10 Free Tools For Taking Screenshot Easily

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10 Free Tools For Taking Screenshot Easily

With the advancement of computers and the internet, nowadays people do many of their activities through the computer. With this increased usage, also the need started to arise that someone might need to take a screenshot of his or her computer activity. Think about when you play your favorite game and made a new score so you would like to take a screenshot to capture your position on the ranking list, or you would like to extract a specific moment from a video clip, or just simply take a screenshot about the current stage where you are in a specific program. For all these evens a screenshot maker program can be a great help to you, and nowadays luckily many of such solutions are available to facilitate solving this need for you. In this article you can read about the best solutions developed for this purpose.

Best Screenshot Tool - Screen Grabber Pro

free screen grabber interface
AceThinker Screen Grabber is the top tool for making screenshots which is available on the market, and recommended by many users for its versatile functions besides the efficient screenshot making possibility. This tool is capable to not only create a screenshot from any ongoing activity but also do real-time annotation on the created image to give a professional look to it. These also include modifications such as blurring and pixelating the crucial information on the created screenshot to be unrecognizable as well as draw on it and write text and put highlights on it. Whenever you are a professional or just start making you first screenshot, you will enjoy this tool to the fullest.


Lightshot, as its name implies it, is a lightweight screenshot maker and editor tool, which therefore has a very simplified and easy to use design and functionality but the key functional elements are retained so it is still able to be used for smaller extent screen capturing. This is therefore very great for taking some direct screenshots but in case you wish to proceed with a more professional content creation and also plan to add additional effects to enhance your creation then an alternative solution might be a better option. Otherwise you can use this one window tool where you can do all your activities within the same window, where you can easily navigate and create your content within no itme.


Screenpresso is a screenshot capture program which has two forms, where you can either download and install it directly from the website and have it constantly available offline on your computer, or as the second form you can use the portable version which you can simply navigate from one directory or computer to the other without the need of any installation procedure. The tool itself if comprehensive and you are able to do very straightforward and fast editorial jobs while it also acts as a tool for transforming a still image that was created and videos with watermark. For the efficient screenshot making, shortcuts are available to guide you and make the whole process even faster.


Snipaste is another reliable screenshot maker application. One of its functions also need highlighting as this tool has a special feature which is lacked in many of the other solutions on the current market. There is a chance to pin a reference image to the screen which will afterwards be used as a base which the new screenshot is done while being compared to. This is a very great feature given that you are now having the chance of real-time comparison which can add to the efficient creation of new images. Another interesting difference is that the program itself lacks having a shortcut which could otherwise be used to have faster process, and in this way it is able to automatically commence with the screenshot creation.


Jing from Techsmith is a very promising software that is frequently used for screen recording and capturing by many users as it is quite substantial which will sure be able to provide you and help with screenshot making, among other options such as making videos and clips. In case you are interested in trying out the features which this program provides from video capturing to real-time annotation and modification of the screenshots with shapes, highlights and so on. In addition Jing also supports the small-size editing and afterwards the direct uploading of your content to the famous multimedia websites, among others.


Monosnap is a balanced solution that is able to provide the users a very friendly interface and therefore a smooth experience for screenshot creation due to having the right toolset that can provide real and great help to those who are in need to seek for this kind of solution. Many little adjustments to the screenshot making process are available in the program to have the most customized experience such as the ability to make fullscreen or regional shots, as well as a timer to have a scheduled screenshot making with as much as 10 seconds of possible delay, which all contribute to the perfect image.


The software provided by TinyTake is a combined tool that is able to do screenshots as well as it can be used to record videos or even put effects and other sort of manipulative techniques on the created image that will be turned to a professional shot in the end. The available tools to annotate or edit the image that is being produced during the screenshot making process are very versatile and can include the addition of a large range of objects such as arrows or texts as well as other sorts of advanced effects to the final creation, turning it into a professional image even for more inexperienced users.


PickPick is another worthy free of charge alternative screenshot maker that has all the relevant features and functions incorporated into the tool which one user can possibly wish for in case he or she wants to create a professionally looking screenshot with effects and modifications. The developers put a lot of effort on the customizability of this tool and therefore you can do many custom modifications such as drawing the frame for taking the screenshot in a freehand capture mode to your complete own preference. In the meantime, the tool also offers many very useful tools such as a color picker or a pixer ruler that can facilitate the creation of a screenshot, too.

Nimbus Screenshot

Nimbus Screenshot is a mentionable, unique screenshot recorder as it can be considered as a browser-based application from its nature, that it is universally available to be integrated into Chrome as well as Firefox, in addition to also functioning as an application created for the desktop on the Windows systems. This tool is frequently used by the users to make screenshots from the webpages that the users visit, or even from a complete window of one of these internet browsers where there is possibility for the tool to be used to have annotations  and other editorial enhancements on the image.


Last but not least, Greenshot is can be also mentioned among the top 10 screenshot capturing tools, where its especially famous feature is that this tool makes it possible to share the created screenshot in the most website and therefore have the chance for the possibly highest viewing number. In general it can be said that there is an overall more than one dozen available sharing destinations that serve as an option for the created screenshot to be uploaded to the internet and to be released to the public or to close friends depending on the nature of the created content and the group where the user would like it to be delivered to


Screenshot making has started to have an increasing relevance in the internet world as many occasions are arising nowadays where a tool with such capability can quickly become very famous. As you could see therefore there are many available alternatives, however they are very much differing from one to the other. In this case it is very important that you take your time from the beginning and have a slow overview and understand which one suits you the most, while we also recommend the AceThinker solution that will surely help you eventually as well finding your research need.

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