How To Resolve The Blue Screen 0x0000007b Error

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Let’s say that your system suddenly crashes and displays the Windows blue screen error 0x00000007b. What can you possibly do to fix this? Why did the BSOD 0x00000007b occurs? These are the first questions that come to mind when you encounter such a problem. But you don’t need to get too upset as there are many methods to fix the blue screen stop error 0x00000007b. In this article, we are going to explain all the possible causes as well as offer solutions to fix any damaged files after the stop code 0x0000007b. There is no reason to worry, when you follow the tips below.

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What Does Bluescreen Error Code 0x0000007b Mean?

MS Windows Blue Screen of Death, is an error display message that is caused by a driver issue. And in case you are wondering, this error may occur from time to time. This problem of course can be frustrating, as it messes up with the control and storage function in your system. But the worst thing is that, there is nothing you can do when this error suddenly appears in your screen. Blue Screen in a few words is also known as BSOD, which is an error that frequently pops up during start-up. So let’s jump into the possible culprits of BSOD stop 0x0000007b error and suitable fixes for each. The repairing process, is surprisingly simple.

error message

Reasons Behind Bluescreen Error 0x0000007b

You can easily try to pinpoint the culprit of this STOP: 0x0000007b error which comes with the message INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE. The main cause behind such error is a hard drive issue and a totally full RAM. In general, the storage function works automatically to track the booting activity of the hard disk. It’s a quite typical procedure and is summarised as follows: in case the hard disk fails to track the booting activity, you will get this error message. This is where you must be aware that, if the system boots after encountering a 0x0000007b error, recovery is already activated and there is a shutdown message. This is where Windows system will respond with this error message. In most cases, this error tends to appear in all previous versions up to date, from Windows NT, to Windows 8 and 10. Additionally, the system and especially the hard disk may get corrupted as a result of a virus or malware attack.

boot error messsage

Fix Blue Screen 0x0000007b Error

If you have encountered a Windows stop 0x0000007b error, there are many ways to tackle it. First you need to check if there are some obvious causes, like the ones mentioned below. Now, let’s get into the other possible fixes.

1. Scan the System

Start by scanning the entire system and let it finish.

Step1 Open the Command Prompt

On the Search Bar, type “CMD” and click the top suggestion to open the Command Prompt.

open cmd

Step2 Enter the command line to start the scan

Enter the command line “DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth” and hit the “Enter” key.

enter the commands

Step3 Type in additional commands

Start the entire scan by typing in the command “SFC / scannow”. Don’t do anything else throughout the process. Just let the system complete the scan 100%.

start the scan
At this point, you will see the Command prompt checking all Windows files, one by one. This process will find out if any files are protected or not. In case there is a corrupted file found, it will get replaced by a stored copy available in each cache. Once this is done, try restarting your PC and generally the 0x0000007b issue will get sorted on its own. The error message may only pop up for a few seconds in your screen, once you try this fix.

2. Undo changes from changes and configurations

Another possible reason why you get this error, is maybe some previous changes and configuration done in your system. If there is incompatibility between these configuration updates and the system, an error like this will pop up. In this case, you should press the F8 key and check for any “last known configurations”. If there isn’t an issue with these, you won’t get any error message. If you do get an error message (blue screen 0x0000007b) , the problem has to do with a system malfunction and not a configuration initiated by us.

last known configuration

3. Try system restore

A third fixing option would be to use Windows system restore which exists by default in the system. If the problem has been sorted, perhaps the error has to do with a change you have carried out recently in your system.

restore the system

4. Switch the hard disk controller

switch bios options Because the hard disk system is often unregulated, there is a chance of getting the Windows STOP: 0x0000007b. In this case, use the BIOS method to switch the hard disk controller. Select the method that applies to your case. This could be AHCI mode, IDE mode or the opposite. Restore back the BIOS configurations by pressing F2. This will make BIOS settings appear in your screen.

Note: The solution above is only the basic one for restoring system settings. If the error still persists, this indicates some serious problems with your hard disk that you will have to fix in another manner.

5. Check if there is a hard disk damage

You may be able to check if there is a hard disk damage via this method. First, type the command “chkdsk”, and do the following steps.

Step1 Launch Command Prompt

Press on the Windows Terminal box, and write “command prompt” in the search field.

open command prompt

Step2 Execute the commands

This will open up the command prompt for you. There, insert the command: “chkdsk c: /r”. Once you do this, you will be able to see the progress of the command. Once the processes is finished, reboot your PC. Check if the error is still there or not. If the error is still popping up, you may have to repeat the process.

enter chkdsk

6. MBR Repair

This method is quite easy to execute. You simply try this alternative command: “fixmbr” to fix the error, if there is a damaged master boot track. The system in this case will generate a new master boot to track any changes on system tasks. After you insert the “fixmbr” command, you should restart your PC to fix the problem automatically. However, this command only works in Windows 2000 and Windows XP. Here is how to run this command.

Step1 Run the Command Prompt

Click on the terminal field and write “command prompt”. On the top suggestion, right click and select “Run as administrator”.

run as administrator

Step2 Type the commands

Once the command prompt screen appears, enter the command: “fixmbr” to finish the process and restart your PC.

enter fixmbr

7. Resolve the issue through BIOS settings

check the bios Another key consideration is looking up for problems in BIOS settings. If you aren’t sure about the memory problem that causes the error, simply empty the CMOS.

Note: if the error doesn’t seem to go away, try to find and fix any damaged files in the system. Just head into the system repair section in system start-up.


As there are a lot of solutions for the blue screen error 0x0000007b fix, when you are faced with the error, just follow the tips above to resolve it. Meanwhile, if you have lost some data due to the error, you can use AceThinker Disk Recovery to easily retrieve any lost data after a blue screen 0x0000007b error. It’s a handy tool that will help you retrieve any lost data due to a virus attack, system corruption, or accidental erase of all files. No need to worry anymore – just use this software to easily fix the problem.

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How To Resolve The Blue Screen 0x0000007b Error

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