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Topic in Brief:
Download YouTube Music

It is apparent that YouTube is not a site solely for video distribution; however, it presents the latest media staffs which are cool. It entices individuals all over the globe at all times. A lot of music enthusiasts like me normally search the albums they like through YouTube, not just because it offers a huge quantity of music but because you can obtain music for free. If you have an eligable (third-party) YouTube Music Downloader, you can obtain the preferred music instantly. In this essay, we will discuss solutions for downloading and extracting music from YouTube for enriching your collection.

I. Utilizing Website

If you prefer not to download a software on your desktop, this web-based tool will be a nice choice for you. You may follow the steps below to extract sound tracks from web videos.

  • 1. Open your web browser and head to the website
  • 2. Access Flvto YouTube Downloader, copy & paste the song’s URL to input field, and then click on ‘Convert to' button.
  • 3. After this click on ‘Download’ button and it will beign the download of your music.
  • 4. After this, simply drag the converted song and drop it to iTunes then have fun!

flvto interface

III. Making Use of Video Downloader Pro (Win & Mac)

By utilizing a desktop application, You are able to download music from YouTube using YouTube Downloader which makes it very simple to obtain YouTube sound tracks and other videos online. You can convert YouTube to M4A, MP3, WMV, MKV, AC3 and MOV also as well as other media formats numbering more than 100. The guide underneath is going to teach you the way to obtain music from YouTube by utilizing this software.

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mac free trial windows trial for free

Download this application from the buttons above, fix it appropriately on your system and make it active; you are going to get the interface underneath; Go to YouTube, look for your preferred video and you will view a download icon appears on top-right of playback window. Just press it for downloading to your local drive. You can follow the guide below to work through download YouTube in MP3 and other audio formats.

download mp3 from youtube

As long as you're done with downloading YouTube, you are able to convert YouTube to MP3. To attain it, go to the main interface and press ‘Downloaded’ on the pane to the left; you can then check the videos that have been downloaded. Press ‘Convert’ of the list’s video clips to convert them to the preferred formats.

download progress

convert downloaded videos

Check ‘MP3’ as output format and wait for some time until completion of the conversion; you can then get your MP3 files in the output directory. And if you prefer, you may also select MP3 directly when downloading the video clip on playback window, though this setting may not be available for all clips.

conversion profiles

IV. Alternative Way - 4K Downloader (Win Only)

Have fun with the YouTube songs you like on your iPhone, iPod or iPad when in offline. Using 4K Video Downloader, you are able to download the whole artist channels or playlists from YouTube for transferring to your gadget. Learn knowledge on how it is done after the jump.

4k video downloader interface

1. Download and Install the latest version of 4K Video Downloader  from official site. It is now available for Linux, Windows and Mac.

2. Get the playlist or clip or channel by going to YouTube. And then you may copy the link of video/playlist from your browser.

3. Activate the application and press ‘Paste URL’ in the main window.

4. Choose the format of MP3 in ‘Extract audio’ part and confirm it.

5. Wait for a while till the download process completes, and then rress ‘Show in Folder’ so as to open folder which has the files. This is it! You can now upload it to your iPhone, iPod or iPad.

With the feasible solutions reviewed here, you can easily get music from YouTube platform with no hassle, and if you're looking for more options to download YouTube, check them here as reading extension.