How to Resolve Blue Screen Code Error 0x00000004

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How to Resolve Blue Screen Code Error 0x00000004

repair error0x00000004 is also known as “Stop error 0x00000004” or “STOP 0x4”. Most will agree that encountering the error code 0x00000004 while doing something important can be really annoying and especially when you are handling major data. However, such error does occurs from time to time and it may force the system to shut down immediately and prevent any entrance to files of the system. Now you are probably wondering: what is the error Stop 0x00000004 or STOP 0x4 all about and why does it pop up? To further understand this, you can check this article about all the possible culprits of error 0x00000004 and how to fix 0x00000004 error for each cause.

What is Blue Screen Code Error 0x00000004?

invalid data access This error may pop up as a result of different system bugs that may be related to hardware units, programs, or a damaged disk. The key issue with this Blue screen error is that it doesn’t let you enter your system and force it to shut down. As this in an uncommon error, there is not a lot of information on the web on how to fix it. So scroll down the sections that follow to learn how to fix this, depending on the cause.

Why Does Error Code 0x00000004 Occur?

Based on various PC expert opinions, there are several potential causes of the Error code: 0x00000004 that appears in a blue screen. Below are some of the common reasons.

  • Failed or corrupted device driver installation.
  • Hardware issue
  • Antivirus program interference
  • Virus or malware infection
  • Damaged driver or old and outdated driver
  • Back-up tool incompatibility
  • Error emerging during the Windows Registry procedure
  • Corrupted system files
  • Different Methods to Fix Error 0x00000004

    Any of the above problems could result in an error like this one. It is therefore, important to identify the cause and attempt to fix it accordingly. Head on the next section on the ways to fix it, step-by-step.

    1. System Repair Via “scan now”

    Prior attempting to fix this via any other way, it’s best to carry out a Windows System scan that will initiate a scanning process to find any damaged or lost files and offer resolutions. Here are the necessary steps.

    Step1 Execute the Command Prompt as Administrator

    Go to the Search bar, type CMD and click the top result.

    launch cmd

    Step2 Scan the System

    On the Command Prompt, enter the commands “SFC/scannow” to initiate a scan on the system.

    scan the system

    Once you do the above, the system will carry out a scan and when it finishes, you will get this message: “Windows Protection System found…”.

    2. Check Your Hard drive for Damage

    In some cases, the hard drive may get damaged. Factors that may cause this include: misuse, unexpected shutdown, hard crashes, faulty program installations, and incomplete program installations. To find out whether a hard drive problem is causing the issue, carry out the following steps.

    Step1 Use the Command Prompt

    To access the command prompt, go to the Search bar, type in Command Prompt and hit “Enter”.

    run cmd

    Step2 Initiate the Scan

    Write “chkdsk /f”, then hit the Enter button. This will initiate a hard drive scan to pinpoint any issue, and if there is a problem indeed, it will attempt to fix it.

    check hard drive

    3. Check Configuration Settings

    If you can’t access the system as usual, you can try to reboot it via the “Last Known Good Configuration” listing and the following steps.

    Step1 Reboot the System

    Turn on your P.C and hit the F8 key to expose the Advanced Options screen.

    reboot sequence

    Step2 Select Last Known Configuration option

    Select “Last Known Good Configuration”. This will display the existing registry items and last known configuration before the system shutdown unexpectedly.

    last known configuration

    4. Driver Updates

    There is a chance that the Blue screen error with the code 0x00000004 popped up, as a result of damaged or outdated drivers who hindered system communication. There are two methods to carry out a driver update.

    Step1 Open the Device Manager

    A simple method of initiating a driver update is heading to the Start menu, check the previous driver, right-click, and an Update option will show up. Click on this to initiate the driver updating process.

    driver update

    Step2 Use DriverDoc

    If you can’t tell which specific driver is damaged or outdated and triggers the error, use the program DriverDoc to carry out all necessary updates for you. This will keep a backup copy of the driver, prior attempting to update it or change it in any way.

    driver update tool

    5. Fixing A System Registry Problem Via A Registry Cleaning Tool

    In case you experience the error 0x00000004 with a Blue screen, a possible culprit could be damaged registry entries. If you aren’t tech-savvy enough to fix this on your own, it is suggested that you use a Registry Cleaner tool that will do this for you. Simply download the program called Registry Cleaner and run it. Click “Scan Now” to start the process and click “Repair All” to stop the process.

    clean the registry

    Keep in mind that regardless of the steps you follow to fix the problem, you should reboot your PC to find out whether the problem is fixed or not. If the issue seems to be fixed, you don’t have to read the following section.


    The blue screen error 0x00000004 isn’t that scary, right? By reading this article, you will have a general idea about the 0x00000004 stop error. If you have ever faced with such an error, just follow solutions above to solve the problem. By the way, if your Windows system crashes all of a sudden, and you lose data in the process, don’t stress. You can simply run the Disk Recovery program retrieve all the data you need. It’s a professional data recovery program that can help you easily restore back your deleted or lost data.

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