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YouTube Downloader Mac

When you hear "stream videos online" or videos on the internet, YouTube is the thing that comes to mind- such is the popularity of this video streaming service. Despite of several other websites offering the same, YouTube has taken an unsurpassable lead in the online video streaming market. YouTube offers you the largest collection of videos at the click of a button, but it does become a little inconvenient to log on every time you want to watch your favorite videos.

download youtube on macThere are many benefits to downloading videos- first; you can watch them anytime you wish to without consuming any additional bandwidth. Secondly, those with slower internet connections will benefit from downloading videos and then viewing them, since it provides a seamless viewing experience without any pauses and waits for buffering. Thus, if you are a MAC OS user; looking for ways to download YouTube videos, then you have come to the right place. Here is a roundup of the most convenient and effective methods.

I. Use Online App to Download from YouTube

If you want a quick and effective way to download your favorite YouTube videos, then these online utilities are what you need. With this free online tool, all you need to do is log on to a site that offers this service, such as; then enter the URL in the given section and it will let download the video without any other hassle! The benefits of this method are:

  • - Quick access, no installations required;
  • - Videos can be saved anytime without opening any additional program - you just need to open a link;
  • - It offer you the choice of downloading videos in different qualities as well;
  • - It's compatible with Win and Mac OS;

With that in mind, there are a few areas where online utilities lack, including:

  • There are no options to download the video in more than 5 file formats;
  • There are no additional functionalities like downloading only a particular section or length of the video;

For those who want a quick solution to download their favorite YouTube videos, without any additional features, then this is the method to go with. If you require additional functions as well, then read on for more! 

II. Standalone Program - Video Downloader Pro

Ace Video Downloader is a simple program that you can install on your Mac to download videos. Once you have installed it, the steps go as follows after the jump.

product boxshot

free trial version for mac os free trial for windows os

1. Navigate to the YouTube video that you want to download, and copy the link.

copy and paste url

2. Paste the URL of the video in the downloader in the ‘Paste URL’ button, and then the download will begin.

starter of interface

3. Once the video download completes; select it from the download library, click on the ‘Convert’ option at its right, select the preferred format and then begin the conversion.

convert downloaded videos

conversion profile

4. If you want to download & convert at the same time, then change the ‘Download then Convert’ option. It will then as you the preferred format before the download start, and then it will continue.

This is a simple and highly functional method to download all of your favorite videos from YouTube. The benefits that come with this method go as follows:

  • - You can download videos with nothing more than a simple copy- paste;
  • - Download in any quality, size and format that you wish to right from the program;
  • - Convert videos after downloading from the video library as well;
  • - Works great over all kinds of internet connections;
  • - Let’s you pause and resume downloads later;
  • - Allows you to download a batch of different videos at once;

With all those great advantages, there are a few downsides of this program as well, including:

  • - Downloading of an extra program, which takes additional memory;
  • - The extra functions are not of much use to those who just want to download videos without any additional features;
  • - The free version works only for 30 days, after that the functionality is limited unless you pay;

- This is a great option for those looking to download videos in different formats and quality than the default settings. A standalone program is a great tool for the frequent video downloader.

II. Use Browser Extension to Download Videos on Mac

Another way to get your favorite YouTube videos without any hassle of installing a program on your Mac is to use a browser extension, such as the Download YouTube Chrome extension.

video downloader pro for chrome

Here is how you can download YouTube videos using this extension:

  • 1. First of all, download the Zip File of the extension from the Download YouTube Chrome website. Once done, unzip the file.
  • 2. Go to the ‘chrome://extensions’ in your Chrome Browser Address bar, and then tick the box next to the ‘Developer Mode’.
  • 3. Go to the "Load Unpacked Extension" tab, then browse to the unzipped extension folder and click on "Open".
  • 4. This will complete the installation.
  • 5. When you visit your preferred YouTube video, it will show the download button and the preferred formats under it.

The benefits that come with a browser extension for downloading YouTube videos are:

  • - Allows for direct video downloads without opening any external website or application;
  • - Videos can be downloaded in preferred format or quality size;
  • - Does not take up any additional bandwidth and memory;
  • - Simple User Interface integrated right in the browser;

The cons that are associated with a browser extension for downloading videos include:

  • - Lack of options for converting videos;
  • - Installation of extension may be complicated for beginners;

Thus, with that, you now know of some of the most simple and effective methods to download YouTube videos. Right from extensions to programs and websites, depending on what you want- you can use either to download YouTube videos from your Mac Computer.