects. We hope that by offering information about these other sites you have discovered places you never knew about. These sites allow you to explore great content, bookmark your favorites, and discover more interesting and creative ideas. We hope that if you enjoyed this article you will share it with your friends, family members, and people on all your social media sites.

If you are on any of the sites we haven’t covered yet, we would love to hear from you and what your thoughts are.

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