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YouTube to iPhone

Smart marketing strategies have been crucial for small and medium sized businesses and with the involvement of internet and smart phones in daily lives of people, the focus has shifted from television medium to the computer screen. Among all advertising media today, YouTube is the frontrunner as the most important platform to project the image of your business and products. It is the most popular website in the world today with more than two billion views every single day. YouTube has become a platform to share shorter videos with an audience. It is easy to use and its brilliant communication platform has added significantly to its appeal.

download youtube on iphoneYouTube videos have also become an integral part of all iPhone users and their online experience. While users are moving from one place to another, they can browse videos, even when they are offline, when travelling in buses and trains or while doing work at their offices or taking a walk outdoors. The need for downloading YouTube videos on iPhones has grown by the day. More and more users are upgrading to high quality iPhones and the video consumption has risen on these smart phones. A new study has also confirmed that 35% of viewers are seeing more videos on their iPhones when compared with last year. In this essay, we will discuss ways to download videos on iPhone.

Solution 1. Using iOS App to Download YouTube Videos on iPhone

Though there are several apps that can help you download videos off the internet, some of them become ineffective when you want to download videos from YouTube.

Dolphin Web Browser is considered as a proper app for downloading YouTube videos on the iOS of iPhones. This Browser could be installed from iOS App Store. This app offers extra tools when you want to download videos. You can get the app launched and use this browser so that you could navigate to YouTube and locate those videos that you want to save on your iPhones.

dolphin browser for ios

Once you save the videos, play them on your iPhones. You will have "Save to Memory" function that will be brought out by the app. Once you select that, it will highlight a red badge which indicates that the download has begun. After the video is downloaded, you can navigate to the "Videos" tab and then tap the icon of Information and choose "Save to Camera Roll". You can choose directly from this Camera Roll and browse the videos at a later time.

Solution 2. Working with Online Downloader on iPhone

There are occasions when people would like to see their selected YouTube videos even when they do not have internet connection. There are several ways videos could be downloaded from the web but it depends on the platform where the videos are getting streamed from. Videos from Google’s website of YouTube could be downloaded easily with a downloader app that is web-based. You can try out or to download these flash videos. They offer downloading apps that are dedicated to make the process easier and faster. You can visit these sites directly on your iPhone and enter the URL of a video into given field to download it:

keepvid page

Solution 3. Using Standalone Video Downloader on Computer

Video Downloader Pro allows you to download selections from the YouTube channel and its playlists at one time with just a single click. You have to click on the "Download" button to capture the video. This button is displayed at the right top corner of the video which you open in browsers like Google Chrome or Firefox.


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This tool enables downloading of videos in numerous resolutions. It supports a comprehensive set of seven resolutions. You can download the 1080 pixel videos and see them with high quality graphics on your screens or you can convert videos to 240 pixels so that you end up saving space on your iPhones. You will have access to multithreading techniques that make use of the bandwidth to download YouTube videos in quick time.

download video when streaming

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If you have an extensive list of videos that you want downloaded, you could choose various scheduler options such as Exit Program Mode, Auto Shutdown Mode and Sleep Mode. This downloader saves your downloaded videos automatically in "Finished" library and converted videos into the "Finished" library.

convert and download video

You can place the videos that are being recorded in the "Downloading" library so that they could be prepared to be transferred and added later to the "Wi-Fi Transfer" library. By using these options, you could manage the YouTube videos on your iPhones and keep them in order.

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If you have better approaches to enjoy YouTube on iPhone without internet, feel free to drop a comment below.