Ever since the launch in November 2005, YouTube has grown exponentially to become the second most popular Google product after their search engine. Over 1 billion unique visitors stop by every month to watch over 6 billion hours of videos. YouTube is by far the most popular video sharing site on the Internet today. Although there are many negative viewpoints surrounding the practice of YouTube downloading, people do have legitimate reasons for doing so. There are many options available for people who want to, but we have found the ones we think will work best for you. Everyone is free, but there are some additional installs such as toolbars and registry cleaning software that may be included.

#1 Our Site's Video Downloader

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If you need a quick workdaround for downloading several video clips from YouTube, Dailymotion or other sites, then this one will be your ideal choice. It's reaily to use from above part and you can grab video clips without leaving the page you're reading. This app is free to use without having to install Java, subscribe to service or others. To start with, you only need to copy and paste the URL of desired video into above field and click "Download". Wait for this app detects the source of video, it will then expand a list of media formats and the thumbnail of your video. You can then choose a format along with given resolution for saving the video. Clicking the smaller download icon belongs to the chosen format will start downloading the video and it only takes a short while to complete. You may also check the how-to video guide.

Pros: It can be used straightly on this page without Java, subscription, payment, ads or others.

Cons: You need to install a launcher if it's the first time using it, also it downloads one clip at a time.

#2 Video Downloader Pro (Software)

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This experienced program lets you download YouTube and other videos from the Firefox or Internet Explorer browsers with ease. The process is simple. Simply browse through the video sharing site until you locate a clip you want to save. Copy the URL of the video and then paste it onto the application's download field. Click the "Download" button, select the file format you wish to download to and the video will be saved to your computer in a short amount of time. Converting the file within the built-in converter can help you utilize it more conveniently.

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#3 Keepvid (Webpage Online App)

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This free program works great with YouTube and many other video sites like Dailymotion and Break, which makes it popular with people who want to rip videos off the web. Simply go to KeepVid.com, grab their bookmarklet to install on your Internet browser, and then navigate to the YouTube or other video you wish to download and click it. This is one of the most popular video download programs available with more than 1 million users all around the globe.

Pros: Simple to use on browser, no need to install or register.

Cons: All videos can only be saved in FLV format with no other options

Still, if you're requiring a better solution to download videos on browser without installing a program, you may also look into the Keepvid similar websites.

#4 Zamzar (Webpage Online App)

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If you are looking for a web downloader service which supports multiple output formats, Zamzar may fulfill your needs perfectly. There is a subscription membership as well if you need more options when it comes to downloading and converting video files. The free version cannot only grab clips from YouTube and other sharing websites, but also change the format of any videos you have saved your hard drive or external storage.

Pros: Intuitive wizard with multiple formats for saving downloaded videos. It also supports grabbing videos in HD.

Cons: The free version has limits on delivering download link via email and maximum file size for no more than 100MB.

#5 1-Click YouTube Downloader (Software)

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1-Click YouTube Downloader features an innovative interface which includes all options you need for downloading and converting videos discretely. Except the substantial functions for grabbing videos from web, it has extreme functions for downloading an entire YouTube playlist, recommending favorite videos and more. You can also utilize the detector to sniff and download any videos on browser automatically.

Pros: Nice-looking interface with coherent steps for users to work through the basic download procedure conveniently. It can automatically detect and download videos being played on browser.

Cons: Advanced functions like video detector, playlist downloads, multiple output formats need users upgrade to premium version. Also, it's only available for Windows, if you're looking for a Mac version, check the alternative to YouTube by Click.

#6 Savevid (Webpage Online App)

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This online application will help you download videos from many sites including YouTube, Dailymotion, Break, Vimeo, Metacafe, Veoh and Facebook. It is completely free and functions much like our own downloader in that you copy and paste the website address of your chosen video and put it into the correct box in the application. It supports multiple file formats such as MOV, AVI, WMD, FLV and MPG.

Pros: Advanced download options along with recommendation of videos for viewing.

Cons: You have to avoid the ads that're surrounding the download field.

#7 KeepTube (Webpage Online App)

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Another program that works on the copy and paste method is KeepTube, a wonderful free option for grabbing YouTube videos. It also allows for multiple file formats so all you have to do is select which one you want before you hit the "Download" button.

Pros: Simple interface with no other additional stuffs, letting you go directly to download the stuffs you need.

Cons: No option to save videos in a format other than FLV.

#8 Catch Video (Webpage Online App)

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The CatchVideo.net site does not require any registration, which makes it an excellent option for people who just want to download and not have any other functionality. Find the video you want on you to, Metacafe, Dailymotion or SevenLoad, copy the URL and paste it into the right slot on the program. Be sure to pick your preferred file format so you end up with the video the way you want it. Then click "Catch" and download process will begin. Because file conversion is done at the same time as the download, the process may be a little slower than other services.

Pros: Tech support for downloading videos which is rare in other sites. Despite multiple output options, it also provides statistic of latest downloads, popular videos, etc.

Cons: Interface is not quite friendly as there're loads of texts.

#9 Online-Convert (Webpage Online App)

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This robust program lets you capture videos from YouTube and other sharing websites and convert those and one stored on your hard drive to different file formats. Because it offers multiple options and capabilities, Online Video Converter may take a bit of time to set up at the beginning. It is not quite as simple as copy and paste, but it is still a great tool for video capture and conversion.

Pros: Versatile options for converting videos from web and local drive. Supports many output formats that only a few similar sites can match.

Cons: Interface looks no so friendly as there're too many texts.

#10 SaveTube (Webpage Online App)

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This on-site video capture tool gives you the capability of grabbing clips from YouTube, Metacafe, Dailymotion, Break, VodPod and other popular sharing sites. It is not a difficult program to master. All you have to do is install the SaveTube browser add-on and click on the proper icon in your browser's toolbar once you get to a video that you want to download. When you go to a YouTube video, a conversion bar will appear so you can select the file format you desire for downloading it to your hard drive.

Pros: Supports downloading video directly or extract MP3 from it. Special option for making ringtone from flash videos.

Cons: No option for more formats other than MP3 and FLV. Interface is a bit disordered.

#11 FireFox DownloadHelper (Browser Plug-in)

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If you use the Firefox browser, there is a specific plug-in to get if you want to grab videos from YouTube and other video sharing sites. It has now become compatible with the Chrome browser as well, so you have more options available. Download Helper also installs a small icon on your toolbar which you need to click when you navigate to the right video. The basic application grabs files in the FLV format only. If you want to change the format and convert your videos to another, there is an additional plug in part to install.

Pros: Clean browser extension which lets you download videos when streaming them online.

Cons: Requires extra plug-in to convert downloaded videos.

#12 IE Video Downloader (Browser Plug-in)

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If you are still using the IE Internet browser, you can still download videos from popular sharing sites with this Video Downloader plug-in. As long as you have a browser window, Internet access and a hard drive or other storage, you can use this program to grab clips, save them in MP4 or MP3 format and watch them later at your leisure.

Pros: Works smoothly as downloading your videos in MP3, MP4 and FLV on your browser with no ads.

Cons: Needs to upgrade to premium version to unlock advanced functions.

Extra Tips for Downloading from YouTube

Below we have collated some guides for turning YouTube videos to desired format or to play on your favorite devices:

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There're also some reviews for you to better utilize the download apps on YouTube videos.

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