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Topic in Brief:
Record YouTube Music

YouTube is one of the most popular music channels in the world and not only that, it also includes amazing high quality audio that makes listening to music a complete delight. You can also find a wide range of websites that have background music which is cool and fascinating, but one has to wonder, which is the best app that you can use in order to record music properly and with the best results?

I. Using Audacity for Recording YouTube Music

Audacity is an application that allows you to record and edit music as you see fit. It’s a free app and it does lack quite a lot of documentation so it can be a little confusing to use. Since it’s a free tool it also lacks some of the more advanced features that you expect to find in this type of app, but it makes up for it with the good interface and multiple capabilities added in it. It’s well worth a shot if you like to record good audio with interesting results.


II. Utilizing Soundation - Online App

Apowersoft Audio Recorder makes it easy for you to record music via an online source. While the program on its own works nicely, it does a few mishaps such as the fact that it forces you to purchase items that will enhance your experience in the form of expansions. It’s a good product and one that can really help with audio recording, but keep in mind that it might not always deliver the best quality. A nice thing with this app is that you can edit your recording online which does add quite a lot of value to the entire experience.

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II. Streaming Audio Recorder (Win/Mac)

Streaming Audio Recorder is a great audio solution from Wondershare that provides you with the ultimate way of listening to music and recording it online. Not only does it bring in front a great way to record audio that runs in the background.

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You just have to make sure that the audio is currently playing on your computer and Streaming Audio Recorder will automatically analyze then download it with great precision. The application supports all popular music sites, starting with YouTube and continuing with, Soundcloud, Spotify, Apple Music, Spotify and many others. It makes the experience refined, fun and it also delivers a stellar support system.

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What makes Streaming Audio Recorder stand out when compared to the items on the list is the fact that it records at the highest quality, so you will also get the most immersive audio listening experience thanks to them. As a great bonus, the app will allow you to record audio chats and radio or podcasts as well if you so desire.

III. Conclusion

All solutions presented in this article can deliver some great results, and it all comes down to you to make sure that you use the one which suits your needs. We recommend you to use Streaming Audio Recorder because it’s the ultimate way to record online streaming music, however it also offers many other features and complete support for dozens of music sites, so with it you can get the complete audio recording experience!