Top 5 Free Photo Hosting Websites

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Although Facebook is a very popular platform amongst browsers where photos are being shared, such doesn’t imply that it is the only site on the web. Below are various free image hosting sites that you can explore today in order to ensure that your photos are shared amongst friends and loved ones. In the process of reviewing the various options, we have managed to ensure that those platforms with some of the best features are selected. We have also considered their interfaces with a view to ensuring that they are user – friendly. When it comes to platforms that are popularly used for photo sharing, it is very important that those which are mostly being used get considered. This post will be listing out some of the best photo hosting websites around the web.

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instagram-tips Are you searching for a Facebook alternative that can enable you share photos easily? Instagram definitely ticks all of the boxes. Although you may want to argue that both websites are owned by one person, don’t forget they are operating on different concepts as Instagram primarily exists for the sharing of photos. It is a free service which you can install easily on your mobile device. Although Instagram is very popular when it comes to public photos and hashtags, setting an account to private can be easily done. This enables you to share photos amongst people that are very close to you. The only downside of a private account is that everyone will need to have an account. It means your friends as well as family members need to have their respective accounts to access such photos. Also, there is nothing like having access to photos in the form of albums. This means people will have to scroll down in order to view old photos. Furthermore, photos uploaded on Instagram may be at full resolution but this isn’t the case when they get displayed. Also, there is no feature for photos to be saved by viewers. This can be a problem for seniors who may want to put such photos on their fridges. The features of Instagram are showing that it is a mobile app as these seem to be lacking in its desktop version. Having said all of the above, Instagram is a great platform for those who want to share photos with a view to having the ultimate social media experience.

Google photos

google-photos-tips This is a popular photo sharing platform on the web. It is great when it comes to allowing users upload photos that are of very high quality. Sharing of photos in quantities that are large is also accepted through this website. There is no chance that your photos will be lost since it has a backup feature that is automatic. Also, users can edit as well as organize their photos via this platform. Using its visual search feature, older photos can be found easily. Your photo habits will be recognized by this website the more you explore it. This will ensure that photos are automatically sorted out for you thereby ensuring that you don’t have to spend too much time going through the tedious process of getting your photos organized. In order to make use of Google photos, you can visit Alternative, you can get the app downloaded. Every of your pictures will be uploaded automatically by the app. They will be synced with your account automatically. Getting a Google photos account set up isn’t going to be difficult for lots of people out there since they already own accounts with Google. This means you can just start uploading photos within the next few minutes. The storage space for Google photos is limited. You can also make use of the storage space of your Google account. Videos can also be uploaded in 1080p via this platform. Finally, different types of file formats can be uploaded such as GIF, JPGs, and PNGs.


imgur-tips The number of photos that can be stored in Imgur is unlimited. The best part is that you will not need to bother about such photos getting expired. In order to get photos uploaded into the website, an account isn’t required. However, you can get a free account set up for other reasons like adding of captions, getting images uploaded from email attachments and creation of albums. Direct linking is allowed as there is a link for every image that you can post on forums. For an image to be uploaded into this site, just get it pasted. You can also do such via the image’s URL or through uploading from your PC. There are various applications that can enable you get images uploaded from your mobile devices and desktop computers. File formats which can be uploaded to Imgur are XCF, PDF, BMP, TIFF, animated GIF, GIF, TIF, APNG, PNG, JPEG, and JPG. Non – animated files are supported up to about 20mb while GIFs are supported up to around 200mb.


tinypic-tips Photobucket is the owner of this website which is perhaps why it has numerous features that users can explore. There is no need creating an account for photos to be uploaded. This will enable you share photos easily. In order for a photo to be uploaded, get your image selected, add your tags (not compulsory), and select such photo’s size. A link which will enable such photo to be shared on any platform will be given to you. Users will make use of the tags in searching for photos which you have uploaded on TinyPic. Video files that are about 5 mins long can be uploaded into this site. Files which are supported by TinyPic are BMP, GIF, PNG, and JPG files. Images are to be uploaded one after the other. Also, your image shouldn’t exceed 600mp in width or length. In case your image seems to be too large, it will be automatically adjusted by the website. Your image will get deleted automatically once it hasn’t been viewed for 3 months (90 days). This means TinyPic may not be the ideal option to permanently store photos. However, it can help when it comes to sharing photos quickly across various social media platforms.


photobucket-tips Photobucket is a great website that you can make use of. It is great for those who love sharing their photos online in such a manner that recipients can order for prints. Although the storage space you will be getting is limited (2gb) in some ways, it is a great place where your favorite pictures can be stored. Its features are great though despite such a limitation. For instance, photos shared can be easily downloaded by family members who haven’t got an account. They only need to make use of the shared link of your protected album password. Photo as well as print products can be ordered easily too. This can also imply that in case grandma would like the face of junior on it, you will not have to be bothered about how such can happen. There is something you will have to take note of about Photobucket though. This has to do with a new account default setting which is public. Your photos can be assessed by anyone when you fail to set your account to private. Although the public feature may not be as effective as those of Facebook and Instagram, unauthorized third parties can have access. This implies that your privacy can be easily compromised. Ensure that you’ve taken out time to explore the settings in your account prior to getting photos uploaded into the default bucket.

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