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Cannot Download YouTube

The idea about downloading videos and music from YouTube and other video sharing sites is no great secret. However, in order to do it you need some sort of plug-in, online service or software program. These things only work if they match up neatly with YouTube's inner structure, so they sometimes become obsolete and give you an error when you try. What can you do when you cannot download anything from YouTube anymore?

I. Reasons that your Video Downloader might not work

Since YouTube is so popular, it is constantly being updated to keep it current and make it better. Both the user interface and design may change at any moment, but the inner code is really where things get tweaked. The developers may make a subtle change that the average YouTube user will never notice, but it is possible that these tweaks will make video grabbing much different or even impossible.

cannot download from youtubeWe have personally noticed that the way videos are presented on YouTube gets changed about every other month. Although these changes might be relatively small, they do affect most video download methods because the programs all work by using similar algorithms. Video capturing programs may continue to work, but they are not the recommended or most popular ways of grabbing clips off the Internet.

II. What to do next?

If you come up against an error message that will not let you download, do not panic. The best thing to do is look at YouTube downloader's website and social media pages. Chances are, the developers already know about whatever the problem or change was that are working to get it up and running again as fast as possible. All you need to do is be patient and wait. Another option is to look around for a different YouTube download program, but this may be futile as they all function in a very similar way. Below are some video downloaders which have been full evaluated with guarantee to download from YouTube properly.

1. Online YouTube Downloader App

This web app is readily to use from below, giving you full control over the download progress. By simply entering the URL of desired video, you could download and save it in multiple media formats. Since this app updates on timely basis, you don't need to worry about the problem of not able to download from YouTube. You could get what you need within this page.

To start with, copy and paste the link of a video to the above field, and then click "Download". Wait for the app expands a list of media formats. Choose a format for saving your video, right-click on the smaller download icon that appears besides it, and then click "Save Video as...". You will get video in chosen format within minutes.

2. Video Downloader Pro

The above app is workable for YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo and many other sites. However, it works for one video at a time, so if you're looking for more comprehensive video management, you may check into the desktop version of video downloader. It lets you download several videos simultaneously for saving your time. It also features a task list for you to mange the video clips.

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