Best 4K Video Converters for Windows and Mac

Last updated on August 11, 2018 by Christina Green
4k converterNowadays new video formats have made things very pleasant for all the internet users. However, there was a time in the past when people used to watch videos in normal quality. There were no HD screens and no HD video players, but things are quite different now. People have been downloading and watching videos from YouTube and other video sharing sites in 1080p resolution. Of course, HD videos take more memory, but the videos and movies look quite amazing on the screen. People had started falling in love with the 1080p resolution videos and now they have the 4k Ultra-HD. It offers higher resolution than 1080p and it is essential for the digital cinema. The 4K format offers a 4096x2160p resolution. These Ultra HD videos are getting famous among the users because it permits them to have a very detailed view of the movies and videos, which was simply impossible before. Hence, the 4K format is quite new and many devices and video players don’t support it. So, you may require free 4K converters to convert 4K format videos into other format videos, or vice versa. We have reviewed the top rated converters that can meet your demands easily.

Best desktop 4k converters

The desktop 4K converters are the software programs, which you need to download for the PC, and afterwards install before eventually you can use them. The top rated desktop 4k converters for the Windows and Mac are given below:

1.  AceThinker Video Master

The AceThinker Video Master is the top rated 4K video converter. You can get this tool for free and using it would be a fairly simple task. This AceThinker tool is on the top of our list because it never reduces the video quality when you convert a 4K video into an HD or 720p video. The output file would be in the best quality, although it might be tough for you to recognize the difference between the original and converted video file in case of very high quality videos. Furthermore, it also provides a list of useful editing tools, like trimming unwanted parts, cutting videos into several parts, applying cool effects, and more. If you are sending the output files to mobile devices, you can use the presets and choose output format according to the name of you device.
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2. Handbrake

Handbrake is also available for both Windows and Mac users. It is another professional converter for all HD videos. You can convert a normal video into a 4K resolution video through this converter and vice versa. It supports all the major video formats and converts 4K videos into all the major available video formats. The latest version of Handbrake also provides a list presets for other popular mobile devices too. However, it takes a while to get used to Handbrake’s interface, which is not as straight forward as that of the AceThinker Video Master. handbrake

3. Free HD Video Converter

There are only a few Ultra HD video converters, but Free 4K Video Converter is one of those tools that offer online 4K video conversion facility. You need to upload a video file you want to convert and then select the output format for the video. Now, just enter your email address and convert the video. That’s how simple it is to convert the video through this program.

4. Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate

It is a reliable and robust tool that comes with many impressive features like DVDAid, BDMagic, Video editor and Video converter. This all in one tool converts 4K videos into other videos quite fast. You can use Pavtube to edit your 4K videos with its built-in video editor, and like many other video converters, it provides presets for all popular mobile devices too, so you can choose an output format based on the name of your device. pavtube video converter

5. BlackMagic 4K Video Converter

The BlackMagic Cinema Cameras are very popular across the world for recording high-quality clips and videos. The BlackMagic 4K Video Converter belongs to the same brand. It is an easy to use program with many delighting features. Yes, it can convert 4K format videos into all other widely compatible and popular video formats. If you want to convert your 4K videos for being applicable to video editing tools like Final Cut Pro, Blackmagic makes it easy. It’s very easy to use, where simply upload the 4K videos and choose an output format, then you are ready to go. blackmagic video converter

Best online 4K video converters

Online 4K video converters are programs, which help you convert4K formatted videos into other video formats online. The top rated online 4K video converters are listed below.

1. AceThinker online video converter

Acethinker Online Video Converter is actually the best online 4K video converter on the market currently. Some users may not get PC to convert 4K videos into other format videos or other format videos into the 4K videos. The best thing about AceThinker is that you can convert any video into 4K video online and download the output file immediately. It is free and very impressive.
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2. OnlinveVideoConverter V 3.0

OnlineVideoConverter is not a new name on the market. It has been around for many years helping people with their video conversion needs. Luckily, its developers evolve the tool from time to time so that it can support all the modern formats like 4K videos. You can upload the file, choose the 4K format as the output format and then convert the video. online video converter

3. Cloud Convert

If you are looking for a video converter that supports over 215 formats, this cloud converter is one of the best options for you. Could convert is very easy to use, simply upload the 4K video you want to convert and it gives you a list of output formats to choose from. When the conversion is done, you can send the output file to your Dropbox or Google Drive account. If you don’t convert a lot of files, this is a great online app to keep around your hand every time. cloudconvert

4. Zamzar video converter

Zamzar is not a new video conversion tool. It has been around for many years and it has also been improved from time to time in order to meet all the video conversion demands of the users. Their presented video conversion process is designed to be similar to other online video converters. Upload the video file, choose the output format and then convert. Zamzar also converts other things like PDF files, audio files and images into other formats. However, it offers limited service for free. You can switch to the premium version if you find it useful. zamzar1

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